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Resume Quality Assurance Manager

  1. 1. Kimberly J. Hughes 628 Green Haven Dr Swansea, IL 62226 Cell No: 407-506-5377 E-Mail: OBJECTIVE To seek a career with a company/organization which offers upper mobility and best utilizes my experiences, training and education for the position. AVAILIBILTY Immediately GOVERNMENT CLEARANCE Security Clearance eligible- previous held (1994-1998) a Presidential Top Secret Clearance PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE PROTECTIVE SERVICE GROUP, INC. O’Fallon, IL September 2008 – Present Contract Officer, Investigator, and Security Officer 1. Handles all contact affairs, to include written, verbal and negotiating duties. 2. Assist in presentation packages, hiring superior security officers, background checks and manning a post when necessary. 3. Supervises, manages and coaches security officers at several locations. 4. Ensures security, safety and proper procedures are followed. 5. Supervises and assist in the execution of security details. 6. Prepares written reports for each assigned duty supervised or completed. SEARS Fairview Heights, IL 62208 February 2008- April 2008 Hardlines Lead 1. Supervises, manages and coaches a merchandising and pricing team. 2. Ensure attractive signage or other enticing promotional displays are properly placed and visible for the customers. Arranging promotional signage on shelve, arranging promotional displays, assembling store fixtures, building displays and end caps, Arranging point of purchase displays 3. Supervise and assist in the execution of the way the team places and arranged the merchandise on a shelf, fixtures or hangers 4. The placement of brochures, coupons or other informational material at the
  2. 2. register to encourage the item's purchase 5. Ensuring that the right product is out on the sales floor, in the right place, in sufficient quantity and is priced correctly 6. Provide positive and/or negative feedback to the team member to increase the sales and execution of tasks assigned. Conduct Performance Plan Improvement documentation when an associate is not performing to the companies standards or if there is an ethics violation. 7. Organize and create prioritized tasks lists for each merchandising associate. Create working schedules for the merchandising team members, while ensuring proper coverage is provided to successfully execute the tasks assigned. 8. Report directly to the Store Coach with positive and negative feedback, statistical information for the merchandising Hardlines team, generate any reports regarding the Home Improvement department. 9. Work with the Assist Store Coach as the Assistant Manager to the Home Improvement department. 10. Reading plan-o-grams or display sheets and executes Plan-o-gram resets in the timeframe allotted. 11. Changing prices and creating new product sku's for each item within the department. 12. Offer guidance to management staff members and sales associates, so they will learn more about the product and how to sell the products. This results in increased sales for both the store and the manufacturer. Merchandisers also conduct inventory counts, replace old and defective stock, and price the merchandise. 13. Placing new shipment orders as the inventory manager for the department. Stocking or switching out product on store shelves November 2007- February 3008 Loss Prevention Detective 1. Detect and prevention internal and external theft. 2. Deter shrinkage of merchandise through SEARS’ policies and procedures. 3. Assist in the prosecution of any internal or external theft with the local State Attorney’s Office. 4. Provide the entity with a quarterly report of shrinkage, accident reports for associates or customers. 5. Monitor several CCTV’s throughout the store to ensure the safety of the associates, customers and reduction of shoplifting or theft. 6. Execute and retain interviews, documentations and statements from associates, witnesses or subjects involved in theft, accidents and integrity issues. SEMINOLE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Sanford, FL 32771 February 2007 – August 2007 State of Florida Certified Child Protective Investigator
  3. 3. 1. Commenced over 1,500 protective investigations involving child abuse, abandonment, and neglect while with a caregiver. The caregivers included parents, extended family members, paramours, public school officials, daycares and private institutions. 2. Interviewed victims, alleged perpetrators, parents, facilitators, witnesses and gathered collateral information. 3. Investigated child-on-child sexual abuse cases averaging four a month. Investigated high profile cases that included child deaths due to abuse or neglect and public relations investigator when the cases were disclosed to the media. 4. Worked with senior public officials, legal and law enforcement professionals and citizens within the State of Florida. 5. Served as a Field Training Officer for newly selected investigators. This training focused on all areas pertaining to child abuse investigations; judicial court proceedings for dependency and criminal cases/trials; completing appropriate documentation/report writing; ensuring compliance with standard operating procedures, Florida Statues, Administrative Codes provided by the State of Florida and the those of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. 6. Exercised professional judgment to determine a family’s needs to ensure the family’s stability and child safety. Used discretion to determine if a child would be removed from their home or if services were needed to be immediately implemented to avoid a removal. Placed children with an appropriate type of foster home, facility or with relatives, or non-relatives. 7. Provided testimony in dependency and criminal court cases for actions which resulted in a removal of children, arrests, other judicial actions taken or implementing judicial services. 8. Provided monthly written reports to the Senior Investigation Divisions and Legal Department on false reports and allegations made through the Florida Child Abuse Hotline. These reports would result in the prosecution of the reporter making the false allegations or statements. 9. Conducted extensive home studies to determine if a child or children could be placed. Detailed photographs, documentation of the home, the household members and a full report filed with the dependency court. 10. Filed appropriate documentation to the county’s municipal civil and criminal courts regarding the removal of children, arraignments, status notifications, mediations, trials and/or reunification with their caregiver(s) originally removed from. Arranged for dependency cases, adoptions, independent living and/or Termination of Parental Rights. 11. Scheduled medical examinations, therapy sessions, forensic interviews, and any other treatments to assist in the findings of the allegations or to care for the abuse/neglect inflicted. Over saw the interventions and treatments provided in physical and sexual abuse cases. DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES
  4. 4. Tavares, FL 32739 May 2006-February 2007 State of Florida Certified Child Protective Investigator Note: Transferred to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Offices in February 2007 and conducted corresponding duties. LAKE MARY POLICE DEPARTMENT Lake Mary, FL 32746 July 2005-April 2006 Emergency Communications Operator 1. Responded to callers from local citizens, city/county employees, local businesses, city/county public officials regarding emergency and non- emergency situations requiring, police, fire or medical assistance. 2. Relayed pertinent information by telephone, in writing and/or over the city’s police radio systems. The information would be sent to field or office police units, other city/county law enforcement agencies, upper managerial staff members and senior public officials. 3. Operated radio communications equipment, master records (9-11 calls, non- emergency calls, radio transmissions and police videos from field police cars), and multiple computer terminals. Utilized numerous computer systems such as; Teletype operations, with National Crime Information Center (NCIC is a computerized index of criminal justice information (i.e. - criminal record history information, fugitives, stolen properties, missing persons). It is available to Federal, state, and local law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies and is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) and Florida Crime Information Center, (FCIC provides similar information as NCIC however it is restricted to incidents within Florida), Computer Aid Dispatch (CAD), Computer Paging System, alarm panels, police call screens and CAFE (police reports). 4. Completed appropriate administrative documentations; to include, written police reports, entering traffic ticket information, written daily reports on calls for service and actions taken by the police officers, written notification to the Chief of Police of each officer’s safety, location and types of calls each responded to and their actions/services taken. 5. Served as the city’s Emergency Communications Officer representing the city’s police department to include the support staff and communication staff. This representative worked with local television and radio stations, different local and state law enforcement agencies, and the State of Florida’s Governor; to determine necessary measures to take during critical situations. The situations ranged from natural disasters to high profile incidents. 6. Conducted statewide communications for their law enforcement agencies needing assistance when their communication systems were inoperable. Due to a natural disaster or severe criminal incidents that resulted in their systems
  5. 5. being jeopardized. Note: During April 2000 to July 2005 attended- Seminole Community College and University of Central Florida. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE N.W. Washington, D.C. 22201 July 1998-April 2000 Justice Protective Officer/Special Deputy US Marshal 1. Provided security enforcement utilizing federal and state regulations, statutes and laws, regarding protection of property, sensitivity information and personnel working for and with the Department of Justice. 2. Provided personal protective services to the United States Attorney General and supporting staff. Accompanied these individuals to other federal agencies throughout the Washington D.C. Metro Area. 3. Operated explosive detective devices through the accordance with the Department of Justice security ordinances and regulations. 4. Responded to emergency situation by utilizing approved Department of Justice security protocols. Situations were responded to in person or by telephone. 5. Conducted internal and external investigations involving counter-terrorism activities throughout the Washington D.C. Metro area. Reported findings in writing to the appropriate representatives within each federal agency. Note: Transition period from active duty military to civilian. UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Bolling AFB, S.E. Washington, D.C. 22001 June 1994-June 1998 Security Forces Patrol and Desk Sergeant 1. Investigated drug, domestic and traffic offenses, traffic accidents and all other categories requiring police assistance or actions. Provided law enforcement actions such as, arrests, reporting writing, security, and community policing, and specialized field tactics. 2. Responded to emergency situations and incidents requiring military and or civilian law enforcement officials. Worked closely with Washington D.C. Metro Area Police Department. 3. Assisted the explosive devices team’s canine division with detecting, identifying, and rendering safe, recovery and disposing of United States and foreign explosives and ordnances that were deemed unsafe. 4. Dispatched patrols as the active Desk Sergeant. The field patrol personnel would receive the information necessary to respond to the incident safely and take appropriate actions. 5. Conducted patrol throughout the installation and the Pentagon, either by vehicle, foot or as a certified bicycle patrol officer. Ensured the safety of all
  6. 6. base weapons, property and personnel from hostile forces. 6. Monitored alarm systems for the installation and the Pentagon which were activated by security alerts, emergency situations, financial institutions and other alarmed facilities throughout the installation. 7. Utilized the National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) system for patrol response purposes. 8. Provided first aid as the military base patrol EMT responder for the installation and the Pentagon. 9. Conducted armory duties for patrol personnel; distributed weapons, emergency response weaponry, K-9 training aids and supervised the armory during Emergency Response Team deployments. 10. Conducted multiple Top Secret tasks, such as protective security to the United States President and other Dignitaries. Provided personal security and wartime response efforts when military personnel, civilians or contract employees entered and exited the installation. 11. Served as the Meeting Recorder Representative for installation’s Base Council Representatives. Reported back to the Security Forces Squadron Commander of the events, findings, discussions, recommendations and decisions made by the Base and Wing Commander. Provided in-depth minutes to the military personnel living or working on the installation after each meeting was held. 12. Served as the Security Forces Squadron Active Duty Unit Advisory. This advisory would provide the Base and Wing commanders verbal and written requests, and other essential information for the Base and Wing Commanders to be aware of. Provided the commanders with notifications of deaths, severe military actions taken by field security forces personnel and injuries to any of the squadron’s members. 13. Served as an Educational Mentor for the public schools in the Washington D.C. Metro area. EDUCATION A.A. Degree in General Studies – May 2004 Seminole Community College (SCC), Sanford, FL B.A. Degree in Criminal Justice – December 2005 University of Central Florida (UCF), Orlando, FL M.A. pursuing a Master’s of Art Degree in Security Management Webster University, St. Louis, MO ASIS pursuing a certificate in PCI SPECIAL SKILLS Expert in firearms- 9mm pistol, M-16 A2 rifle, .50 caliber Machine Gun; Certified Military Hostage Negotiator; Certified Night Navigation Specialist;
  7. 7. Military Driver’s License for small armed vehicles; Certified NAUI open water diver; Shorin-Ryu Karate; Certified FEMA representative; provided emergency disaster support for disaster victims and personal property; Concealed weapons License-obtained in the State of Florida; Certified Emergency Tele-communicator PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS/ ACCOMPLISHMNENTS Honor Society - Phi Theta Kappa; Honor Society – Tau Sigma; Dean’s and Presidents High GPA Lists; Student Government Association Officer – Treasurer; Inducted into the “Who’s Who Honors Hall of Fame; Graduated from SCC and UCF with High Honors; Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force AWARDS The Jack Strivers Memorial Scholarship; Certificate of Achievement in Public Speaking; Certificate of Appreciation (US Army); Certificate of Appreciation and Excellence in Chemistry; Certificate of Appreciation (Safety Board in Maryland, regarding the F-117a, Class A Mishap); Certificate of Achievement for Leadership and Outstanding Senior Patrol Officer; Certificate in Outstanding Customer Service; Certificate of Appreciation - successfully observing the child victims on child abuse case load 100 % of the time; US Air Force Basic Training Ribbon; US Air Force Organizational Excellence Aware; US Air Force Good Conduct Medal; US Air Force Fire Arms expert Award/Ribbon; US Air Force Achievement Awards x2 for time served and honorable discharge