Customer Clouds: The Next Big Thing


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Customers want access to their information from anywhere and from any device. The best way to provide that access is via the cloud.

Today, many customers and companies don't trust the internet because they fear hackers, bad guys, and government and corporate spies. We believe that within the next two years, internet and cloud security will be safer and more trusted. Therefore, by 2015, we predict that customer clouds will abound. Yet, most IT execs feel that the LAST thing they will entrust to the cloud is their customer information. The irony is that CUSTOMERS WANT THEIR INFORMATION to be accessible to them anywhere from any device.

2015 will be the year of the Customer Cloud. Will you be ready?

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  • Customer Clouds are used to “Manage My/Our Stuff.” Consumers and business customers are already using cloud-computing infrastructure to store and retrieve their digital libraries of music, photos, reading material, and other digital assets they want to be able to access from any device at any time or place. Note that many of these assets may be customer-created: the customer’s own photos, music they have composed or mixed, articles they have written. If a customer purchases a product from you, and/or uses a service you provide to manage any of their assets, they’ll expect you to provide a customer cloud for them to manage their stuff.
  • Customer Clouds are Customer Portals on Steroids. Today’s customers expect easy access to all the information your firm has about their relationships with any products or services they’ve acquired from you or any interactions they have had with your firm and its partners. In the past, this information has been aggregated into web-accessible customer portals. Now, customers require that information to be securely accessible to them from, and on, any device.
    with your Firm as well as their Assets
  • Customer Clouds: The Next Big Thing

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