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Web security


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Published in: Technology
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Web security

  1. 1. What, Why, How
  2. 2. “We have a firewall and our servers are patched. We don’t need security.”
  3. 3.  More than 200,000 Linkedin passwords were cracked in July 2012. More than 400,000 Yahoo passwords were cracked in the same month.
  4. 4. It doesn’t happen overnight.
  5. 5.  Password Breach Data Theft Reputation Loss
  6. 6. Security for Websites Before Coding While Coding After Coding
  7. 7. Security for Websites Before Coding While Coding After Coding
  8. 8.  Make a Security Risk Analysis Prepare a Threat Model Educate(!) Developers
  9. 9.  Run Code Reviews Perform White Box security testing
  10. 10.  Run a vulnerability assessment and penetration test.
  11. 11.  The real thing starts when your website is out for the world to taste!
  12. 12.  Deploy a web application firewall Perform periodic penetration tests Run proactive monitoring Report Anomalies to Developers!
  13. 13.  Founded in 2009 Kaushal Bhavsar, pursuing PhD in Computer Security, is the founder & CEO Team of background-checked enthusiastic security researchers with strong morals and ethics Continuously researching…
  14. 14.  Web Application Firewall using Net Canine WAF Proactive Website Monitoring using Net Canine Monitoring System Security Consulting Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration TestingLeave your security tension upon us
  15. 15. For more details, or our website