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Cyber Security Solution for today’s enterprise

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  1. 1. Cyber Security Solution for today’s enterprise
  2. 2. Enterprise Security Risks020406080100120SabotageFraudIP Theft[2] An Analysis of Technical Observations in Insider Theft of Intellectual Property Cases byMichael Hanley, Tyler Dean, Will Schroeder, Matt Houy,Randall F. Trzeciak, Joji Montelibano inCMU Technical Note CMU/SEI-2011-TN-006
  3. 3. Traditional Security SolutionsFirewall/IDS• Protects your network from external attackersi.e. outsiders.Data Theft Detection System• Detects data theft by monitoring data accessedfrom within the network.Data Theft Prevention System• Prevents unauthorized users from within thenetwork from stealing your data.
  4. 4. But data isn’t the problemPeople are.
  5. 5. Insider Threats Every organization has employees. Employees have access to critical business informationlike market strategy, financial data or even intellectualproperty. Organizations thrive on the basis of mutual trust. Butthis gets complicated as the organization grows. Disgruntled employees intentionally try to harm thecompany. A cyber crime is relatively tough to trace and allows theinsider to execute it rather anonymously.
  6. 6. Introducing: Satark Satark, meaning, “Alert” in Sanskrit, is a system thathelps you detect insider threats BEFORE they canexecute an attack. Which means you can catch a data theft before the datais actually stolen!
  7. 7. Satark correlatesDataAccessUserActivityMonitoring
  8. 8. And gives youPotentiallyRiskyPeopleEmployeeSuspectsGoodEmployees
  9. 9. All done anonymouslyWith compliance to data protection acts of your region
  10. 10. Thank