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Building secure android apps


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Published in: Technology
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Building secure android apps

  1. 1. Building Secure Android Apps Kaushal Bhavsar
  2. 2. Who am I?• Kaushal Bhavsar• Founder & CEO, Pratikar Technologies• Visiting Faculty, Dept. of Computer Science, (Rollwala) – Network Security in MCA V• Pursuing PhD from CHARUSAT – Computer Security
  3. 3. Know this App??
  4. 4. Similar Apps Super Guitar Super HistoryFalling Down Solo Eraser Super RingtonePhoto Editor Chess Maker Falling Ball 下坠滚球 Dodge _Falldown
  5. 5. Basics VulnerabilityRisk Threat
  6. 6. Basics - II Attack Defense-in-Surface depth Least Privilege
  7. 7. Android Architecture Your AppsApplication Framework Native Libraries Linux Kernel
  8. 8. Android Security Model Application Isolation Application Signing Filesystem Isolation
  9. 9. Application Isolation• When an app is installed, it gets a new UID.• All data stored by that application is assigned that same UID• All resources for that app are given full permissions for the app’s UID.• Different UIDs can not access each other’s data.
  10. 10. Filesystem Isolation• All data for the app is stored in /data/data/app_package_name• Only UID for specific app can access it• Apps with same UIDs can access each other’s data• Root UID can access all apps’ data!• SD Card data is not protected!• Files created using apps MUST be have appropriate permissions
  11. 11. Data SecurityStored Data Mobile Data
  12. 12. Protecting Stored Data CryptographyHashing Encryption Symmetric Asymmetric
  13. 13. Protecting Mobile Data Figure from
  14. 14. Input Validation Accept RejectKnown Good Known Bad
  15. 15. Command InjectionSQLiteDatabase db = dbHelper.getWriteableDatabase();String userQuery = "SELECT lastName FROMuseraccounts WHERE userID = " + request.getParameter("userID");SQLiteStatement prepStatement =db.compileStatement(userQuery);String userLastname =prepStatement.simpleQueryForString();
  16. 16. SQLiteDatabase db = dbHelper.getWriteableDatabase();String userQuery = "SELECT lastName FROMuseraccounts WHERE userID = ?";SQLiteStatement prepStatement =db.compileStatement(userQuery);prepStatement.bindString(1,request.getParameter("userID"));String userLastname =prepStatement.simpleQueryForString();
  17. 17. Thank you!