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Azure mobile services


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Azure Mobile Services is the next-generation cloud notification services based on Windows Azure Cloud Platform.

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Azure mobile services

  1. 1. Azure MobileServicesThe cloud backend for your apps!
  2. 2. TheApp DilemnaWhat every developer today faces…
  3. 3. MultiplePlatformsiOSAndroidWindows PhoneWindows 8Html5
  4. 4. CommonActivitiesData Your app needs to store-fetch data from DatabaseAuth You need to authenticateusers using oAuthPush Your app receives realtimepush notificationsEmail Your app needs to sendemail alerts
  5. 5. What we doBuildWebServiceHost onserverBind to adomainConsume
  6. 6. Azure MobileServicesA solution that goes bang-on for your app
  7. 7. AdvantagesBuildWebServiceHost onserverBind to adomainConsume
  8. 8.