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Publishing Web Services Policies


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Presentation given at the W3C workshop on Constrains and Capabilities for Web services:

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Publishing Web Services Policies

  1. 1. Publishing Web Service Policies W3C Constraints and Capabilities Workshop, October 2004
  2. 2. BT Web Services • Web services for integration – 1000s ‘running the business’ • Web services for revenue – key part of 21CN Interoperability!
  3. 3. Policies agent interactions Status Signing Encryption shortcut negotiations Authentication Conformance Claims Availability Life Cycle Loading Privacy service QOS selection Price
  4. 4. Policy Framework Combinations Composition Vocabularies Privacy Security QOS … Uniform Assertions MetaData
  5. 5. Policy Environment • Evolution • Negotiation • Commitment
  6. 6. Workshop Use Case • ‘mustUnderstand’ mechanism • identification of message parts • combinations: – and, or, both, precedence, quantification • assertions: – description: interface,binding, endpoint – inside message contents
  7. 7. Obvious Candidates • WS-Policy • Features and Properties • Semantic Web activity • Others? none currently suitable for BT!
  8. 8. Conclusions • BT investing heavily in Web services • BT needs to publish policies • No interoperable mechanism exists • W3C can lead the industry towards a solution
  9. 9. Thank You! Paul Downey, BT Exact October 2004