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Semantic Healthcare


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Semantic Healthcare

  1. 1. A semantic information system for Healthcare Dr. Peter Scholten the Netherlands Dr. Ji Jie China** In cooperation with Prof. Rung Ching Chen, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan
  2. 2. Semantic is the study of meaning (within some context).Semantic web:The Semantic Web is a system that enables machines to"understand" and respond to complex human requestsbased on their meaning.Semantic information system for Healthcare:Is a semantic web system based on an ontology forHealthcare.
  3. 3. efficiency effectivity prevention costs Healthy Sick BetterInfluence prevention, efficiency and effectivity on costs
  4. 4. Loketgezondleven.nlNationale Atlas Volksgezondheid
  5. 5. An Ontology• Defines – a common vocabulary – a shared understanding – re-use of domain knowledge.• Is an explicit description of a domain: – Concepts (classes, subclasses and superclasses) – properties and attributes of concepts – constraints on properties and attributes – Individuals (often, but not always)
  6. 6. - Protégé: an ontology editor • RDF • RDFS • OWL • SPARQL • SWRL • SQWRL • DLQuery- W3C- OWL Generator (incl. Restful service based on list, rules and urls)
  7. 7. the book has a title with value "Javascript"
  8. 8. the book has a title with value "Javascript" Subject property objectThis is the essence of RDF: the (s,p,o) tripleAny expression in RDF is a collection of triples
  9. 9. An ontology describes the concepts in the domain and also therelationships that hold between those concepts.
  10. 10. Person Married withPeter RoosJan Marleen Person Jan is Married with Marleen. With who is Marleen married ?
  11. 11. Diseases Symptoms hasSymptomclass isSymptomOf class An inverse property: hasSymptom is inverse of isSymptomOf
  12. 12. OWLproperties
  13. 13. Symptom 1disease Symptom 2 Symptom 3
  14. 14. Select symptomdisease Candidate symptom Candidate symptom
  15. 15. Select symptomdisease 1 Candidate symptomdisease 2 Select symptom Candidate symptom
  16. 16. url1 Select symptomdisease 1 url2 url3 Candidate symptomdisease 2 url4 url4 url5 Select symptom url6 Candidate symptom
  17. 17. Symptom checkerWhat can be wrong with me,I feel drye throut. query result
  18. 18. Candidate Disease 1 symptomDo you have one or more ofthe next symptoms Disease 2 Select symptom Candidate symptom Symptoms of Laryngitis Symptoms of sore-throat
  19. 19. Prevention Diseases Causes Health Improvement Patient Symptom Shared experiences No treatment Influence factor Treatment Individu Self treatment Orthose Specialist SuppliersAllergy “repaired” Prothese Medicine Address Qualification Semantic health care system
  20. 20. Question: Can I use medicine for it?Query: Medicines and canCure value LaryngitisAnswer: No medicine foundSuggestion: Look at Url1, Url2, … or contact your doctor
  21. 21. Question: Where can I find a good family doctor?Query: Professionals and hasProfession value family doctor
  22. 22. Complex exampleQuestion: What can be wrong with me, I feel fatigue.Query: Diseases and hasSymptoms value “fatique”
  23. 23. 158 diseases found
  24. 24. Symptom checkerFatigue + Extreme-hunger => ‘Possible’ DiabetesBy interaction with symptom checker: => High risk Diabetes
  25. 25. Conclusion:Some symptoms are so vague orcomplex (relations with more diseases)or in cases of multimorbiditythat using a Symptom Checkercan improve the quality ofthe diagnoses.
  26. 26. Question: What kind of medicine can help me?Query: Medicines and canCure value Diabetes
  27. 27. Decision Support System
  28. 28. Traditional approachSemantic Query ConstructorApplication Natural languageHealth Care Semantic approach
  29. 29. NLP processor Start / end class Problem based on k-nearest neighbour classifier Question Calculate route Feedback by expert QueryFine tuning
  30. 30. Demo:• Symptom Checker• Decision Support System• Query constructor based on NLP