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Social Media Impact On Consumer Electronics: American Market Segmentation Survey by PSB

Social media’s growth will affect personal and work lives of American consumers. Social media will also create an influence on American’s purchase decision by keeping their privacy on top.

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Social Media Impact On Consumer Electronics: American Market Segmentation Survey by PSB

  2. 2. A MORE SOCIAL FUTUREWHO USES SOCIAL MEDIA AND WHO DOESN’T•• Social media is becoming ubiquitous, though usage is still driven by younger users• Those who have not yet created a profile say they don’t feel the need to broadcast their livesWHAT SOCIAL MEDIA IS USED FOR NOW – AND WHAT IT WILL BE INTHE FUTURE• Social media today is about making friends and about staying in touch with family• It’s also about purchasing: 31% of social media users have made purchases based on socialmedia recommendations received from friends or familyWHERE PEOPLE WANT TO ACCESS SOCIAL MEDIA – AND WHERETHEY’D RATHER NOT• Users prefer to access their networks through their computers, mostly at home• Consumers as a whole remain skeptical about engaging with social media networks ondevices beyond a computer.THE BOTTOM LINE• 6 in 10 believe social media will become more integrated into our lives, meaning bigchanges are on the way.1Penn Schoen Berland conducted 1012 Internet interviews among the US general population aged 18and over from December 18-19, 2009. Overall the margin of error is +/-3.1%, or larger for subgroups.1234
  4. 4. WHO USES SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS3Have you ever created an account for a social media network(Examples include Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter)?57789274432282650+35-4918-34AllYes NoNearly three in four respondents report having created an account with a socialmedia network, including 92% of 18-34 year olds.
  5. 5. WHO USES SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS?4Social media users describe themselves as less private people than do non-users;they also like being in groups and enjoy interacting online more.SMN User SMN Non-UserAre you usually…Very social 47 42Rather quiet and reserved 53 58Are you generally…A private person 59 65An open person 41 35Are you generally…Very shy person 41 42Very outgoing person 59 58Do you prefer…Interacting in person 67 84Interacting online 33 16Do you prefer…Being alone 61 74Being in a large group of people 39 26In a large group, do you more often…Introduce others 43 40Get introduced 57 60
  6. 6. WHY PEOPLE DON’T USE SOCIAL MEDIA5Why have you not created an account? Open End response, Asked among non-SMN users45911121414142224273360OtherSecurity concerns/Not safeI don’t feel people my age are welcomeNone of my friends/family use itIts too trendyIt does not seem reliableI don’t think the content is compellingI don’t understand how to use social media networksI don’t understand the point of social media networksI don’t have enough time to devote to itI don’t believe it is a genuine way of relating to othersIts a waste of timeI don’t feel the need to broadcast my life60% of those who have not dipped their toes into the water say it’s because theydon’t feel the need to broadcast their lives.
  8. 8. SOCIAL NETWORKS’ PRIMARY USES7What do you primarily use social media networks for? Asked among SMN usersRespondents say they primarily turn to online networks to communicate withfriends and family members.• Women are more interested than men in using social media to communicate with others and keep up withevents in their lives, while men are more interested in keeping up with news events, finding interestingarticles and doing research.6861502015 146654462618 1771 685415 13 1101020304050607080Communicate withfriendsCommunicate withfamily membersKeep up withevents in myfriends livesKeep up with newseventsTo find interestingarticles and itemson the Internetfiltered throughpeople I trustTo do researchAll Male Female
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA: A FAMILY AFFAIR8Which of the following people are you connected with on social media networks? Multiple responsespermitted, asked among SMN usersSurprisingly, many more users report being connected to family members onsocial media networks as compared to friends.88121623253245515979Job recruitersBossesTeachers/professorsRomantic interestsColleagues from current jobPartner/spouseColleagues from a previous jobFriends met onlineClassmatesFriends met offlineFamily
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA’S IMPACT ON FRIENDSHIPS9Social media networks have established themselves as venues for the formation of friendships,and users generally believe that they will continue to serve this purpose in the future.• In contrast, only 7% of users report having lost friends as a result of participation in socialmediaAsked among SMN usersYes61No37Have you made new friends through social media networks?Yes56DK16No29Do you plan on making new friends in the future through socialmedia networks?Yes7No91Have you lost friends because of social media networks?Yes21DK14No65Do you think you could potentially lose friends in the futurebecause of social media networks?
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA’S IMPACT ON JOB HUNTING10While only 6% of users have already found a job through social media networks, 47% believe itis possible in the future.• 16% of social media users believe these networks could lead to a job loss at some point inthe future.Asked among SMN usersYes6No94Have you ever found a job through social media networks?Yes47DK21No33Do you think you could potentially find a job in the futurethrough social media networks?Yes16DK9No75Do you think you could potentially lose your job in the futurebecause of social media networks?
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA’S IMPACT ON DATING11Only 14% of social media users have gone out on a date with someone they’ve met on one oftheir networks – but 29% say that its possible in the future.Asked among SMN usersYes14No86Have you ever gone out on a date with someone you met on asocial networking website?Yes29DK12No59Do you think you could potentially go out on a date withsomeone you met on a social networking website?
  13. 13. SOCIAL MEDIA’S IMPACT ON PURCHASE DECISIONS12Have you ever made any purchases based on recommendations you have receivedthrough friends or family on a social media network? Asked among SMN users31% of social media users have made purchases based on recommendationsthey’ve received from friends or family through social media.• Including 43% of 18-34 year olds.31654351346112870102030405060708090100Yes NoAll 18-34 35-49 50+
  14. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA’S IMPACT ON PURCHASE DECISIONS13In general, do you think recommendations received from a social media network arebetter, worse or the same than more traditional means of recommendations?68% of all respondents believe that recommendations received from a social medianetwork are the same or better than recommendations from traditional methods.• 33% of 18-34 year olds think that such recommendations are better thantraditional ones.18501333479175513647150102030405060Better The same WorseAll 18-34 35-49 50+
  16. 16. 961814 117 6 5 59526 27211611 10 996198 6 3 51 3965 5 3 1 2 2 10102030405060708090100Home Work At a friendshouseLibrary Internet Café In a car At a restaurant On publictransportationAll 18-34 35-49 50+SOCIAL MEDIA IS MOSTLY ACCESSED FROM HOME©PENN, SCHO EN & BERLAND ASSO CIAT ES, LLC.15In what locations do you primarily access social media networks? Asked among SMN usersUsers overwhelmingly prefer to access the services at home.• Younger users report higher incidences of use in other venues than do membersof other age cohorts.
  17. 17. PREFERRED SOCIAL MEDIA DEVICES:NOW AND IN THE FUTURE16Do you use these to access socialmedia networks? Asked AmongSMN users who own each specificproduct; Showing AccessSocial media users currently prefer to access their networks through computers.• Though networks have made concerted efforts to create applications that allow access throughSmartphones, 36% of users who own these devices do not use them to access social media.• Just 1 in 3 think it’s likely that they’d use a social media capability if it existed on their television.888569645726221919Desktop ComputerLaptop ComputerNetbook ComputerSmartphoneMID (Mobile Internet Device)Mobile PhoneBlu-Ray PlayerVideo Game ConsolePortable Game System696446454433312928Desktop ComputerLaptop ComputerNetbook ComputerSmartphoneMobile PhoneTelevisionMIDMP3 PlayerVideo Game ConsoleIf the following device had the capability toaccess social media networks in the future,how likely would you be to use thatcapability on this device? Showing Likely
  18. 18. 55181816645I would rather access social media networksfrom a computerWaste of timeI am not comfortable being connected to socialmedia networks at all timesNot happy with the user interface of socialmedia network applications for SmartphonesUnreliable networkCost / Additional fees to useOthersSMARTPHONE OWNERS PREFER ACCESSINGSOCIAL MEDIA THROUGH COMPUTERS17Asked among those who own a Smartphone, are SMN users but do not access SMN on their Smartphone83% of social media users who own Smartphones say that given the choice, theywould prefer to access their networks through a computer.• Notably for social media companies, 16% say it’s because they are unhappy with the mobile userinterfaces.Smartphone Computer16 83If you could choose to access social media networks through aSmartphone or Computer, which would you prefer?Asked among SMN users and Smartphone ownersWhy do you not access social media networks on your Smartphone?
  19. 19. SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATIONINTO OPERATING SYSTEMS18Consumers are also skeptical about social media integration into their operatingsystems, though nearly 1 in 5 of social media network users have integrated oneor more of their social media accounts into their customizable web page such asiGoogle or My Yahoo.Yes27DK14No60Would you be interested in having a social media networkintegrated into your operating system?38 58Do you use a customizable web page from a major webcompany? (Examples include iGoogle or My Yahoo)?17 81Have you integrated any of your social media networkaccounts into your customizable web page (Examples includeiGoogle or My Yahoo)? Asked among SMN users
  20. 20. SOCIAL MEDIA IN A VIDEO GAME?19Yes24No76Do you play videogames on a console online over the Internet?Yes28No70Was the online experience a key part of your decision to purchase avideogame console? Among those who own a video game console24% of consumers play videogames on a console over the Internet.• 28% of video game console owners say that the online experience was a key part of theirpurchase decision.• 28% of gamers who use consoles to play online have linked their gamer identity to a socialmedia network.Yes28No68Do you link your gamer identity to any social media networks? Among SMNusers and those who play video game consoles online over the Internet
  21. 21. MYSPACE IS THE PLACE FOR MUSIC2035% of SMN users have listened to music through one of the networks – a ratedriven by MySpace, besting Facebook as well as more music-focused competitorssuch as and new arrival Lala, whose clips are now being served in Googlesearches.7151167 4 5MySpace Facebook Lala YouTube OthersWhich social networking media website do you listen to music on? Multiple responses permitted; Among SMNusers who have integrated music websites into their social media networksDo you listen to music through a social media network? Among SMN usersYes35No63Have you integrated any music websites into your social media networks? Among SMN usersYes17No81
  22. 22. MUSIC INDUSTRY WON’TFIND ANSWERS IN SOCIAL MEDIA21One third of social media users say that they are interested in listening to theirmusic through their networks.• But the ailing music industry will not find a lifeline in social media, as 55% of users say thatsuch integration will cause their purchase interest to decline.Would you be interested in being able to listen to your musicthrough a social media network?Yes33DK11No57303015254555More InterestedLess InterestedSomewhat MuchWould you be more or less interested in purchasing music if youcould link it to social media networks? Asked among SMN users
  23. 23. A QUICK CAVEAT:SOCIAL MEDIA USERS VALUE PRIVACY22Please read the statements below about social media networks in general. Please indicate how muchyou agree or disagree with them. Asked among SMN users, showing total agreeAlthough the majority say they use services to interact with others, privacy is still important tosocial media network users.• 92% report there are certain things that they do not share on social media networks.• Only 34% say that they spend the majority of their time on such networks posting items about their own life.2734375259626363657392I am willing to voice anything about my personal life on socialmedia networksI spend most of my time on social media networks postingthings about my own lifeIf I had the availability I would always be on social medianetworksI use social media networks to learn about different productsI use social media networks to voice my opinionsI enjoy sharing reviews on social media networksI prefer social media networks to communicate one on oneI prefer social media networks that are specific to certaininterestsI prefer to use social media to communicate with a largenetwork of peopleI like to read about other peoples livesThere are certain things that I do not share on social medianetworks
  24. 24. BOTTOM LINE:SOCIAL MEDIA’S IMPORTANCE WILL GROW23Which of the following is closer to your view?Social media networks are not a fad – respondents believe these sites will play an importantrole in the future.• 6 in 10 believe that social media networks will become more integrated into our lives• 3 in 4 of those 18-34 feel this way.29684461745363584317322017242324SMN Non-UserSMN User50+35-4918-34FemaleMaleAllIn the future, social media networks will become more integrated into our livesIn the future, we will have become tired of the intrusion of social media networks into our lives
  25. 25. SUMMARYSocial media’s continued growth will profoundly affectthe personal and work lives of American consumers.241234Social media recommendations will exert an increasinginfluence over Americans’ purchase decisions.Computers will remain the dominant device foraccessing social media, and home the dominant venue.Mobile use will become increasingly popular asSmartphone ownership rises and applications improve.5 Even as social media becomes a first-order form ofinteraction, privacy will remain paramount.