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Johan beyen


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Johan beyen

  1. 1. Johan Beyen
  2. 2. The international banker, thebusinessman and the politicianJohan Willem Beyen was a Dutchpolitician who, with his Beyens Plan, revived the process of Europeanintegration in the middle of the year1950. Beyen is one of the membersleast known about the group of thefounding Parents of European Union. Johan Beyen
  3. 3. Between the people who knew it they admired it for hiscaptivation, the international orientation and the socialfacility. In Netherlands, as the Secretary of State, Beyengave an important entry to the European process ofunification. He was capable of convincing forces littlearranged in Netherlands, as well as in Europe, of acceptingthe European integration. His Beyens Plan was an offerfor a customs union and the economic cooperation of greatscope inside a common European market. The essence ofthis actually was decided in Rome Johan Beyen
  4. 4. Early lifeJohan Willem (Wim) Beyen was born on 2 May 1897 in Utrechtin the Netherlands. As the son of a wealthy family he had acarefree childhood, enjoying an international upbringing with afocus on literature and music. He began his career in national andinternational finance after graduating in law at the University ofUtrecht in 1918. His first post was at the Dutch Ministry of Finance,but in 1924 he moved into the corporate and banking world.He eventually became President of the Bank for InternationalSettlements and Director of the British–Dutch consumer goodscompany Unilever. Johan Beyen
  5. 5. Second World WarDuring the Second WorldWar Beyen worked inexile in London,while his home countrywas occupied by NaziGermany. In 1944he played an importantrole at the Bretton WoodsConferencewhere foundations werelaid for a post-warinternational financialstructure. From 1946 herepresented theNetherlands on theboard of the World Bankand from 1948 played thesame roleat the InternationalMonetary Fund. Johan Beyen
  6. 6. Minister of Foreign AffairsBeyen was Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairsduring the yearsof reconstruction following the Second WorldWar. During thewar Beyen had become convinced that fullregional economiccooperation was necessary to prevent arecurrence of the kind offinancial crisis seen in the 1930s. Leadersthroughout post-warEurope started to realise that the horrors of warand economiccrises could only be overcome by internationalcooperation. Johan Beyen
  7. 7. The BeyenPlan Johan Beyen
  8. 8. Beyen at the MessinaConference, where he introducedhis plan foreconomic cooperation in Europe. Johan Beyen
  9. 9. Beyen however saw the possibility of evengreater cooperationbetween European nations. He realised thatpolitical integrationat that time would have been hard to achieveand managed topersuade his national and internationalcolleagues that furtherprogress could be made with further economiccooperation,believing that political unification would follow.With this in mind,he drew up the Beyen Plan. With his experiencein international Johan Beyen
  10. 10. Beyen’s role has often been overlooked inlater years, but hiswork contributed to the European integrationprocess in the1950s and earns him a place amongst theprominent figureswe now call the Founding Fathers of theEuropean Union.He will long be remembered as the individualwho gave freshimpetus to the European project when it wasmost needed. Johan Beyen