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Jean monet


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Published in: News & Politics
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Jean monet

  1. 1. Jean Monet
  2. 2. Introduction• Was born in 9 November 1888• Died in 16 March 1979• Was a French political economist and diplomat• Regarded as a Chief architect of te EU• Patron of the 1980-1981 academic year of the College of Europe
  3. 3. World War I• Believed into the French- England unino for the victory of the allied• Contribute in WW organisating the allied economic operation• Help to combinate the Wheat executive and the allied maritime transpot council
  4. 4. Inter-war years• He was assisntant of the french minister of comerce and industry• Due of its effort in the WW was named deputy Seretary General of the League Of Nations• After the league was broken he help the economic recovery of several Europe nations• Lived in China at the invitation of Chiang Kai- shek, where he assisted the reorganization of the Chinese railway
  5. 5. World War II• 12/1939:Was send to London to oversee the collectivization of theBritish and French war industries• 8/1940:Sent to US to negotiate the purchase of war supplies. Persuade the presiden to launch a massive arms production program• After the war some britis economist think that he will probably made shortened the WWII
  6. 6. Monet Plan• In 1945 Proposed its plan: - Included in taiking the control of the remaining german coal production. This produced the raising of the French economic and decreasing of the german economy - Removed the Saar from Germany and transform it into the Saar protectorate who was under complete french economic control
  7. 7. Monet Plan 2- There was problem between France and Germany because of the france control the germany mineral production. So Monet concive the idea of a Eurpean Community- Robert Schuman in the name of the french goverment proposed integration of the french and germany coal and steel industry - According Schuman plan Germany joined the ECSC in 1951. After this other countries joined the ECSC - In 1951 He became the first president of the High Authority
  8. 8. Common Market• In 1995 Monnet founded the Action Commite for the US in order to revive European construction• This made European Trade unions together to become a driving force behind and eventually emerged the EEC established by the Teatey of Rome (1957)• In 1967 trnasform into the Ecwhit its corresponding bodies• 6/12/1963 presented whit tue Presidential Medal of freedom
  9. 9. Legacy• Its remains were transferred to the Pantheon of¡Paris• Sveral European Universities honour he• The European Commidion named the Jean Monet building• The EU maintains his name with the Jean Monet proogramme of the directorate- General for education and Culture
  10. 10. Bibliography• Jean Monnet: Memoirs, London 1978• Jean Monnet: The first stateman of independence• Jean Monnet: Father of Europe (documentary)• The supranational Politics of Jean Monet• Jean Monet: Unconveentional Statesman