How Lacta got to have the biggest Facebook brand page in Greece


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See how Lacta, the leading milk chocolate brand in Greece, managed to grow its Facebook page into the most popular of any brand in the country, through a Facebook application that enabled users to express and share their love. By constantly listening to user feedback, OgilvyOne Athens came up with many ideas for new and engaging content and discussions.

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How Lacta got to have the biggest Facebook brand page in Greece

  1. The sweetest page on Facebook A love story between a brand and its fans. Panos Sambrakos, Executive Creative Director, OgilvyOne Athens
  2. How Lacta got to have the “biggest” Facebook brand page in Greece.
  3. Making it big on Facebook A three step process
  4. Making it big on Facebook <ul><li>Build a community around your brand. </li></ul><ul><li>Understand the interests & needs that brought people around it. </li></ul><ul><li>Feed those interests & needs with content & discussions . </li></ul>
  5. Scene 1: Your brand enters Social Media… Announce yourself politely.
  6. 2: Some people will gather around the brand. First, listen to what they say about you.
  7. 3: Then say something profound! And people might react and call others to join!
  8. How Lacta made it big (We were lucky!)
  9. We started with a great product!
  10. We found a community. Didn’t start a new one.
  12. And then we listened…
  13. Our findings inspired our TV campaign!
  14. We then listened some more…
  15. And made a Facebook app based on our insights.
  16. A wave of new and active users.
  17. And then what?
  18. We kept listening and “feeding” those needs.
  19. And helped people express their love in surprising and very moving ways.
  21. We even invited fans on a 3-day event!
  22. Keeping our engagement levels high!
  23. And our sales numbers even higher! <ul><li>-7,8% declining market </li></ul><ul><li>+0,6% volume share increase for Lacta </li></ul><ul><li>+8% Lacta sales increase </li></ul>January – February 2011, Nielsen Scanners 26/02/11
  24. So what’s next?
  25. Social Media is not a campaign! But the continuous presence of a friend among friends.
  26. In 2010, the smartest brands realised that the model is not 360, it's 365. Those brands see themselves as networks which can connect like-minded people around shared interests and causes.
  27. Thank you! - @panos