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The secret of successful entrepreneurship

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The secret of successful entrepreneurship

  1. 1. The Secret of Successful Entrepreneurship
  2. 2. Globally 90% of all startups fail in the first 5 years
  3. 3. The Secret of Successful Entrepreneurship - LUCK
  4. 4. Give luck a chance to happen. ~ Tom Kite, US Golfer
  5. 5. “Luck surrounds us every day; we are constantly having lucky things happen to us, whether you recognize it or not. I have not been any more lucky or unlucky than anyone else. The difference is when luck came my way, I took advantage of it.” – Richard Branson
  6. 6. L – location: Who chooses where you place yourself every day? Are you so busy doing work that there is no time to see the opportunity?
  7. 7. U- understanding: At the critical moment when we are at the right place and right time it is the understanding that differentiates success from failure.
  8. 8. C – connections: It is the network of the people we know and work with that is our greatest strength
  9. 9. K – knowledge: There’s no point having opportunities come our way if we do not know what to do with them.
  10. 10. Great entrepreneurs do not create success. They create the conditions for success to occur. Only by giving LUCK the chance to happen, will you happen on wealth by chance
  11. 11. I've found that LUCK is quite predictable. If you want more LUCK, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often. Brian Tracy
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