Analytics Attack! Tracking Campaign Performance


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This is the second-half of a join panel presented at SES Toronto 2013, which covers:

• How to track your campaigns' return on investment
• How to communicate success to your boss and their boss
• How to correlate campaign success with lifetime value

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Analytics Attack! Tracking Campaign Performance

  1. 1. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO |@SESConfAnalytics AttackTracking Campaign PerformanceGarry Przyklenk@gprzyklenkTD Bank Group, Digital ChannelsManager of Measurement Solutions
  2. 2. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkAttack your reporting!Photo credit: discussed:1. Proper tagging of links2. Demystifying direct/bookmarked3. Segmenting campaigns for reporting
  3. 3. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkThree Tips to give reports Teeth1. Attack return on investment2. Stalk your prey3. Hunt in packsPhoto credit:
  4. 4. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkAttack return on investmentPhoto credit:
  5. 5. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenk1. Attack return on investmentIf you want to attacklike a…Attack ROI by… Level of Ferocity…cuddly bunny …calculating overall cost withoverall sales.Weak sauce…bull in a China shop …trying to calculate lifetimevalue.Damaging but rarely fatal…rabid wolverine …testing different multi-channel attribution models.UNIMAGINABLE RAGE
  6. 6. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkCaution!Protect your credibility withpartners by maintaining anobjective point-of-view onbusiness goals.Photo credit:
  7. 7. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkStalk your prey(to get what you want)
  8. 8. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenk
  9. 9. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenk2. Stalk your prey(to get what you want)Career needs and wants… How to get what you want… When to strike…Self-actualization:• Creativity• Problem solvingChallenge status quo• Introducing optimizations• Testing modelsCampaign kick-offSelf-esteem• Achievement• RespectOngoing communication• Flaunt business success• Remain objectiveWeekly status updatesEnd of campaign analysisLove and Belonging• FriendshipBe inclusive of team members• Golden rule never hurts• Bring others alongProcess managementSafety• Financial security• ResourcingDocument everything• Archive “did well” emails• Keep a running tally of winsYear-end review
  10. 10. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkSuccess is all about telling a storyExample: Paperless statements campaign• Cost saving:– paperless statements saves the company the cost of a mailing per customer perproduct per month– reduced calls to the contact center due to statement availability online and on-timeevery month• Customer satisfaction:– free scanned check images– freedom and portability• Cross-channel involvement:– Marketing– Online Channel– Phone Channel– ATM Channel– Branch/Retail ChannelSample high-level value-addPostage $0.63Customers 400,000Average productsper customer2Yearly Cost Savings $6 Million
  11. 11. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkHunt in packsPhoto credit:
  12. 12. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkHunt in packsTeamwork and cross-channel involvement is essential, but it doesn’t happenby accident.1. Establish a RACI– Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform– Useful tool in establishing organization function and identifying participantsand involvement– Design a process and practice– Identify the critical path to support insights– Determine service-level agreements (how long will it take to do X and Y)– Document a flowchart that’s easy for anyone to follow3. Seek approvals and support from C-suite– Confirm support of the RACI and Practice and Process documents– Document resourcing requirements– SCALE!
  13. 13. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkWhat can success look like?2013MeasurementSolutionsOnlineReporting andAnalyticsIntegratedInsightsOptimization2011MeasurementSolutionsOnline Reportingand AnalyticsIntegratedInsightsOptimization8 Insights Team Members 22 Insights Team Members!
  14. 14. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkHow do you know your executivessupport you?• 100% of projects and campaigns have ameasurement strategy• Escalations to C-suite for absence of Insightsteam engagement• Validation and certification of all reports byInsights team
  15. 15. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO | @SESConf@gprzyklenkIn summary…1. Attack return on investment with the ferocity of a rabid wolverine– Try to go beyond revenue/cost– Attempt lifetime value 6 months after a large campaign– Test different multi-channel attribution models2. Stalk your prey to get what you want, when you want it– Know what you want and when to ask– Challenge the status quo3. Hunt in packs to make teamwork effective– Teamwork just doesn’t happen by accident– Build a RACI and practice and process– Get C-suite level support
  16. 16. Toronto | June 12–14, 2013 | #SESTO |@SESConfThank you!Garry Przyklenk@gprzyklenkTD Bank Group, Digital ChannelsManager of Measurement Solutions