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Nonprofit Management Capstone


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Capstone presentation for Capstone project spent in the Columbus State Community College Development Office.

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Nonprofit Management Capstone

  1. 1. Columbus StateColumbus State Community CollegeCommunity College DevelopmentDevelopment FoundationFoundation Amy Marie ShropshireAmy Marie Shropshire BMGT 248BMGT 248 30 May 200630 May 2006
  2. 2. CSCC DevelopmentCSCC Development FoundationFoundation . . . Is operated exclusively to generate,. . . Is operated exclusively to generate, receive, hold, invest, manage, and allocatereceive, hold, invest, manage, and allocate funds and property for the advancement,funds and property for the advancement, achievement, and support of theachievement, and support of the educational programs, services, andeducational programs, services, and students of Columbus State Communitystudents of Columbus State Community College.College.
  3. 3. Agency StaffAgency Staff CSCCDevelopmentFoundation Cindy Hood Donor Relations Columbus StateDevelopment Foundation Elissa Schneider Coordinator of Annual Giving Columbus State Development Foundation MarthaRenda Raiser's Edge Specialist Columbus StateDevelopment Foundation Matt Kelly ExecutiveDirector Columbus State Development Foundation Dr M ValerianaMoeller President Columbus StateCommunity College
  4. 4. About the FoundationAbout the Foundation  21 member board independent of the21 member board independent of the College’s boardCollege’s board  Many staff functions are contracted outMany staff functions are contracted out  $300,000 annual budget$300,000 annual budget  Has all the resources available to the CollegeHas all the resources available to the College  All revenue is reinvested into the communityAll revenue is reinvested into the community
  5. 5. MissionMission The Mission of the Columbus StateThe Mission of the Columbus State Community College DevelopmentCommunity College Development Foundation is to identify, cultivate, andFoundation is to identify, cultivate, and secure resources while serving assecure resources while serving as responsible financial stewards to advanceresponsible financial stewards to advance educational opportunities, programs, andeducational opportunities, programs, and services at Columbus State Communityservices at Columbus State Community College.College.
  6. 6. Vision - Shared with CSCCVision - Shared with CSCC We see Columbus State Community CollegeWe see Columbus State Community College as a dynamic and diverse institutionas a dynamic and diverse institution offering accessible, affordable, lifelongoffering accessible, affordable, lifelong learning opportunities to meet thelearning opportunities to meet the educational, employment, and enrichmenteducational, employment, and enrichment needs of our community as it participatesneeds of our community as it participates in the global the global economy.
  7. 7. Values - Shared with CSCCValues - Shared with CSCC  An integral, respected trusted partner inAn integral, respected trusted partner in our communityour community  A dynamic evolving institutionA dynamic evolving institution  An outstanding learning environmentAn outstanding learning environment  An accessible educational institutionAn accessible educational institution  A diverse learning communityA diverse learning community  A results-oriented organizationA results-oriented organization  AccountableAccountable
  8. 8. ProjectProject  Create a mail pieceCreate a mail piece for the employeefor the employee appealappeal  Plan a “thank you”Plan a “thank you” eventevent  Create displays forCreate displays for the “thank you” eventthe “thank you” event  Develop incentive forDevelop incentive for 100% participation100% participation QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  9. 9. ApplicationApplication  Being aware of your weaknessesBeing aware of your weaknesses  Monsters/ShadowsMonsters/Shadows  Leader as CampaignerLeader as Campaigner  Leader as StrategistLeader as Strategist  Nonprofits as the “gap filler”Nonprofits as the “gap filler”
  10. 10. Lessons learnedLessons learned  ““Internal learning”Internal learning”  Hidden leadershipHidden leadership  Roles of leadersRoles of leaders