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The corporate social media summit europe


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The corporate social media summit europe

  1. 1. The Corporate Social media Summit Europe 6-7.11.2012 London
  2. 2. Question1 : How to get a responseWhat are the campaigns/communications/messages you have usedthat have been MOST successful so far?-contests-pictures-relevant information-involve employees-emotional messages-human touch
  3. 3. Question2 : What are realisticaims/what are you trying to do?What are the key indicators/metrics/KPIs you can use to track whetheryour engagement plan is working?-lead generation-traffic to website-number of brand mentions-sentiment analyzes-depends on goals
  4. 4. Question3 : How do you DEVELOPrelationships?What strategies have you used that have created a LONG TERMrelationship, as opposed to getting a short burst of response?-bring ideas-build brand ambasador programm-know you customers and realisewhat are they interesting in
  5. 5. Question4 : How do you identify KeyInfluencers?A core function of the social media director is to engage key playersOUTSIDE the company who can help you do your job-Radian6-Klout-Classifications : gurus, brandadvocates, staff-influence mapping
  6. 6. Social media for better customerexperience: How to enhance brandloyalty and boost reputation.Martha Roberts, Head of Service Communications, Royal MailPrelini Chiechi, Director, EMEA Marketing, Lithium
  7. 7. Empower your employees with theright tools to become successfuladvocates for your company onlineMichael Stenberg, Vice President Web & Infrastructure, Siemens AGChristian Maybaum, Global Social Media Coordinator CorporateCommunications, Deutsche Post DHLDennis Adekunle, Director, Social Media & Collaborative Services, GSK
  8. 8. Disasters happen faster over social:How you can monitor better to reactfaster and avoid crisesJan Christensen, Head of Corporate Social Media, The LEGO GroupAmanda Kamin, Head of Issues management, Visa EuropeAndy Donaldson, Online Communications Manager, Visa Europe