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N E A R 2010 Exhibitor Packet


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Registration Forms for FMCA NE Area Rally

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N E A R 2010 Exhibitor Packet

  1. 1. 2010 FMCA Northeast Area Rally, Champlain Valley Expo, Essex Junction, VT, July 2-5 IMPORTANT: CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE IS REQUIRED WITH REGISTRATION Please complete and mail originally signed copy with your check for full payment made payable to NORTHEAST MOTORHOME ASSOCIATION to: Dick and Barb Higgins, Commercial Coordinators PO Box 5153, Weirs Beach, NH 03247 C: 603-738-3904 C: 941-704-9210 Email: Space assignments will be made according to dates reservations are received. Space Reservations must be accompanied by full payment no later than May 1, 2010. We apply for exhibit space described herein and understand this contract is subject to the rules and regulations governing exhibitors as shown on the reverse side hereof. No contract will be accepted unless signed and dated. Company Name_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact Person________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City________________________________________________________________ State____________________________ Zip______________ Bus. Tel. # ( )___________________ Fax#( )______________________ E-Mail ____________________________________________ FMCA COMMERCIAL MEMBERSHIP NUMBER__________________________________________________________________________ ************************************************************************************************************************ ****************A. INSIDE BOOTH (Approx 10 x 10 sq ft) first booth @ $200.00 = $_________________ #additional booths ___________@ $100.00 ea.= $___________________ (Electric = $30.00/booth) # of booths__________@ $ 30.00 ea. = $_________________ B. OUTSIDE SPACE (VENDOR/SERVICE PROVIDER) (20 lineal feet minimum) # lineal feet_______@ $5.00 per lineal foot= $_________________ C. OUTSIDE COACH DISPLAY (20’ x 40’ space) # coaches________@ $100.00 per coach = $_________________ (Electric = $30.00 per #coaches_________@$30.00 per 5 coaches= $_________________ 5 coaches/No AC) or any increment thereof D. DEMONSTRATION COACHES (no charge) #coaches_________@ $0.00 = $________________ NOTE: All dealer display coaches must be within contracted Total Amount Due $__________________ space boundaries. Please adjust space requirements for
  2. 2. slideouts and coaches over 40’ in length. Total Amount Enclosed $__________________ If you plan to stay overnight on the fairgrounds, you must pay $22.50 per night. Registration form is enclosed and must be returned with this completed contract. Refer to item XII, Special Note. **1NDOOR/OUTDOOR VENDORS IMPORTANT: List all products. Include brand names of major products/ Special Accommodations/Requests:_________________________________ accessories such as awnings, towing equipment, etc.., I.e. "Blue Ox," "Carefree." ______________________________________________________________ Exhibitors may be required to remove products not listed from the show. _____________________________________________________________ Product(s) sold:__________________________________________________ Signature______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Company Title__________________________________________________ If possible, please do not assign our booth next to the following companies: (Placement cannot be guaranteed) Print Name of Signer_____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Date______________________Amt Paid_____________________________ *Please specify: ____yes, I use a microphone _____ no, I do not use a microphone Note: If you will be providing services to customers at the rally, please ____yes, I demonstrate _____ no, I do not demonstrate refer to Item XIII of the contract. **OUTS1DE COACH DISPLAY Will you offer customer service? _____YES _____NO Brand(s) of coaches to be displayed:_________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Type of service provided_________________________________________ #New Coaches________ #Used Coaches_______ #Demo Coaches________ #Staff members at our display______________________ _____________________________________________________________
  3. 3. RULES AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE EXHIBITOR I. SCOPE OF CONTRACT: event the premises in which the 2010 Northeast Area Rally is to be held becomes, in the sole This contract is made subject to the following rules and regulations which are a part judgment of FMCA, the Northeast Motorhome Association and the Champlain Valley Expo, hereof. unfit for occupancy as the result of strikes, lockouts, acts of God, acts or threats of terrorism, inability to obtain labor or material, government action of whatever nature, war, civil II. SPACE ASSIGNMENT: disturbance, fire, unavoidable casualty or other causes, whether similar or dissimilar, beyond The space, as stipulated in this contract, is to be used during the 2010 Northeast Area the control of FMCA, the Northeast Motorhome Association and the Champlain Valley Rally, July 2,3,4,5, 2010 for such exhibit(s) named in the contract. Expo which cannot be overcome by due diligence. In the event of termination of the 2010 III REASSIGNMENT OF SPACE: Northeast Area Rally for any of the aforementioned conditions, Exhibitor agrees that FMCA, No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted the Northeast Motorhome Association and the Champlain Valley Expo shall be held herein without the written consent of the Commercial Coordinator of the 2010 Northeast harmless of and from any and all claims for damages and agrees FMCA, the Northeast Area Rally. Motorhome Association and the Champlain Valley Expo shall not be obligated to Exhibitor except to refund to Exhibitor the fee paid for space less a proportionate share of all expenses IV USE OF SPACE: incurred by FMCA, the Northeast Motorhome Association and the Champlain Valley Expo Exhibit space is to be used solely for the display of the product, service, or merchandise for the 2010 Northeast Area Rally stipulated on the first page of this contract. No display vehicle may be used for living quarters. No Exhibitor, other firm, corporation or individual shall advertise or distribute C. It is further expressly agreed and understood that the 2010 Northeast Area Rally, its literature concerning the product of any other firm, corporation or individual except as sponsors, FMCA, the Northeast Motorhome Association, the Champlain Valley Expo, the specified in its contract for space. Commercial Coordinator, and all other volunteers shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage or injury to property belonging to Exhibitor, his agents, contractors and employees, V. RESTRICTIONS: while such property is in the commercial area, or at any other time and place. A. The Commercial Coordinator reserves the right to restrict exhibits which, because of noise or for any other reason, become objectionable, and also reserves the right to prohibit or D. The owners of the property on which the 2010 Northeast Area Rally is held will not evict any exhibit, which in his/her judgment may detract from the general character of the be responsible for injury, loss or damage that may occur to the Exhibitor or to the Exhibitor's 2010 Northeast Area Rally. In the event of such restrictions or evictions, neither FMCA, employees or the Exhibitor's property from any cause whatsoever prior to, during or the Northeast Motorhome Association, the Champlain Valley Expo nor the Commercial subsequent to the 2010 Northeast Area Rally. Coordinator shall be liable for refunds of any kind. E. Without obligation to the Exhibitor, FMCA, the Northeast Motorhome B. The Commercial Coordinator may request changes in the arrangement for the Association, the Champlain Valley Expo, and the Commercial Coordinator reserves the display if it is objectionable to an adjoining Exhibitor or the Commercial Coordinator under right to sell to another Exhibitor, to rent to another Exhibitor, to eliminate or to maintain the above rules. vacant, any cancelled space or any space that is left empty or not used in the manner originally intended by FMCA, the Northeast Motorhome Association, the Champlain Valley Expo, VI LIMITATION AND LIABILITY: and the Commercial Coordinator. No space will be used for storage purposes. The Exhibitor covenants to indemnify and to save harmless FMCA, the Northeast XI. FAILURE TO OCCUPY SPACE: Motorhome Association, the Champlain Valley Expo, the Commercial Coordinator, the Rally Sponsors and any other volunteers and service contractors from and against any and Any space not occupied by 5:00 p.m., Friday, July 2, 2010, will be considered cancelled all claims, demands, causes of action, or any other liability for the period of time covered by and forfeited by the Exhibitor and subject to the provisions of Paragraph X above. Move-in of the 2010 Northeast Area Rally. late exhibits is at the sole discretion of the Commercial Coordinator, and there is no guarantee that Exhibitors arriving late will be permitted set-up. VII INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL - GENERAL: XII MOVE-IN AND MOVE-OUT: A. No exhibits shall be removed before completion of the rally, except with the permission of the Commercial Coordinator. A. Indoor and Outdoor Exhibitors may enter the commercial area after 8:00 a.m., Thursday , July1, 2010 for the purpose of setting up their displays. All displays must be B. Nothing shall be attached to any fence, utility pole, building, sign or any other fair completely set up by 5:00 p.m., Friday, July 2, 2010. Outdoor Coach displays may enter the ground property. If the premises are defaced or damaged by any act of an Exhibitor, its commercial area after 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, June 30, 2010, for the purpose of setting up their agents or guests, the Exhibitor shall reimburse the Northeast Motorhome Association and displays. All coach displays must be completely set up by 12:00 noon, Friday, July 2, 2010. the Champlain Valley Expo such sum as shall be deemed necessary by the Northeast Motorhome Association and the Champlain Valley Expo to restore such fence, utility pole, B. Exhibitors will park display units as directed by the Commercial Coordinator or his building, sign or other fairground property to its previous condition. volunteers. VIII. PAYMENT FOR SPACE: C. All displays shall be removed from the fairgrounds by 12:00 NOON, Tuesday, July 6, 2010. PAYMENT IN FULL is required on all exhibit space NO LATER THAN MAY 1, 2010. All contracts for exhibit space must be received by the Commercial Coordinator NO SPECIAL NOTE: LATER THAN MAY 1, 2010 and must be accompanied by FULL PAYMENT of the total EXHIBITORS WHO WILL REMAIN ON THE FAIRGROUNDS IN LIVE-IN amount due for exhibit space. All monies are refundable only upon written notice to the COACHES DURING THE RALLY MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE RALLY AND Commercial Coordinator NO LATER THAN JUNE 1st, 2010, less $20.00 cancellation fee. MUST PARK IN THE GENERAL PARKING AREAS. NO SALES OF ANY KIND WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE GENERAL PARKING AREAS. IX. INSURANCE: XIII EXHIBITORS PROVIDING CUSTOMER SERVICES AT RALLY: (THIS IS A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR ALL EXHIBITORS * NO EXCEPTIONS*) Each commercial exhibitor or service provider MUST CARRY THEIR Exhibitors who wish to provide service for customers at the 2010 Northeast Area Rally OWN All Risk Insurance on their property and must be covered by a comprehensive general must advise the Commercial Coordinator in writing in the appropriate space provided on the business liability insurance policy providing limits of at least $1,000,000 combined single contract. Service will not be permitted to be performed on the fairgrounds to customers who limit bodily injury and property damage per each occurrence in favor of FMCA entities. are not rally attendees. Neither the exhibit facility, nor FMCA, the Northeast Motorhome Association, the XIV. RULES. REGULATIONS AND AMENDMENTS: Champlain Valley Expo nor any of its service contractors, nor its Commercial Coordinator or volunteers will be responsible for loss or damage to any Exhibitor's property The Commercial Coordinator shall have full power to interpret and/or amend these while in transit to or from the commercial area or while in the commercial area. Exhibitors rules, and to make any additional rules and regulations which, in his discretion, shall be in the must carry their own insurance through their own sources and at their own expense and must best interest of the 2010 Northeast Area Rally. show proof thereof. (The Northeast Area Rally requires all Exhibitors to submit Insurance Certificates naming FMCA as an additional insured to the Commercial XV. SHOW HOURS: Coordinator no later than May 1, 2010.) Failure by FMCA, the Northeast Motorhome Days and hours during which the exhibits will be open to FMCA members, rally attendees Association, the Champlain Valley Expo and the Commercial Coordinator to request or and the general public are as follows: review insurance certificates showing proof thereof shall not be deemed to constitute a Friday, July 2, 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. coach sneak preview waiver of the FMCA's, the Northeast Motorhome Association's, the Champlain Valley Saturday, July 3 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Expo's and the Commercial Coordinator's rights or Exhibitor's obligation hereunder. Sunday, July 4 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, July 5 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. X. CANCELLATIONS. WITHDRAWALS. REDUCTIONS: All Exhibitors are required to comply with show hours. A. Any Exhibitor who cancels or withdraws from the 2010 Northeast Area Rally, or Exhibitors are not to open their display earlier or remain open reduces the size of his/her space for any reason after June 1st, 2010 forfeits any monies paid later than the scheduled time. Any Exhibitor who needs as liquidated damages. The Exhibitor also agrees to be legally obligated to remit any unpaid additional time, after show hours, to complete customer judgment (including reasonable attorney fees, costs and expenses incurred in connection orders must obtain prior permission from the Commercial therewith) for death or injuries to persons, or for loss or damage to property arising out of or in Coordinator connection with the use and occupancy of the commercial area, or the exhibit and display space(s) of the Exhibitor, his agents, servants, employees, contractors, licensees or invitees. XVI SHIPPING NOTICE/INSTRUCTIONS: In the event of any claims made or suits filed, FMCA, the Northeast Motorhome Products/Merchandise may be shipped to: Champlain Valley Exposition, c/o FMCA Association, the Champlain Valley Expo and/or the Commercial Coordinator shall give Northeast Area Rally, 105 Pearl Street, Route 15, Essex Junction, VT. 05453. Telephone Exhibitor prompt written notice, by certified mail, to the address stated in this contract, of 802-878-5545, Fax 802-879-5404. E-Mail Absolutely no shipments will such claim or suit, and Exhibitor shall have the right to defend or settle same to the extent of be accepted before Monday, June 28, 2010 his interest hereunder. B FMCA, the Northeast Motorhome Association and the Champlain Valley Expo shall not be responsible for any failure to perform any of its obligations hereunder in the
  4. 4. 2010 FMCA Northeast Area Rally, Champlain Valley Expo, Essex Junction, VT July 2, 3, 4, & 5 Vendor Parking Registration Form (Note: Vendors and Dealers DO NOT need to complete the FMCA Family Registration Form. This form is in lieu of same.) I/We apply for Vendor/Dealer parking at NEAR 2010, at a cost of $22.50/night. (All parking includes water and 30 amp electric.) Company Name___________________________________________________________________ Contact Person___________________________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________________________ City______________________________________________________________________________ State______________________________ Zip________________________________________ Bus. Tel. # ( )_________________________ Fax#( )__________________________ E-Mail ___________________________________________________________________________ FMCA COMMERCIAL MEMBERSHIP NUMBER____________________________________ ___________# of nights @ $22.50/night = Amount enclosed $_____________________ For Credit Card charges: MasterCard Visa Discover American Express
  5. 5. Card #_____________________________________Expiration Date_______________________ Signature________________________________________________________________________ Please return this form & payment, together with your vendor contract & payment, to: Dick & Barb Higgins, Commercial Coordinators PO Box 5153, Weirs Beach, NH 03247 C: 603-738-3904 (or) 941-704-9210 Email: