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Group 2 implementation guide

  1. 1. Implementation Guide for FAStrack Mobile to be used with Vendor Group 2 October 3, 2011 – October 21, 2011
  2. 2. Page vi myFAStrack and FAStrack MobileAs of 9/26/11 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011
  3. 3. Implementation GuideSection 1 : Project Overview _____________________________________________ 1-1 Executive Summary for the FAStrack Mobile project ___________________________ 1-1 Overview ________________________________________________________________ 1-1 What Vendors are saying ___________________________________________________ 1-2 Vendor Benefits ___________________________________________________________ 1-2 How it works _____________________________________________________________ 1-3Section 2 : Implementation Resources _____________________________________ 2-1 Vendor Resource Time Estimates ____________________________________________ 2-1 What is expected __________________________________________________________ 2-1 Key Contact Role Descriptions ______________________________________________ 2-2 Key Contact List __________________________________________________________ 2-2 Remember to Register for Online Training ____________________________________ 2-3 Deployment Calendar ______________________________________________________ 2-4 Group Implementation Calendar ____________________________________________ 2-5Section 3 : Hardware Requirements _______________________________________ 3-1 Hardware Specifications____________________________________________________ 3-1Section 4 : Software Configuration _______________________________________ 4-1 Configuration Overview ____________________________________________________ 4-1 Setting up Sub-users in myFAStrack _________________________________________ 4-2 FAStrack Mobile Software Installation _______________________________________ 4-3 Integration Testing Checklist ________________________________________________ 4-4 Business Audit Checklist ___________________________________________________ 4-4Section 5 : Vendor Support ______________________________________________ 5-1 Support Contact Information _______________________________________________ 5-1 Work Plan _______________________________________________________________ 5-1 Work Plan Scorecard ______________________________________________________ 5-1 myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile Page i powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  4. 4. Implementation Guide myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile Page i powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  5. 5. Implementation Guide Section 1: Project OverviewExecutive Summary for the FAStrack Mobile projectFAStrack Mobile is designed to simplify vendor’s lives. The goals of FAStrackMobile are to reduce work turn times and QC efforts.The goals of FAS are: 1) Provide our mutual customers quality results and faster turn times 2) Increase the speed and efficiency of capturing evidence photos, electronic forms and survey results from the field using Smartphone technologyThe Deployment Calendar on page ii outlines the overall timeline to FAStrackMobile solution release cycle to our vendor community.Overview • Why: To assist Vendors to become a FAS certified vendor, meaning: 1. 95% photo volume through FAStrack Mobile 2. Using all myFAStrack features 3. Having onsite Technical Trainer • What: FAStrack Mobile, an application for approved Android Smartphone devices • Who: All qualifying Vendors • When: Starting last quarter of 2011 1. Group rollouts scheduled throughout 2011 2. Three (3) week timeline per group in fourth quarter 2011 • How: Comprehensive training and support program 1. Dedicated FAS Help desk to support and train each Vendors Technical Trainer from on-boarding through full crew deployment 2. Continuous and on-going partnership of support and communication of improvements myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile Page 1-1 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  6. 6. Project OverviewWhat Vendors are saying“FAStrack Mobile saves our company thousands of dollars a month. We haveeliminated hours of work a day by knowing where our crews are and receiving photos ofwhat is happening as soon as it occurs in the field.-- Darin Bush – Integrity Contracting (multi-state vendor)“As a small outfit, we were skeptical when told we needed to purchase expensiveSmartphones to send photos into FAS. Once we started using the solution it becameobvious this was a time saver, and easily pays for itself….we are no longer messingaround with memory cards and point/shoot cameras, saving us hours a day!”-- Kevin Barbot – Barbot Property Solutions (Local owner/operator)“The FAStrack Mobile project has been a real benefit to our company. It reduces thetypical costs of doing the paperwork and photo management for this industry. FAS is, byfar, the best property preservation company we work with…we want to get more workfrom FAS!”-- Shane Steel - Greener Garden Estate Management (Local owner/operator)“We significantly reduce our liability by using FAStrack Mobile. We have trusted thirdparty photos and certified service records for each job. This alone can save ourbusiness!-- Jeff Schmitt - Cascade Homes (Local owner/operator)Vendor Benefits • Simplifies Photo Management, saves time and decreases labor costs o Ability to receive near real-time photos from jobsite to myFAStrack. o No need to transfer photos with memory cards, email, or other methods, all photos stored on your online Pruvan account. o Works “offline” allowing you to complete work in low/no cell coverage areas • Eliminates redundant data entry o Allows streamlined association of photos to work orders, surveys and services • Lowers operational costs and increases overall efficiency of crews. o More time in the field, less time in the office o Lowers photo management effort by 20-50% o Allow Vendors to better meet turn time deadlines o Increase job efficiency and overall profitability • Trusted photos that prove when and where the work was done. o Reduces liability by having trusted third party evidence of work performed. Page 1-2 myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile As of 9/26/11 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011
  7. 7. Implementation GuideHow it worksWork Flow for Field VendorLaunch FAStrack Mobile on a certified Smartphone 1) Review current FAS work orders on phone and choose work order 2) Use phones turn-by-turn navigation to arrive at property address 3) Start work at jobsite (GPS will indicate proper location) 4) Take photos that are easily tagged before/after for each services performed 5) Photos are sent to myFAStrack, automatically queued for review 6) When approved photos automatically tagged and transmitted to FAS along with a Certified Service Record for all photos captured at jobsite.  Crew photos in myFAStrack as soon as crew starts work o Know where your crews are located  Watch work as it occurs, make sure all photos are captured o No more waiting for photos from crew’s memory card!  Photos securely stored in your online account o Photos stored on phone SD card as backup o Photos third party certified, proving work was performedTake Photos using approved Smartphone Devices. Photos sent to myFAStrackin near real time. No more emailing photos! Photos in your online account. Point and Shoot Camera compared to FAStrack Mobile myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile Page 1-3 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  8. 8. Project OverviewView work performed in field, photos online awaiting approvalVendor Benefits  See work as it occurs in field in myFAStrack  Active work orders are shown as soon as the first photo is taken  Review and approve photos pending approval from your field crew(s) using myFAStrack Automatic TransferMore information and specific features of FAStrack Mobile, Certified ServiceRecords can be found in the training materials and training sessions found onthe FAS project website located at Page 1-4 myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile As of 9/26/11 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011
  9. 9. Implementation Guide Section 2: Implementation ResourcesVendor Resource Time EstimatesUse the table below as an estimate to help you plan for the transition toFAStrack Mobile over a three (3) week work plan. These estimates are basedon previous implementation experiences. Depending on the complexity of yourorganization, these estimates may change. Additionally a single resource inyour organization can fulfill some or all of the roles identified below, if qualified todo so. Estimated Vendor Resources required by Role Role Estimated effort Executive Sponsor As needed to escalate issues (Owner/Principal of company) Technical Trainer 1-2 hours to understand FAStrack Mobile (Vendor IT Lead) Crew Lead taking photos 1 hour to understand FAStrack Mobile trained (crew person performing field tasks) by your internal Technical TrainerWhat is expectedBy committing to the work plan you are committing to assign resources withinyour organization to complete tasks outlined in the work plan. These estimatesare our best guess at the effort required by you and your staff using FAStrackMobile. In general the commitment is: 1) Provide a technical resource to install and configure hardware and software in Week 1 and be responsible for technical support. 2) Perform all work orders daily using the FAStrack Mobile software and provide data analyst to review transactions. 3) Attend the training seminars with a minimum of the Technical Trainer to have an internal resource that can train crew members within your organization. myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile Page 2-1 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  10. 10. Project OverviewKey Contact Role DescriptionsPlease complete the Key Contact List and return to the identified FAS Project Manager(identified in the Key Contact List).Instructions: 1) Identify the Executive Sponsor. This is typically the owner of the business or operational manager responsible for clearing any obstacles for a successful implementation of the work plan 2) Identify the Technical Trainer individual who can contact FAS for technology issues. a. This resource will responsible for deploying and supporting FAS software and associated hardware devices to your field crew(s) b. This resource is responsible for the accuracy of data transmitted to FAS and is the primary contact for data discrepancy issues c. This resource will be able to receive training from FAS and contact FAS Help Desk support team 3) The Crew Technician is who performs the work in the field. These resources must be trained by and support requests must go through the Vendor Project Manager. KEY CONTACT LISTS MUST BE FINAL BY: FRIDAY OF WEEK 2Please submit your key contact list in draft along with your RSVP for participation in thework plan before the end of Week 1.Key Contact List Key Contact List Project Role Name Email Phone Responsibilities Removes obstacles to FAS Executive vendormgmt@ successful Sponsor (CEO) implementation Clear obstacles to Vendor Executive successful Sponsor (CEO/VP) implementation Vendor Technical Responsible for support Trainer and deployment to field (Operations) crews/staff FAS Help Desk Responsible for training Contact Vendor Help Desk Lead KEY CONTACT LISTS MUST BE SENT TO FAS BY: FRIDAY OF WEEK 2 Email completed contact list to Page 2-2 myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile As of 9/26/11 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011
  11. 11. Implementation GuideRemember to Register for Online Training • Please self register for training event Monday of Week 2 • Please self register for wrap up session Thursday of Week 3 • Training and Wrap up is scheduled at 3:00PM Central, Monday of Week 2 and Thursday of Week 3FAS Online Training Course Catalog: REGISTRATION MUST BE COMPLETED BY: FRIDAY OF WEEK 1 “FAStrack Mobile saves our company thousands of dollars a month…” --Darin Bush – Integrity Contracting myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile Page 2-3 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  12. 12. Implementation GuideDeployment CalendarNOTE: The deployment calendar of the FAStrack Mobile software release process details how the FAS team intends to train vendors. Itis important you not miss your scheduled group, or you will be rescheduled and may miss FAS deadlines. All vendors are now required touse FAStrack Mobile.
  13. 13. “Once we started using the solution it became obvious this was a time saver, and Implementation Guide easily pays for itself…” –Kevin Barbot – Barbot Property SolutionsGroup Implementation Calendar Weekly Group Training Group Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Prepare team to Week 1 Register for Group Training Order hardware required for all crews and install software, complete checklists participate, identify Key Contacts Attend online Kick-Off Begin using software in field, provide feedback to Email Checklists and Key Contact list by Friday to Week 2 Session, 3pm Central Time FAS (Required) Train all crews to use FASmobile2 software in field Attend online Feedback and Make sure your using Week 3 Provide feedback and use online training and support tools at Followup session, 3pm FASmobile2 to successfully Central Time (Optional) complete work plan Summary to team, and prep for Next Group Onboarding Group Summary End Users continue to use software and provide feedbackPLEASE NOTE: FAS will evaluate Vendor compliance to the work plan above. It is imperative that you allocate the identified resourcesand commit to the deliverable timelines to keep your scorecard “Green”. This means all deliverables must be completed on time accordingto the Implementation Checklist, and your crews must be taking certified photos using FAStrack Mobile by the end of Week 3. myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile powered by Pruvan™ Page 2-5 Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  14. 14. Critical Task Checklist Critical Task Checklist Check Deliverable to Page in this Critical Task Complete Project Manager Document  Register for Monday-Week 2 Training Class Friday Week 1 viii  Update Key Contact list for yourself or company Friday Week 1 2-3 Smartphone(s) purchased and  FAStrack Mobile software installed Friday Week 2 3-1  Use FAStrack Mobile in field with all crews By end of Week 3 5-1Steps to Complete in Week 1 1) Complete Key Contact list, email to FAS 2) Register for Training events 3) Purchase Phone and Install SoftwareSteps to complete in Week 2 4) Attend Kick-Off training webinar 5) FAS to Train Vendor’s “Technical Trainer” 6) Technical Trainer begins training field crew(s)Steps to complete in Week 3 7) All crew members trained on how to use FAStrack Mobile 8) Attend Wrap Up/Feedback Session Thursday of Week 3 “We significantly reduce our liability by using FAStrack Mobile…” --Jeff Schmitt–Cascade HomesPage 2-6 myFAStrack and FAStrack MobileAs of 9/26/11 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011
  15. 15. Implementation Guide Section 3: Hardware RequirementsPlease have the Vendor Project Manager complete the following.Instructions: 1) Order required Smartphone(s) by end of Week 1, we recommend Certified Hardware packages available at 2) Verify compatibility of PC hardware required for myFAStrack below by end of week 1.Hardware should be ordered in Week 1, Received in Week 2, and ready for use no later than Monday of Week 3These hardware options are packaged and tested to work with FAStrackMobile. You will need to determine for yourself if these suggestedpackages meet your specific requirements.Hardware SpecificationsThe hardware specification defines what hardware is required for the FAStrackMobile solution. Please see for moreinformation.myFAStrack Hardware Requirements (PC Computer) • A broadband internet connection properly configured • A computer less than 2 years old running Windows7 recommendedCPU/Hard Drive Requirements • A computer less than 2 years old with a CPU 1GHz or better, with 2GB RAM or better and 50GB of available hard drive spaceSoftware Requirements • myFAStrack requires current Adobe Flex/Air plug in and related runtime environmentFAStrack Mobile Hardware Requirements • Current Pruvan certified Smartphone with acceptable built in cameraMore information can be found at myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile Page 3-1 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  16. 16. Hardware Requirements This Page Left Blank IntentionallyPage 3-2 myFAStrack and FAStrack MobileAs of 9/26/11 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011
  17. 17. Implementation Guide Section 4: Software ConfigurationConfiguration Overview 1. Launch myFAStrack to setup sub-users for all myFAStrack users and FAStrack Mobile users a. Login using FAS User-ID/Password (Administrator/Super-User) b. Select “More->User” menu in myFAStrack 2. Determine how you want to manage sub-users for Smartphones a. Setup individual sub-user for each Smartphone (Recommended) b. Setup one sub-user for all Smartphones associated with your Vendor-ID c. We do not recommend using FAStrack Website User-ID and Password (Administrator/Super-User) for FAStrack Mobile access. 3. Choose Security Role for each sub-user a. Setup Admin Role for sub-users you wish to grant access to all features b. Setup Role of Staff if user can invoice, but not see invoice history c. Setup Role of Crew if user can only enter Notes in myFAStrack and/or use FAStrack Mobile only 4. Install FAStrack Mobile on Smartphones a. Use Market Application on each phone and search for “FAStrack Mobile” or b. Use to manage all phones online (no need to have access to phone directly) 5. Launch FAStrack Mobile on phone a. Login using sub-user defined above b. Allow work orders to load c. Select a work order d. Navigate to Property by pressing Navigate e. Press Start Work to take photos f. See work as it occurs in myFAStrackTips for Large Vendors with multiple Vendor-ID’s • If you have more than one (1) Vendor-ID, FAStrack treats this like a completely different company and has completely separate list of work orders per Vendor-ID. o You will need to setup unique Sub-users for each Vendor-ID you manage o You cannot have one Sub-User for multiple Vendor-ID’s o FAStrack Mobile allows bar code scanning to switch login between multiple Sub-users if a single user needs to access both Vendor accounts myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile Page 4-1 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  18. 18. Software ConfigurationSetting up Sub-Users in myFAStrackDefining and Managing Sub-Users in myFAStrack  Use only one FAS User-ID to setup associated sub-user  You must choose a unique sub-user (email recommended)  Only applies to vendors with multiple states/zones o Setup a unique sub-user for each Vendor-IDBelow is a view of the access control you can provide to sub-users in myFAStrack.  The role of “Admin” allows full capabilities in myFAStrack  The role of “Staff” is available will allow access to marking orders complete and generating invoices, but would not allow viewing of invoice history report.  The role of “Crew” is available to limit what can be done in myFAStrackRestricting Access and Password Changes 1. Administrators can change individual sub-users password to block or grant access to individual sub-users in myFAStrack if desired 2. Changing FAStrack User-ID password will block all related sub-user access until valid FAStrack User-ID logs into myFAStrack with proper password 3. Make sure when your FAStrack User-ID/password changes, the valid FAStrack User-ID logs into myFAStrack to reset master password for all related sub-users Page 4-2 myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile As of 9/26/11 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011
  19. 19. Implementation GuideFAStrack Mobile Software InstallationInstall FAStrack Mobile software on approved Smartphone 1. If you have access to Smartphone launch Android Market on each Smartphone, search for FAStrack Mobile and follow the installation instructions. 2. Or if phones are remote, install software and manage all Smartphones using 3. Launch FAStrack Mobile on Smartphone device 4. Login using Sub-User-Name and Password provided by the Technical Trainer for each device a. (Optional) Use QR Code provided by Technical Trainer to simplify FAStrack Mobile login myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile Page 4-3 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  20. 20. Software ConfigurationIntegration Testing ChecklistFAS Integration Testing Checklist: COMPLETE BY END OF WEEK 3Activities: Notes:Validate installation of FAStrack Mobile on SmartphoneValidate installation of myFAStrack on PC Validate Photos transfer from FAStrack Mobileto myFAStrack within 5 minutes of taking pictureBusiness Audit ChecklistFAS Business Audit Template (for your Internal use only)Activities Process per Signoff Service Data Analysts to  Validate information entered into FAStrack Mobile is properly received into FAS systems review all transactions CHECKLISTS MUST BE SENT TO FAS BY: FRIDAY OF WEEK 3 Email completed contact list to support@fasconnect.fieldassets.comPage 4-4 myFAStrack and FAStrack MobileAs of 9/26/11 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011
  21. 21. Implementation Guide Section 5: Vendor SupportSupport Contact Information The Technical Trainer identified for your organization must be trained by FAS and responsible to train all crew members in your organization. Only fully trained Technical Trainer(s) identified in your key contact list from your organization should contact FAS Help Desk. All FAS Help Desk tickets must be manage by your Technical Trainer using PlanWhat is expected of the Technical Trainer for your organization: • Attend all events identified on the calendar on page iii-iv at the front of this document • Use training materials to train your crews located on the project website located at • Initiate and manage all support requests to FAS help desk using the FAS Vendor Ticket System located at you Request SupportUsing 1) Make sure you check the Support>Status page to see if FAS systems are all operational and estimated time systems will be back online. 2) Check Support>Known-Issues to see if your issue has been encountered before and what the current “work-around” is for the known issue. 3) Check FAQ to help answer any common questions you may have relatd to myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile. 4) If you believe you have found an unknown error/issue, make sure you capture screen shots of what problem(s) you are encountering and have the Vendor Technical Trainer only open a support ticket at myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile Page 5-1 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11
  22. 22. Vendor SupportFAS Help DeskFAS Help Desk should respond to the Technical Trainer within four (4) businesshours M-F 9am-5pm Central Time. Please do not have any Crew members oruntrained resources contact FAS. All support questions must come through thetrained Technical Trainer indentified for your organization.Let us know how we are doing • We are always interested in your ideas and improvements you would like to see in FAS. Please email this feedback to .Thank you for participating. We appreciate your feedback.Page 5-2 myFAStrack and FAStrack MobileAs of 9/26/11 powered by Pruvan™ Confidential © 2010-2011
  23. 23. Implementation GuideWork Plan ScorecardA Vendor scorecard will be generated and published weekly to Group Members. Make sure you are green. What it takes to stay GREEN myFAStrack and FAStrack Mobile powered by Pruvan™ Page 5-3 Confidential © 2010-2011 As of 9/26/11