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Your brain and memory

A student entry to

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Your brain and memory

  1. 1. Your Brain and Your Memory By Juliette Marchant Yr 7
  2. 2. The BrainThe brain is an interesting utensil whichwhen used properly can work magic. Theonly problem is that every brain is different and you need to find out how you learn and remember things.
  3. 3. Ways of Learning As a learner, you have the right to knoweverything that you need to, but you need tolearn about what kind of learner you are. Are you a visual spatial learner? Are you a kinesthetic learner? Do you learn throughmusic and rhythms? Whatever kind of learner you are, you need to transfer your learning into this style within 10 minutes of learning it, or you will forget it forever.
  4. 4. Ways to Transfer Your Learning You can transfer your learning into diagrams, lists, tables, graphs, flash cards, narrative stories or even a song. The list is endless, just find a style that works for you and you will be fine. Thebrain works in mysterious ways, but youneed to find out the answers to your own problems.
  5. 5. Introvert of Extravert?Are you an introvert or extravert, this canaffect your learning. Do you enjoy peoples company at all times of the day like an extravert, or would you prefer to snuggleinto a corner and read a good book like an introvert. Whatever you are, there is no shame, we are all the same!
  6. 6. As learners on the road through highschool, we need to find answers to many questions, but find out the answers tothese questions and you will be cruising through high school in no time.