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Obiee 11 g

  1. 1. Contents OBIEE 10g Vs OBIEE 11g Architecture Security File Locations Naming Changes New features in RPD New features in Analytics
  2. 2. Architecture
  3. 3. 11g Architecture Compared to 10g Architecture• Main difference is wrapping components in WLS platform and EM management• Individual servers, components are still the same (BI Server, Presentation Server, BI Publisher J2EE application etc)• Some reworking has taken place in 11gR1 (unified logging, management of config files using EM etc)• Basic concepts, plus clustering (OBIEE), scheduling etc are the same as in 10g Web Server SAW Bridge (J2EE/ISAPI) Web Browser (IIS, Tomcat, Websphere, iPlanet) XML, HTML, Javascript XLS, PDF, TXT Oracle BI Publisher Oracle BI Presentation Services TCP/IP (SSL) over for Usability & Interactivity Delivery Server SOAP Web Services, XML and URL Interface HTTP/HTTPS Web Layout Interfaces Catalog Oracle Interactive Oracle Answers Service Data Logic Dashboards XSL XML HTML, SOAP User Profiling, Security and Session Mngmt Framework over Cache Services (Web) & Connection Mngmt HTTP/HTTPS External Applications and Portals ODBC over TCP/IP (SSL) Oracle Delivers Server TCP/IP Oracle BI Server Scheduling/Event Services (SSL) Logical SQL ODBC/JDBC (Logical Business Model) Agent Execution Logic Load Balancer Device Adaptive Content Session Management Metadata Interchange vs Intelligent Request Generation Logical Request Generation Oracle BI Oracle BI Administration Cluster Controller Cache Services Navigator . Security Services Query Govern. Multi-Pass / Metadata Management Services Sub-Request Logic Multi-User Development Services System / Perf Monitoring Fragmentation Metadata Documentation Services Externalized Optimization Authentication Aggregate Server Management Services LDAP Navigator DB Authentication Optimized Query Rewrites Custom Authenticator
  4. 4. Components Managed Server Components • BI Plug-in : Sends web http requests to BI Presentation Services • BI Security :Integrates BI Server and FMW sec platform(using web service calls) • BI Action Services: Dedicated web services for Action framework • BI Web Service SOA: Provides Web services for objects in the BIEE Presentation Catalog, to invoke analysis, agents, and conditions. • BI Office: Provides the integration between Oracle Business Intelligence and Microsoft Office products
  5. 5. Security
  6. 6. Roles and Groups
  7. 7. Roles
  8. 8. File Locations
  9. 9. Key File Locations
  10. 10. Naming Changes Delivers  Agents Answers  Analytics Guided Navigation  Action Links Constrained  Limit By Values
  11. 11. New features in RPD Supports Ragged Hierarchies/Skipped Hierarchies Parent Child Hierarchies Lookup Tables Action Framework
  12. 12. New features in Analytics Hierarchical Columns KPI’s KPI Watchlist Score Cards Chart Viewer Chart Slider BI Published Reporting