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Etalking Libraries


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What can your library do to enhance teaching and learning?
Facing challenges of digital literacy, digital content, e-books and equitable access to information, libraries are at the forefront of addressing key educational and social issues of ICT and change.

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Etalking Libraries

  1. 1. eT@lkingLearning @ your library Pru Mitchell
  2. 2. Introductions Tell us about Who are you? your library Where are you? theother66, traditional library CC-by-nc-sa
  3. 3. The big questions1. What’s the role of the library in learning?2. How well are libraries delivering?
  4. 4. Library core values 1. Promotion of the free flow of information and ideas through open access to recorded knowledge, information, and creative works 2. Connection of people to ideas 3. Commitment to literacy, information literacy and learning Australian Library and Information Association 2002
  5. 5. 4. Respect for the diversity and individuality of all people.5. Preservation of the human record.6. Excellence in professional service to our communities.7. Partnerships to advance these values.
  6. 6. School library inquiry Chapter 3 Research proving link between school librarians and scholastic achievement Literacy research
  7. 7. LiteracyAustralians 15 - 74 years assessed ashaving the skills needed to meet thecomplex demands of everyday life andwork.• 54% prose literacy skills• 53% document literacy• 47% numeracyAustralian Bureau of Statistics, media release,Australia’s literacy and life skills, 28 November 2007.
  8. 8. Poll: How do you take your recreational reading?A. E-bookB. Newspaper/magazineC. P-bookD. Social media Mrs Mac’s library : BookWeek 2011
  9. 9. General capabilitiesPOLL: What is the most important literacy for all Australians?A. Critical and creative thinkingB. Digital literacyC. Information literacyD. Information and communication technology (ICT) literacy
  10. 10. MultiliteraciesALIA Statement oninformation literacy forall Australians
  11. 11. New collections
  12. 12. New curriculum
  13. 13. Library as place, as network • standards • sharing • service Cheryl Hoskin 2011 Barr Smith Library
  14. 14. Trove @National
  15. 15. LibraryThing authors
  16. 16. Get involved
  17. 17. Questions?