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Webinar presented Jan 18th on global content dissemination of US associations to new markets outside the US.

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Global Content Dissemination Webinar 1 18 12

  1. 1. Global Content Dissemination for Associations Blue Sky Webinar Series Philip G. Forte, President - Blue Sky Broadcast Peter Turner, Director – Senior Advisor, Global Development Strategy - MCI Group
  2. 2. Background• Based in San Diego, CA • Washington DC • Nashville • Minneapolis • Geneva, Switzerland*• Delivering web events since 2002• Capture and produce over 1,000 web events each year• Learning Portals managing more than 25,000 presentations for our clients• Trusted partner for hundreds of leading associations, corporations and government clients
  3. 3. Value of Global Dissemination of Content• There may be a global appetite for your content.• Content from the USA is highly regarded but not the only reputable source in the world• Associations that take a leadership position now have a better chance of becoming the global industry leader• A properly executed plan can generate a significant revenue driver and assist in building a global brand
  4. 4. Content Dissemination Methods• Live • Webinars • Hybrid Meetings • Remote Audience • Remote Presenters• On-Demand • On-site conference capture services • Pre-recorded presentations
  5. 5. Hybrid Meeting - Remote Audience
  6. 6. Live Video Webcast Platform
  7. 7. Hybrid Meeting – Remote Presenter• A Hybrid Meeting employs specific technology and planning skills specifically to interweave the virtual experience into a live event. 1• Allows speakers who cannot attend in person to present remotely.• Improves learning program and attendance by recruiting a higher caliber presenter.• Saves travel costs.1 Adapted from MPI
  8. 8. Conference Recordings Audio Synched with Slides
  9. 9. Learning Modules
  10. 10. Global Translation Services
  11. 11. Global Content Portals
  12. 12. Online Learning Portal Social Media and Ratings
  13. 13. Leveraging CapturedConference Sessions
  14. 14. Global Dissemination of Content for Associations January 18, 2012 Peter Turner Senior Advisor, Global Development Strategy 15
  15. 15. Global Trends Impacting Content Dissemination
  16. 16. Global Trend - Labor Skill Shortage (Govts not supplying) Ready for Work 10% 25%
  17. 17. Global Trend - Western Management Practices Prized (Businesses finding alternatives to fill demand) Global Scale 370,000 98,000 100,000 90,000 64,000 96,300 Each Week on WIPRO Campus300 professors350 new employees every MONDAY! (constant 3150 students)Track 1: 12-14 week mandatory programsTrack 2: “graduate level” voluntary (career dependent)Weeds out, builds “project ready” ppl, reduces staffturnover to 1%
  18. 18. IUMI Today Business Opportunity - For You Redefining the Meeting & Education Experience
  19. 19. High-Level Business Model Export Import Global US-based Meeting In Region Meeting Royalty Content Content Program Non-US Audience Regional or US Audiences Cost Free Live/On Demand Live/OnDemand Short-term, Limited Incremental Use Licensing Revenue Incremental Revenue Revenue per Different Cost Session Models Different Cost (~1,000 USD) Models
  20. 20. Business Opportunity – Various Options • Hub & Spoke - linking Vital Growth Factors Export chapters, sister Locally Relevant Content societies, members US-based • Remote Satellite Events – Two-way Local Engagement Annual stand alone events beaming Ease & Convenient Access Meeting in 1 or 2 archived session Import • Hub & Spoke – linking In Region chapters or affiliates in Conferences region or Training • “Best of” Roadshows Programs • Virtual KOL Presenters • Monetize archived content by licensing to firms in Global regions Royalty • Content presented within Programs customer’s meeting • Real-time Q&A with speaker
  21. 21. Business Opportunity – Global Royalty Program Enhance Their Live  Optional features Programs - Live Video - Clinical Trial training presentations or Q&A with presenters - Advisory Boards - Localization (closed - Medical Education/CEU caption on local - Compliance/Regulatory language) Training - Sales Training You Give Them Access to the Latest Experts & Ideas
  22. 22. Why Would They License Content from You? Turnkey Archived Content Ready for Presentation Bring Latest Professional Specialty Content to Local Professions or Businesses - Save Travel Costs - Access to High Caliber Speakers - Interactive Q & A with presenters Improves Their Local Programs - US KOL Presenters Providing Expert Perspectives - Differentiates Their Events from Competition
  23. 23. Business Requirements Needed to Meet Opportunity
  24. 24. International Business RequirementsCommercial Distribution & Local Organization Customer Needs Bus. Plan Content Digitization & Monetization Localization of Content Marketing & Sales Partnerships Sponsorships “Generally Accepted” Content Event Mgmt Content Capture Presentation Portal Bus License Finance & Currency Sessions Speakers Management Registration Marketing
  25. 25. Tips to Build a GlobalContent Dissemination Business
  26. 26. Tips Capture the Content  Experiment - Build a library of content. - Find a quick win to assess your potential - If the content is not recorded, it is lost forever!  Market Intel - Gain deeper understanding of Determine Popular local needs and local market Sessions from challenges & opportunities International Delegates - Develop strategy - Publish some sessions  Product Relevance specifically for these attendees - Ensure content, delivery, offering, and promotion is locally relevant Consider Global Webinars  Distribution & Local Mgmt - Webinars for a specific region or country. In local language - Partners who can help build local demand, ongoing marketing & during convenient times sales, ability to service customer needs
  27. 27. For More Information & Case Studies Archived Webinars Delivering Customer and Membership Experiences to Asian Cultures Tailor Your International Productor Membership Offerings to Local Customer Needs Locally Relevant Marketing and Communication to Build Your Brand & EnhanceMember/Customer Value across Country Markets Getting More Out of Your International Meetings Using Government Affairs to Gain Market Access in China
  28. 28. Questions?
  29. 29. Thank You! Blue Sky Broadcast MCI Group Philip G. Forte Peter Turner President Director – Senior Advisor, Global Development Strategy Phone : (877) 925-8375 Phone: +1 571 275 1516Email: E-mail: