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Starting A 1000 Book Club


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This slide show will demonstrate how to create a reading incentive program for preschoolers.

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Starting A 1000 Book Club

  1. 1. 1000 Book Club Program Plymouth River Elementary School Hingham, MA Elizabeth Danis ~ Reading Specialist Laura Donovan ~ Kindergarten Teacher Sue McHugh ~ Kindergarten Teacher
  2. 2. Starting a 1000 Book Club • The following slides represent how the Plymouth River Elementary School in Hingham, Massachusetts started a 1000 Book Club. • If you would like additional information please contact Laura Donovan: • Or visit our website:
  3. 3. What is the 1000 Book Club? The 1000 Book Club Program is a reading program designed for preschoolers, kindergartners and their families. The program’s goals are: • To have quality literature readily available so that each child will have a two-year period to hear 1000 stories. • To help children develop a lifetime bond with reading and books. • To provide incentives for families to read with their children. • To foster a positive connection between home and school. • To ease the transition from preschool to kindergarten by frequent visits to the “big school” for book bag selections and story times.
  4. 4. Overview of the program • • • • Each spring, eligible preschool children and their parents attend a “Kick Off” event at our school. They hear details of how the program works and then select their first bag (of 10 books) to bring home. They will return that bag within two weeks and then select another bag. They will continue to do this until they have read 100 bags (1000 books) or “graduate” from the program at the end of kindergarten. When a child completes one of the “milestones” of 25, 50, 75, or 100 bags he/she will receive a certificate, ribbon, t-shirt or trophy, respectively. These preschoolers are invited to attend Story Times at our school.
  5. 5. Initial Funding • The committee applied for and was awarded several grants. • It is possible to ask for some financial assistance from your PTO. We did not use PTO funds as we preferred to keep this program a staff-run program rather then a PTO-run program.
  6. 6. Getting the books • A book drive was held that collected nearly two thousand “gently-used” books. • Additional books were “purchased” through Scholastic Book Club bonus points. • Books were entered into a computer-based database, sorted by genre, bundled into groups of ten, and labeled with a 1000 Book Club sticker. • A total of 2,400 books (all unique titles) are being used in this program. (Our yearly kindergarten population is around 100 students per year.)
  7. 7. We collected almost 2000 books!! We did not include any duplicate titles. Book Drive
  8. 8. The Book Bags • A local graphic printer/designer sponsored our program and significantly reduced the price of the bags. • Committee members and volunteers helped to resize 240 bags from a shoulder strap to a hand strap (30 extra replacement bags were done also.) • Each bag was labeled with a number 1-240. We have 240 bags from which members choose just 100.
  9. 9. In order to get highquality bags, we needed to get tote bags that had shoulder straps and resize them. Book Bags Original bag before our logo and resizing. Our bag after our logo and resizing.
  10. 10. The Book Racks • Two parent volunteers built the racks, put a protective finish on them and delivered them to school. • The lumber, hardware and time was all donated.
  11. 11. The Book Racks One PRS family donated all the lumber and two other families built the racks.
  12. 12. The Bag Stuffing Event • Volunteers from the school community, as well as from one of our sponsors (Talbots) stuffed book bags. • Each volunteer was given a box that contained 10 stacks of 10 books, 10 book bags, 100 clear labels, 10 book lists, 10 sign-out cards and a set of directions for stuffing each bag. • Each bag was assembled and then hung on its numbered hook on a book rack.
  13. 13. These women were all from Talbots ~ one of our sponsors. Bag Stuffing
  14. 14. Our Principal Helping with the Bag Stuffing Our principal has given this program 100% support.
  15. 15. Contents of a Bag Each bag contains 10 books, a sign-out card, a photo book list and sign-out procedure sheet.
  16. 16. The Book Racks Our principal allowed us to use this corner of the cafeteria for the 1000 Book Club.
  17. 17. Sign Out Box Organization is the key to making this self-service program user-friendly!
  18. 18. Families keep track of which bags they have checked out. Record Sheet The paper work is colored coded to identify each “year” of the program.
  19. 19. This at-home record sheet is for families. They add one sticker each time they finish a bag.
  20. 20. The Story Time Corner • A corner of the cafeteria was designated as the 1000 Book Club Corner. • Talbots agreed to sponsor the corner by donating the funds for the rugs and fabric for the walls. • Committee members redesigned an inviting corner with fabric and story book characters that were created by a parent/graphic artist. • This corner is home to the book racks and the Story Times for preschoolers.
  21. 21. Story Time Corner The book racks are on wheels and are easily rolled out to create this cozy Story Time Corner.
  22. 22. Annual Kick-Off now do • Local preschools passed out invitations. (We • • • • • • • this mostly through email and e-newsletters.) Parents register online. We use Google Forms to create a registration page for the kick-off. Another parent donated gift certificates for the Munchkins that would be served at the kick-off. High school students earned community service points by helping out at the kick-off. 42 families attended the Inaugural kick-off. These families were shown a PowerPoint presentation that outlined the program. The children heard a story read by a committee member. Families checked out their first book bag.
  23. 23. “If you build it… they will come!” The Kick-Off
  24. 24. Kick-Off Story Time This story was read as the children looked at enlarged illustrations from the book.
  25. 25. Selecting the First Bag The children had 240 bags from which to choose!
  26. 26. This wonderful scene is repeated over and over again as preschoolers continue to select new bags!
  27. 27. Story Times • Occasionally, the children in the 1000 Book Club are invited to visit the “Big School” to hear stories and sing songs. • A book bag exchange takes place after the Story Time. • Guest readers such as our principal, some of our sponsors, the head of the English department, and former teachers have volunteered to read.
  28. 28. Story Times Just look at their faces! They love listening to stories.
  29. 29. Children can choose to receive their incentives at our All-School Meeting. Incentives
  30. 30. More Incentives 75 Bags ~ 750 Books 100 Bags ~ 1000 Books
  31. 31. Additional Program Income • To keep money coming into the program for expenses such as incentives, replacement books, yearly kick-offs, and miscellaneous supplies we offer families an opportunity to donate a bag in honor of (or in recognition of or in memory of) someone special. • Adults whose children have reached 75 bags (750 books) may purchase a t-shirt for themselves.
  32. 32. Donation Tags Bags can be donated in honor of someone special. Tags are hung from the straps of the book bags. They may be purchased for $25 per bag.
  33. 33. Our Bumper Sticker! Our graphic designer gave us a discounted price on these in exchange for a link to his site. Our bumper sticker is on his site along with several other non-profit organizations.
  34. 34. We created a website where families can register online and get important information.
  35. 35. Volunteers • • • • Bag checkers Purchase supplies and food for kick-off Publicity Nursery School contact person
  36. 36. The 1000 Book Club Program was awarded the Massachusetts Reading Association (MRA) Sylvia D. Brown award in March of 2007.
  37. 37. For more information:
  38. 38. Elizabeth Danis ~ Reading Specialist Laura Donovan ~ Kindergarten Teacher Sue McHugh ~ Kindergarten Teacher Plymouth River School ~ Hingham, MA Program Model ~ Birchwood Elementary ~ Niskayuna, NY