Plymouth River School's 1000 Book Club


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Learn how to check out book bags for the 1000 Book Club at PRS.

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Plymouth River School's 1000 Book Club

  1. 1. Plymouth River School’s1000 Book Club Program
  2. 2. How can my child become a 1000 Book Club Kid?Register for the programonline or by downloadingthis form from ourwebsite. Leave thecompleted form in the1000 Book Club bin ormail it to Plymouth RiverSchool, 200 High Street,Hingham, MA.Once your form has beenreceived, you will becontacted to begin theprogram and sign outyour first book bag.
  3. 3. Select a bag from one of the book racks located in the front foyer at PRS.
  4. 4. Each bag has a “Self-Service Sign-Out Procedure ”card. On the back of this card is a photo list of thebooks that should be in that bag. Verify that all thebooks are the bag BEFORE you sign out the bag.
  5. 5. •A sign-out card islocated in the insidepocket of each bag.•Parents should signtheir child’s name andthe current date on thecard and place it in aindex card box behindthe number whichcorresponds to thenumber of the bag.
  6. 6. Read and enjoythe books athome.
  7. 7. Please return the bagwithin 2 weeks. Removethe card from the indexbox, cross off yourchild’s name, andreplace the card in thepocket of the book bag.Find your child’s recordsheet in the 1000 BookClub notebook andwrite the date next tothe bag that has beencompleted.
  8. 8. Keeping track at home!Use the stickers from your “Journey to 1000 Books” folder to help you reach each milestone!
  9. 9. When your child hascompleted one of the“milestones” of 25, 50,75, or 100 bags, pleasefill out the onlineINCENTIVE form.Hard-copies are alsoavailable (located inthe back of thenotebook and online)Place this form in the1000 Book Club bin.
  10. 10. 750 Books 1000 Books
  11. 11. What if a book is missing from the bag weare taking (or returning)?Place the bag in the 1000 Book Club bin. Besure to check the books that belong in the bagboth BEFORE you sign it out, and again whenyou RETURN it. There is a list in each bag ofthe books that belong in that bag.Families will be held accountable for thebooks/bags signed out to them.How many bags may we take at one time?Please take only ONE bag at a time and returnit within two (2) weeks.
  12. 12. When may we exchange bags?When school is in session - 7:00 a.m.until 6:00 p.m.During school vacations - 7:00 a.m.until 2:00 p.m.Please DO NOT park in the bus loop.
  13. 13. This IS the right program for you if…• you return bags within a two-week period or sooner.• you check your bags/booklist prior to leaving PRS and again before returning them.• you don’t need to be contacted to return overdue bags, missing books or booklists.
  14. 14. For More Information: Visit our