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Capgemini Digital Marketing Solutions


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Owning content management, social media and analytics operations for 30 to 50% cost productivity linked with better customer experience

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Capgemini Digital Marketing Solutions

  1. 1. Achieving Value through Digital MarketingSolutionsOwning content management , social media and analytics operations for cost productivitylinked with better customer experienceMay 2012
  2. 2. How can you enhance Marketing Effectivenessthrough Digital Channels ? Capgemini Overview 2 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Organizations are realizing the importance of managing, monitoring andmeasuring customer content 60% 24% 40% of the retailers of the customers of the CMOs in found multi- say they have retail organizations channel posted comments believe that customers more or reviews online managing digital profitable than single channel buyers 58% about the products they buy through social 86% marketing operations is not their core of the customers Of the CMOs media competency and review the believe that they should be product online do not have outsourced before going to complete visibility the market on consumer behavior on their websites and are therefore missing opportunities Sources : McKinsey, IMRG, IMDB Capgemini Overview 3 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Revenue Preferred Channel eBusiness Content Social Visitors Buyers Digital ChannelsStrategic Importance 24/7 Users Languages Impact Operational cost Capgemini Overview 4 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Do you feel that your business managers have to deal with too many parties to get a single online page published ? This makes the process painfully slow and you are losing out on competitive advantage ? Does your organization need a global and centralized approach towards online marketing success ? Your business managers are not familiar with the complex expertise required to plan, run and manage the online campaigns ? performance of your products online Are you aware of the and overall response of customer to your marketing content ?Chief Marketing Officer Do you feel the need of keeping track on competition in relation to your online retail strategy ? Do you feel you are missing on business opportunities by not engaging with your customer online ? Is your brand completely protected online in accordance with your branding guidelines ? Capgemini Overview 5 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Efficiency and optimization of 3i s is the need to provide a enhanced andprofitable customer experience Customer Lifecycle Reach Acquire Develop Retain Listen/Inspire Providing the right Content Customer Acquisition Customer conversion Increasing the base of loyal Monitoring the feedback on to gain customer attention through rich content on through multiple customers by running the content/products product catalogs, mass interactions customer satisfaction through an identified set of emails, campaigns etc. surveys and identifying their blogs, forums and social needs media sites Accurate and up-to-date iNFORMATION Timely and meaningful iNTERACTION iNSIGHTS on customer behavior and trends Capgemini Overview 6 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Capgemini’s digital marketing offerings are mapped to every businessneed within the 3i s • Digital Content Management : Efficient and centralized content management processes to assist the business in creation of the right content across various channels - Web, Mobile and Social Media. • Localization : Capgemini’s content team has capabilities in 20+ languages to facilitate accurate translation and publishing of multi-lingual content Information • Content Audit : Right mix of manual and automated content audits to provide an error free and consistent information to the end customer • Campaign Management : Structured approach for small and large campaigns with E2E management in terms of validation, planning, development, roll-out and follow up • Social Media Management : The new formed Social Media team is responsible for monitoring the brand related interactions across a specified set of blogs, forums and social media sites and also engage when necessary for Brand Protection Interaction • Customer Satisfaction Surveys : creation and management of surveys and also provide dashboards with inferences • Sales / Marketing Analysis : The analytics team with tools capability analyses the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns, ROI, and revenue generating engines • Customer Behavior Analysis : How a customer behaves on the information channel or while purchasing is close monitored and the feedback is provided to the business • Executive Dashboards : A structured template is maintained with critical KPIs on a Insights weekly/monthly/quarterly basis Capgemini Overview 7 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Our Digital Marketing Solution Framework : Bringing it all together Positive Business Impacts 5. Drive Business Outcomes Increased Loyalty Accelerated Growth Improved Profitability Insight Center ServicesOperating Objectives 4. Generate Insights Reports Models Analyses Command Center Customer Interaction Content Lifecycle 3. Make sense of the Data Management Management Individual Interaction Community Management Management Marketing Sales Service Content Translate Quality 2. Manage Customer Social Creation & Publish Audit Activity and Experience Social Phone Web Listening & Engagement Monitoring IVR Chat 1. Provide a foundation Platforms for success Rightshore® Tools Global Process Model Support Services Methodology Capgemini Overview 8 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. What does it mean for our Customer? Capgemini Overview 9 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. In order to enhance your online customer acquisition we commit to optimize and manage your processes to increase customer experience and NPS scores with upfront 30 – 50% cost reduction and 10% YoY productivity Capgemini Overview 10 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. Managing content planning, creation, audit and publishing with co-ordination between the business and third parties information interaction insights Business 3rd Parties Business has a single point of contact for Business requests for content publication through Request management tool all content requests Capgemini Service Request Co-ordinator (SRC) All requests are managed through a SRC analyses the request and directs it to the right team service request management tool which Onshore Customer Offshore Operations provides a status view to the requestor Intimacy team team All 3rd Parties are managed with strict Onshore/Offshore team work together with clear roles and responsibilities SLAs to ensure timely delivery and quality Marketing Portals Product Catalogs Brochures Intranets Microsites Multimedia Mailers The entire process is optimized on a Presentations Newsletters Splashes Posters regular basis to reduce the time to Widgets market, enhance quality, and help Rich media Leaflets Articles SEO Banners increase customer satisfaction Web Services Rich Content Direct Marketing Capgemini Overview 11 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. E2E Campaign management by Marketing experts to help maximizereturns on investment information interaction insights Right Campaigns to… 5 Campaign Follow-up Campaign Monitoring 4 Reporting CRM Target Campaign prep. Group Roll-Out 3 Execution Campaign Campaign Development Concept 2 Web Email Tele-Pros. Collateral Campaign Campaign Planning Dashboard 1 Campaign Validation ..the Right Customer Capgemini Overview 12 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Monitoring Social Channels : The best place to find the truth is to listento your customer. And if you keep listening, they’ll give you a strategy information interaction insights Is the volume of chatter significant? Who is saying what about us? How How is sentiment should we respond ? changing over time? What are the hot topics of the day? What is being said about our competitors? What are future issues? Listen : We identify social media sites, blogs, influencers and forums where your brand needs to be protected and monitored Analyze : We provide regular analysis in terms of dashboards of customer feedback on overall brand or specific products Engage : We engage with the customer if needed by involving the marketing and product teams Capgemini Overview 13 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. Digital Channel Insights : Analysis of large volumes of customer data and using that information to optimize strategic business decisions information interaction insights Customer Insight ServicesOnline and offline Multi-channel data sources execution Gather & Manage Analyze Data Apply Insight Data & Draw Insight Integrated Data Segmentatio Profiling and Intelligent, Enrichment Campaign View of the n and Value Propensity Insight Driven and Mgmt Customer Analysis Modeling Interactions Refinement Close the loop so customer responses are quickly incorporated to analyze point-of-sale, kiosk and inventory data, and correlates those with online customer interactions Ecommerce Customer Advertising Multichannel SKU Level Merchandise Behavior /Promotions Analytics Analytics Planning Capgemini Overview 14 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. KPI Dashboards : Regular monitoring of multichannel performance KPIsto provide recommendations information interaction insightsWeekly KPI Reporting Trend AnalysisRecommendations Ex. 1. Maximize email marketing activity for Easter by offering coupons or discounts through vs targeted emails for loyal customers ROI Ex. 2. Increase email marketing efforts by an additional 7,000 weekly visits is predicted to increase email marketing revenue by as much as $179,000 weekly Capgemini Overview 15 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. Case Study : One of the Largest Electronics Manufacturersand RetailersCapgemini helped one of the largest electronics manufacturers and retailers to streamline andstandardize its content management and analytics processes across all locations and 20+languages. Our team also improved customer experience by following content managementbest practices and regular monitoring of online KPIs through web analytics.• Reduced Redundancy by following standard global processes for content creation, banners and campaigns• Reduced Leakage rates with better customer experience• Reduced costs by 30% by centralizing content management tasks• Increase in NPS scores by 2 points Capgemini Overview 16 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. Case Study: Services included assistance in platform migration,content publishing and web analytics with recommendations on howto continuously improve customer acquisition Platform Migration Identify Set KPIs and Success Objectives Metrics to be regularly monitored Content Content Management Mangt Team Content Publishing Post and Pre-live and Manual Auditing in Reporting of KPIs and 20+ languages Errors Web Strategy Analysis and Business Insights Error Analysis Impact Analysis Web Platform Online KPIs Customized Dashboards Analysis Migration Standard Dashboards MROI Analysis Web Strategy & Decision -making Business Heads were provided customized KPI dashboards with Recommendations based on Online KPIs and recommendations on how they can improve online customer Industry best Practices acquisition and reduce leakage rates. Every recommendation was associated with a calculated ROI Capgemini Overview 17 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  18. 18. Case Study Contd..: 20+ languages were supported across 3 differentcost effective locations to provide the client with maximum advantage Client HQ 14000 service tickets averaged in a quarter 177 Countries in 20+ languages Quality Assurance provided for over 100,000 Marketing pages pq Supported 17 Millions pages worldwide Capgemini Overview 18 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  19. 19. Case Study Contd..: Every business unit experienced benefits in termsof time to market, performance and cost reduction Complete Standard visibility of Processes for MROI for Content campaigns Lifecycle NPS Improvement Reduced Providing Leakage Rates Recommendat during the ions linked YoY Efficiency gain 10% purchase with ROI process Cost Reduction Centralized 24/7 One Team for Operations to better people high severity management issues and and requests performance Capgemini Overview 19 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  20. 20. Benefits for Digital Organizations Cost Reduction between 30 – 50% through a right mix of onshore/offshore activities Increase in NPS scores by enhancing customer experience Performance optimization to reduce time to market and also provide up to 10% productivity YoY Regular protection and enhancement of Brand Perception Capgemini Overview 20 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  21. 21. Appendix : Capgemini’s Digital Marketing capabilitiesOur 24/7 operations is facilitated by the right resources, technology and processes at every stage of the lifecycle Capgemini Overview 21 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  22. 22. Digital Marketing Operations team work together on various projects tomeet the success criteria Content Campaign Quality Assurance Digital Analytics Operations ManagementContent Editors with capabilities Marketing experts with agency A team of quality analysts The team is focused on KPIin 20+ languages and expertise experience and ability to monitoring content across all reporting and recommendationsof managing content through manage E2E campaigns from channel by both manual and around content performanceleading content management planning to launch. automated Day to Day activities 1. Capabilities in utilizinginclude : 1. Align with the CMO agenda 1. Manual quality monitoring various digital analytical to plan a campaign w.r.t. on digital channels through a tools like Omniture,1. Receiving and Analyzing products, target, KPIs etc. predefined checklist/ WebTrends content through our in- 2. Manage creation and guidelines 2. Analyzing customer behavior house workflow publishing of content 2. Categorize errors based on on the channels to generate management tool through the content severity and impact purchasing patterns, leakage2. Creation of appropriate operations team 3. Assigning errors to the right rates, funnel analysis content for different 3. QA and Analytics team will contacts and follow up on 3. Sentiment analysis on channels as per the regularly monitor the high severity errors identified forums and blogs guidelines : text, images, content and prepare 4. Create dashboards on quality banners etc. campaign dashboards index for regions/products3. Carry out a pre-quality check 4. The team presents the 5. Use web crawlers on a with the QA team and executive dashboards on a periodic basis to check submit content for approval periodic basis to highlight broken links etc4. Publish content across the performance of the 6. A/B testing for effective multiple channels campaign content Capgemini Overview 22 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  23. 23. Our technology partnerships in every area enable the operations teamto enhance efficiency and effectiveness Content Management Localization for region System – Front End specific experience Track and record customer behavior. Drive ‘eyes’ Build customer profile to website Social media Email, direct mail, Facebook, Monitoring Content mngt & Engagement Execute telemarketing multi-channel campaigns Personalised Web Analytics landing Marketing Segment & profile pages + offers Automation based on web activity and score leads Process & Data Move to automated Move ‘hot’ lead nurturing/ Orchestration CRM prospect retention program to SFA Analytics & Reporting Campaign Builder Pulling Workflow ‘every Minute’ Measure & Optimize Analyze Best Practices marketing performance Capgemini Overview 23 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  24. 24. Our Command Center model is a proven fast track to predictability,consistency, and control in managing delivery centers Chief Marketing Officer Capgemini Overview 24 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  25. 25. Three step approach to make your digital marketing operations a worry-free environment Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Our solutions expert Capgemini’s extended A final solution will be with in-depth solutions team designed and presented experience in marketing comprising of SMEs in based on your effectiveness will the field of content suggestions, best understand the exact management, campaign practices and our business need of your management, social experience with clear digital marketing media etc. will design a benefits agreed at Step operations and also customized solution for 1 around cost provide some quick wins your organization with effectiveness, customer real life examples and experience, target benefits performance optimization, and productivity Capgemini Overview 25 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved
  26. 26. In case of any queries and clarifications please contact :Prashant Capgemini Overview 26 © Copyright Capgemini 2010 All Rights Reserved