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PRSA Boston 2013 Social Media Summit - Content


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PRSA Boston 2013 Social Media Summit - Content

  1. 1. @JMAZ3John Mataraza
  2. 2. Buy ourstuff, now.
  3. 3. PENS FOR HIREBloggers& InfluencersEmployeesCONTENTENGINEIn House CreativeAudience & UGC
  4. 4. ButHow?
  5. 5. Copyright © 2013 Raytheon Company. All rights reserved.Customer Success Is Our Mission is a registered trademark of Raytheon Company.The Best Defenseis a Social Offense#PRSABOSCorinne Kovalsky@kovalskycDirector of Digital &Social Media@Raytheon5.14.13
  6. 6. New Content Marketing MindsetBrianSolis“You are nowmarketing toan audiencewith anaudience ofaudiences.”5/13/2013 14@Kovalskyc#PRSABOS
  7. 7. Convergence of Paid, Earned & Owned Media @Kovalskyc#PRSABOS
  8. 8. Owned Media “News Organization” DrivesContent Creation, Distribution & Promotion Core corporate team “assignmentdesk” run by ManagingEditor, Digital Content Business-level “bureau chiefs” Weekly editorial meetings & storypitches Pitches need to resonate withsector news & customer “careabouts” Editorial calendar tracksassignments through publication It’s more than words…what visualswill you package with your story? Publish & promote across multiplechannels5/13/2013 16@Kovalskyc#PRSABOS
  9. 9. Building Online Communities Offline5/13/2013 17“I walked away with an enhancedunderstanding of the areas that Raytheonworks in, and have a great view of thecompany and can accurately portray thatto the people that I discuss it with.”ADVOCATES,EVANGELISTS,CREATORSCOLLABORATORSFANS,FOLLOWERS,CONSUMERS@Kovalskyc#PRSABOS
  10. 10. Owned Media Can Drive Earned Media5/13/2013 18@Kovalskyc#PRSABOS
  11. 11. Owned Media Can Drive Earned Media5/13/2013 19@Kovalskyc#PRSABOS
  12. 12. #CEOTHATGETSIT5/13/2013 20@Kovalskyc@PamWickham1
  13. 13. Social Media @EMCCorpMay 14th, 2013
  14. 14. How We Think… I ThinkIt’s Not All About ContentEngagedAudienceRelevantContentLil’ Nudge
  15. 15. A centralized publicationenvironment providing directaccess to seed content to ourecosystem of social accounts.THE ENGINEUbiquitous Publication
  16. 16. When It All Comes Together78xAverage EngagementTHE PUDDING