Social networking sites presentation by k srinivasan


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Social networking sites presentation by k srinivasan

  1. 1. Social Networking sitesK. Srinivasan30 May 2013HTC ITMRCySI
  2. 2. What we will discuss• Global internet scenario• Websites and social medianetworking sites• Advantages and challenges• Protecting from social media
  3. 3. Global Internet scenario• Out of 7 billion population, 34.3%use internet globally• 11.4% internet penetration in Indiaand 86 crores (71%) mobilephones
  4. 4. Websites and social media• 1.5 bn Top Level domains (TLDS)com, org, net, info, biz, us• Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,YouTube, Orkut• Facebook has 1.1 bn users
  5. 5. Three era• Before arrival of internet (Aug 95)• From launch of internet toemergence of Facebook/twitter(1995 to 2004/2006)• Post Facebook /Twitter
  6. 6. Social Media• 500 million status updates / day• 300 milion emails per day (80%spam)• 250 millions photo uploads / day
  7. 7. Internet is adouble edgedweapon
  8. 8. What are the advantages of socialmedia?
  9. 9. Social Media Advantages• Easy connectivity• Plenty of resources andinformation• User generated content• Viral effect• Any more?
  10. 10. What are the challenges andnegative aspects of social media
  11. 11. Social Media challenges• Used mostly under age group of 30• Youth getting addicted – Spendingunproductive time• Not able to differentiate betweenreal word and virtual word
  12. 12. Social media challenges• Social media has killed the writingskills of youngsters (using 140character tweets)• New social media language hasemerged.
  13. 13. Social Media challenges• links sent through facebook ortwitter messages may containvirus.• Marketing people believe the‘likes’ shown in the FB page. (theyare exaggerated)• Negative comments on FB page.
  14. 14. Social Media challenges• Defamation / characterassassination through socialmedia.• Spamming – sending unwantedand irrelevant junk messages
  15. 15. Information Technology Act• IT Act 2000 effective from 17thOctober 2000• Amendment of 2008 effective from27thOctober 2009• Using of computer for committingcrime is an offense – computer isdefined in the Act
  16. 16. How to protect ourselves• Keep complicated password – donot share with others• Young ladies can avoid postingphotos and contact details
  17. 17. How to protect yourself• Do not share private details likedate of birth, family membersname, etc.• Review your friends in FB everymonth and remove unwantedfriends.
  18. 18. How to protect yourself• Avoid linking with apps in socialmedia – you are allowing accessto your data through apps.• Confine within your limits• Do not share your passwords withboy friends or girl friends
  19. 19. How to protect ourselves• Avoid forwarding controversialmails or messages throughinternet, mobile & social media• Victims of cyber offense shouldfile a police complaint• Ensure safe journey in CyberSpace
  20. 20. You cannot stop the technology andgrowth of social media. You canenjoy the full benefit of socialmedia by planned usage.How to do it?
  21. 21. Avoid addiction to internet-treat social media like shoes –use only when you need
  22. 22. Thank youK. SrinivasanPrime Point Foundationwww.corpezine.comwww.poduniversal.comprpoint@gmail.com91766 50273