Making of Podcasts and EMagazines


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Prime Point Srinivasan made a presentation on podcasts and ezines to the students of broadcast journalism at Chennai on 1st December 2012.

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Making of Podcasts and EMagazines

  1. 1. Making of Podcasts and EMagazines K. Srinivasan 1st Dec 2012NDTV IndiaCan Education
  2. 2. What we will discuss• Global internet scenario• Podcasts• Ezines
  3. 3. Global Internet scenario• Out of 7 billion population, 33% use internet globally• 10% internet penetration in India and I billion mobile phones
  4. 4. Websites and social media• 1.4 bn Top Level domains (TLDS) com, org, net, info, biz, us• Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Orkut• Facebook has 1 bn plus users
  5. 5. Social Media• 500 million status updates / day• 300 milion emails per day (80% spam)• 250 millions photo uploads / day
  6. 6. Internet is adouble edged weapon
  7. 7. Podcast• Converting your pc into a radio or TV station (audio and video)• Use simple device to record• Popular themes – Current affairs and ever green podcasts• Less than 10 minutes better
  8. 8. Podcast• Citizen journalism – one can share what he wants with the world without any censorship• Feeder to mainline media• Cost effective or negligible cost
  9. 9. How to record?• MP3 recorder/Digital camera• Through Telephone• Mobile phone• Through PC / laptop with collar mike (For laptop use battery during recording)
  10. 10. Software required• Any audio / Video editing• Audacity – open source free software for audio editing• Levelator for balancing the audio• Windows movie maker – free software for video editing
  11. 11. Servers for upload• Convert audio file into video file and upload in youtube. This is the best•• Paid servers available for audio
  12. 12. Why YouTube?• No cost or min cost – High quality• Available 24 x 7• Embedable in blogs and other social media• Captured by google and even mainline media
  13. 13. Please listen and watch some of the podcasts
  14. 14. Ezines• Electronic magazines for publication (preferred format pdf)• No permission needed• PreSense has so far published 67 editions (on 1st of every month)• Media Partner for global events
  15. 15. Ezines• Upload in slideshare or and embed• PreSense is uploaded in blog site and also distributed through various groups and social media• Integrated with podcast
  16. 16. Please see some of the past editions of ezine PreSense
  17. 17. Thank you K. Srinivasan Prime Point Foundation