June 2006 - Internal Communication


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June 2006 issue of PR-e-Sense focusses on Internal Communication

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June 2006 - Internal Communication

  1. 1. India’s first corporate PR ezine VOL 1 Issue 4 - June 06 Published by Prime Point Foundation and Chennai PR Club PR-e-FACE: From the desk of Chief Editor “Internal communication is the key to bottom line “ Today, all organizations talk about Communication professionals need to “Employer Branding” and they look align with HR professionals and work forward to be the most ‘preferred out the strategies. employers”. In reality, a question arises as to how many Corporates in Technology has provided lot of tools to developing countries sincerely attempt improve the communication. Many to achieve this. Seldom have they Organisations boast of using intranet, realized that “Internal Communication” blogs, podcasts, newsletters (online is the only route through which they and print), etc. How many of our can achieve “Employer Branding”, professionals know about using these which in turn increases the tools effectively? How many productivity and bottom-line. organisations have verified the effectiveness of their strategies? In many the organisations, “Internal Communication” is more a formality. In this issue, we attempt to discuss In some, “Internal Communication” is some of the tools and the strategies totally absent. Confusion prevails in used by various organisations.. few other organisations as to who Ultimately, one need to remember that would handle the ‘Internal more than these technological tools, it Communication” - PR or HR? While in is only ‘Face to Face’ human relations few of the orgnisations, the ‘Internal alone can improve the effectiveness of Communication’ just ends up with the communication. ‘employee satisfaction report’. K. Srinivasan Time has come, that organisations need to handle the “Internal Communication” strategies at ‘Board prpoint@yahoo.com Room” level. PR / Corporate PR-e-CISE – Inside this ezine • • An exclusive interview with Mr T S Sample newsletters • Krishnamurthy, Former Chief PR Events in India and abroad • Election Commissioner of India Communication measurement • • A report on the Newsletter by and more … Corporation Bank Officers’ Organistion • Extract of group discussions
  2. 2. 2 PR-eXCLUSIVE - Indian Elections – A communication wonder In these days, when many of the Chief Election Commissioner of India, companies break their heads for had conducted one General Election communicating with and many State Elections during his their few hundreds of tenure successfully. Presently, he is internal stakeholders being invited by many Governments involved in projects, across the world to share his an Organisation in suggestions. India successfully communicates and completes a ‘mega project’ within 60 days which involves 5 million internal stakeholders. That is Indian Election commission, whose functioning can be classified as ‘Eighth’ wonder of the world. Only during his tenure, the entire In India, the Election Commission Election operations in India were made holds ‘General Elections’ to elect totally Electronic, the only one of its ‘legislatures’ for Union Government’s kind in the world for use of EVMs Parliament and 35 State Governments (photo) for such huge voter and Union Territories, once in five population. Excerpts from his years. During the General Elections, interview: Indian Election Commission involves around 800 political parties, 5 million Q: What are your strategies to election officials, 700 companies of communicate with 5 Million para military forces, 670 million Government officials, who act as voters, 800,000 polling booths, one Election officers during the million Electronic Voting Machines Elections? (EVMs. The entire precision-fine “world’s largest election” is completed A: We have two tier system of within 60 days in the presence of communication with our officials. In National and International media to the first tier, the Head Quarters of the the full satisfaction of all stakeholders Election Commission at Delhi provides and even judiciary. Similar operations the training inputs to ‘Observers’ who are being carried out for the Assembly are sent to oversee the election Elections of State Governments process and other officials who in turn separately. train at field level. In the second tier, the ground level officials are trained The entire internal communication periodically by District Collectors. In model adopted by the Indian Election these trainings, they are briefed and Commission has raised the eye brows provided booklets (English and local of the entire world. In an exclusive languages) on the procedures, rules, interview with Narrendiran and Sakthi use of EVMs etc. The entire training Prasanna of PR-e-Sense, Mr T S process is time bound and well Krishnamurthy reveals the strategies monitored. Now, in India, we have of their communication. Mr around 4 million officials who can Krishnamurthy who recently retired as handle the election process quite efficiently.
  3. 3. 3 Q : How do you create awareness Q: How do you communicate with amongst the voters about their political parties? rights? A: We meet the representatives of all A : In India, we have around 670 political parties every year and discuss million voters, spread across the with them on the various process country, including remote places. involved. All the good suggestions are Election commission uses various tools taken up. We have an online like demonstration, film shows, newsletter “Election India”. The posters, print/electronic media and website www.eci.gov.in is a very creates awareness informative site with more than 10000 amongst the voters. pages of content. Presently, In India, around 60 percent The Election Commission briefs the of the voters media on a daily basis, after the exercise their election process starts, to update the franchise, which stakeholders. The entire operations does not happen are done transparently in the presence even in developed of all media through ‘Electronic voting countries. Our machines’ and this has improved our officials visit even the remote places credibility globally. through different modes of transport like boats, elephants (Photo) and We combine technological tools with, create awareness and conduct probably the largest ‘Face to Face’ elections. communication exercise successfully. Mr T S Krishnbamurthy may be contacted at krishnamurthy.ts@gmail.com PR –e- VIEW – Extract from media Fall out of bad internal communication http://www.expresscomputeronline.com/20050207/ Short-term impact Long-term impact • Spread of misinformation. • Dissatisfaction among • Erosion of employee trust and employees leads to higher confidence. attrition. • Conflicts between employees • Lack of coherent and shared and management. vision. • Misinformed employees can • Low employee morale results in make wrong decisions. lower productivity • Internal brand image suffers. • Impact on company's stocks • Organisation's external brand value suffers.
  4. 4. 4 PReSTIGE – Officers’ Voice – Darling of employees …! Many times, the traditional and old perform as Bank officials. We watch economy organisations practice the feedback of readers continuously”. communication strategies more successfully than the Hi-Tech Mr Bhat further says, “Publication of companies. Can you believe that an activities of its social internal action wing ‘Swasti’ in newsletter of the newsletter has evoked spontaneous Mangalore based response from the Corporation Bank readers to contribute Officers’ generously towards the Organization cause without any (CBOO), a Trade appeal from the union” Union has silently entered its 25th Mr P N Venkatraman, an Officer at year of unbroken Chennai with more than 25 years of publication? service says, “Many members CBOO publishes preserve the earlier issues. Officers’ every month a 20 page ‘black and Voice is transparent. Even criticisms white’ newsletter printed on a normal are published without hesitation. paper with the title “Officers’ Voice” During 1990s when our Bank was and distributes free of cost to their facing critical situation, this newsletter 3000 plus members and other played a greater role in motivating the Authorities. When compared to the employees and to overcome the ‘glossy’ and ‘costly’ newsletters of challenges”. He prefers to read the companies, this newsletter printed at a Editorial column and “Through the cost of Rs.2.50 is a ‘darling’ of the looking glass” which act as conscience members who eagerly wait to receive keepers of the Bank and the Union. it on the first week of each month. Ms Juny Sam, another Officer at Though it is an internal newsletter, Mangalore with two years of service circulated amongst their members, scans the newsletter within 10 minutes copies are sent to the various Bank of its arrival. She does the deep Managements, Trade Union leaders, reading later. She prefers to read, and Government and Reserve Bank ‘lighter vein’, cartoons, health tips and authorities. The editorials and inspirational quotes. columns in every issue on current topics are keenly read by members Both Venkatraman and Juny Sam and even by Govt. / RBI Authorities. agree that the Officers’ Voice kindles One volume of such Editorials from their thought process and provokes all 1982 to 1997 has already been the readers to discuss the contents. published as a book. The second volume is now under print. There is no wonder why Officer’ Voice is awaited by both seniors and What is the secret of success? Mr T R juniors alike. Bhat, Editor of this newsletter (Photo) since its inception says, “Our emphasis Mr T R Bhat, Editor could be reached has been on the contents of Officers’ at cbooco@hotmail.com Voice. We ensure that they are topical and relevant to the job the readers
  5. 5. 5 PR –e- VIEW – Extract from discussion groups Image Management Group Priyanka Sharma, Anand Group, Delhi priyanka.sharma@anandgroupindia.com Also, the acceptance of e-newsletter An e-newsletter though makes as a mode of sharing of information economic sense cannot take the place varies from industry to industry, IT, of the printed ITES etc will be more receptive, and version as manufacturing might not be too there is a limit receptive to the idea. on the capacity that you can There are sets of thoughts that float in circulate - size every organisation. When I said restriction. receptive I meant the audience/ Therefore, it receivers. We would also like to may be less explore the same option of e- attractive than the printed copy, newsletter to address the time factor but again it does mean making it light A printed copy if attractive and with an (file important headline will at least ensure size) so less images or small doses of a first read - The pull factor is info (which is effective too). important. It shouldn't be to your liking (though it should reflect the organisation's style), it should appeal to the reader. PRpoint Group N. Chandramouli, CEO, Blue Lotus Communications, Mumbai mouli@bluelotuspr.com Almost every organization has a exists is to try and achieve a common strategic approach when goal. More focused communities/ communicating with its external organizations talk of common audiences, but very few actually look destinies. An important tool of that at internal helps achieve a common culture with a communicat shared vision across the company is ions in with an internal newsletter. A common the same culture is not just a nice thing to have; rigor. it is a strategic advantage for the Ironically, company. even in those Four key elements make for a great internal organizations where the human asset communication. Always keep a long term focus, is valued the most, communicating to have clear values and goals, use comprehensive them often takes a back seat. communication techniques and send out consistent messages. Put this to efficient use To look deeper, the reason any and you’ll see the difference in the way people community, such as an organization, think and react in your organization.
  6. 6. 6 PR –e- VIEW – Extract from discussion groups Image Management Group Prof. Ujwal K Chowdhury, Communication Consultant, Delhi ukc64@hotmail.com the chagrin of the staff below, many a time content being adulatory in nature to keep the hierarchy happy, and real The major cases of success and of beneficiaries of weaknesses of company activities and policies not newsletters of most getting enough space. organizations (corporate and even non-government For example, while reporting on a development sector success story of a Corporate Social organizations) are Responsibility activity, the real life that they put forth human stories of the beneficiaries at unnecessary the grassroots are often lost in the emphasis on drab reporting of who did what, when, hierarchy or the organization, under which policy or board directive, information more of the top and etc. Even photos show more of middle management at times even to inaugurations and groups in programs, rather than telling stories of individuals or communities reached out to. PRpoint Group Siddhartha, Director (Commn), TAM Media Research P Ltd, Mumbai Siddhartha@tamindia.com In today's age of tremendous client or give respect to his colleagues. He work pressures at underestimates them. One looks down large, an employee upon the other...no one is happy. In suffers on a number short, it could end up becoming a of counts: serious HR issue. a) is unaware of Internal newsletters come in very developments handy. Right from sharing someone's across divisions birthday, becoming a parent, b) is unaware of someone's kid winning a race, helping developments within the company save money or earn the industry revenues, any value add in quality c) is unaware of achievements/ checks, jokes, photographs, industry difficulties of immediate and intra- news update, exchange of viewpoints, divisional colleagues a client project, etc...All these go a long way in creating a general Collectively, what this does is that it awareness or a FEEL GOOD creates a foul atmosphere within the for one another organization. An employee doesnot
  7. 7. 7 PR –e- VIEW – Extract from discussion groups Image Management Group Hazel Zulu, PR Consultant, Zambia zulu_h@tenderboard.gov.zm I think that the target audience actually reads these newsletters, because they get ideas about their day to day tasks. What is important is to identify messages or information that is critical to this group and will entice them to read on. Image Management Group Rita Bhimani, Communication Consultant, Kolkatta ritabhi@rediffmail.com I am all for on line newsletters-- more read this at a later cost effective, greatly time saving and stage -- right now, of course a prompt method of getting let me get on with across news, and views too. my work priorities, and maybe with My worry is only this -- do people in other juicier online their busy schedules actually take time offerings” to go online and read the contents, or do they gloss over it, thinking – “I will happenings in the organisation, more Image Management Group of positive outcomes and happenings Poornima, Rediff PR, Chennai in the organization will develop a poornima_2me@yahoo.co.in positive image amongst the employees about the company which helps Internal newsletter plays a major role sustain the employees. in making perceptional As a general view, both online & print changes are advisable, More of success stories amongst the within the company are more employees, as it preferred by the readers. gets to know their own Newsletters may contain interesting company better sections like 'Employee of the month', especially in the which makes everyone to grab a case of large chance to appear in the same. organizations. As the news letter is all about the
  8. 8. 8 PR –e- VIEW – Extract from discussion groups Image Management Group S Krishnamurthy, Management Consultant and Trainer, Chennai alphabetics@touchtelindia.net Electronic form or print form - Like communication experts say the interested effective formula for communication is people will W I I I FM (What is in it for me ) always have a the receiver always look for something look. The cost, useful or interesting for him if not availability, some thing about him. format, resource like So the important tool for success is to time etc are make the reader feel interested. Then secondary if I think we need not worry about E people have form or P form. interest and they feel they have something in it. PR –eMINENCE - Some sample newsletters Apeejay Surrendra Group has ships no matter where they are sailing diversified business, and they do not across the globe on High seas. IT to have a common Group magazine. Bytes is online and reaches across The Tea division has quot; Apeejay Tea their network. Soft copies of each of Speaksquot;, the these are hosted on their Intranet. Shipping They create a front page (so to say) of company has the newsletter quot;Apeejay from where Shipping Sailsquot; each story is and the clickable Hospitality Division (The While they do Park Hotels) has not have a quot;Pranganquot; and Group magazine, being a multi- Information interest group they do keep all their Technology employees updated on the various Department has happenings in the group and not just quot;IT Bytesquot;, an online newsletter. the company that they work for. Prangan is taken out from Delhi while the other three from Kolkata. Apeejay Contact : Renu Kakkar, Vice President Tea Speaks reaches 40,000 of their (Technology & Corporate people in their Tea Plantations and is communications) translated in Assamese. Apeejay rkakkar@apeejaygroup.com Shipping reaches on board all their
  9. 9. 9 PR –eMINENCE - Some sample newsletters Percept Holdings distributes It is a single platform for electronically dissemination of information (pdf file) to happening across the globe, to their their one members. All the articles or write-ups, thousand plus except for the editorial are provided or employees in contributed by the employees their 23 group themselves. organisations. The Electronic Contact Rajiv Arvind, Manager - newsletter titled “P2P” ((Percept-to- Corporate Communications Perceptites). Percept Holdings, Mumbai rajiv.arvind@perceptholdings.com Motilal Oswal Securities, distributes internally their newsletter titled MOSt Chairman of the Baatein (acronym for- Motilal Oswal company shares his Securities) views transparently though “Chairman’s The USP of their newsletter is the look Column” & Feel, its very young as average age of their employees is 28. The popular Contact: columns are Gyan Patra, Hall of Fame, Mona Mohan, and MOSt Spotlight , where they Manager-Corporate select two associates and give a peek- Communications a-boo into their likes and dislikes, their monam@motilaloswal.com aspirations, passion, food, book etc. get-together with the ex-employees with the participation of top management executives. Their internal newsletter “CPCL News” covering the developments in the CPCL is being sent to the past employees also. The ex-employees also run a news magazine “Akshaya”, where the CEO of CPCL shares his views with past employees. This Chennai Petroleum Corporation indirectly motivates the present Limited (CPCL) is one organisation employees also and enhances the which cares for the employees even Institutional loyalty. after retirement. Annually, they hold Contact: Mr S Ansar Shah, Chief Manager (PR) pro@cpcl.co.in
  10. 10. 10 PR –eMINENCE - Some sample newsletters Maruti Udyog has inculcated quot;Listenquot; positive and negative). Recently, they culture among senior management - have started including topics for especially during discussion. (for last 3 months) - (e.g. - their work life balance, phase out of models, communication company’s vision etc). meetings with subordinates. DCM In another initiative - they have (Divisional experimented with the latest issue of communication house magazine Gatirang – wherein meetings) is one they encourage their employees and such initiative. their spouses themselves writing the Each division head cover story and many more article is expected to organise a communication meeting with his / her Contact : Mr Arun Arora, Senior employees and share various Manager (Corpcom) developments of the company (both arunarora01234@yahoo.co.in Post Graduate students of Public Relations course of MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai were advised by their College to design and make ‘internal newsletters’ as part of their project. The students studied various companies, who did not have ‘internal newsletters’ and designed newsletters for them. Eight of such newsletters (photo) were made by the students during April 06. design suggested by the students themselves. It was a pleasant surprise for the teachers and students that some of Contact : Rashmi, Student the companies agreed to continue the rsnbr@yahoo.com internal newsletters with the name and PR – e - LEARN - Why newsletters go wrong? Weak opening sentences or • lead Not being published regularly • Using too many type styles and • Not using catchy headlines – • fonts – use italics sparingly not descriptive (Instead of Not using photos • writing “Chairman’s message” Excessive CEO and Top • write as “Chairman expects to Management centric double the size” Not providing content, which • Not using larger font for • creates interest to readers headlines
  11. 11. 11 PR – e - LEARN - Elements of a newsletter http://www.sussex.ac.uk/pressandcomms/1-3-7.html Elements to consider when producing a newsletter for internal communications • Readership: Who is it? can encourage potential (Newsletters often try to reach readers to pick it up. It is a number of different important to plan images early, readerships, which can be at the same time or even limiting in terms of content.) before the text. Stuart • Frequency: How often does it Robinson in MSU is the come out? Weekly? Fortnightly? University photographer. Image Monthly? Annually? quality is another issue; • Coverage: What stories/issues minimum of 300dpi is do you cover? recommended for print.) • • Editorial control: Who has it? Origination: Do you provide (A written editorial policy or an the printer with hard copy, disk editorial board can help to or email? Do you provide ensure a consistent editorial original illustrations or are they policy.) scanned in? • • Advertising: Do you have Paper: What is it? any? Would you like some? (Coated/uncoated, weight in (The Bulletin seems to be the gsm, recycled, etc.) Why did only newsletter on campus that you choose it? What messages carries advertising.) (e.g. environmentally friendly) • Design: Who designed it? Who can it convey? (The Print and implements the design? (This Reprographics Unit can source varies from a member of staff - paper in bulk.) • who may be limited by Printing: Who prints it? How technical or design/layout many colours is it printed in? knowledge and expertise - to a (University policy is that all professional designer.) print buying should be • Schedules: How much time do channelled through the Print you have for production? When and Reprographics Unit.) • is your copy deadline? Print run: How many do you • Computer hardware and produce? • software: PC or Apple? Word, Distribution: Where and how Quark, PageMaker or other? is it distributed? (The main • Illustration: Photos, line methods are a mailing list, drawings, cartoons, clip art, distribution points around tables, graphs/charts. (Images campus, or a mix of the two.) add interest to a newsletter and
  12. 12. 12 PR – e - LEARN - Calculating Communication’s ROI Communications measurement – PRSA Teleconference – Presentation by Angela D. Sinickas, ABC - angela@sinicom.com www.prsa.org/_Networking/ec/pdf/sinickastcslides.ppt Calculating communication’s ROI (a sample) Increase in sales revenue $24 million % employees saying comm. played major role in goal x 54% Discounting for 2 other possible major factors x 33% Comm.’s “credit” for sales = $4.28 million Cost of comm. + research ÷ $217,000 Return on Investment (ROI) 1971% PR – e - LEARN - Study of perception of employees Image Audit is a ‘research tool’ to study the perception of internal and external stakeholders. The methodology involves, identification of issues, framing of questionnaire, administration, analysis and interpretation. Image Audit brings out the ‘hidden perceptions’ of stakeholders and trends. For more details visit www.imageaudit.com or mail to prpoint@yahoo.com PR – eVENTS - ‘World Communicators day’- PRCI (Chennai) (Bangalaore) (Hyderabad) Public week of May. 2006 at Chennai, Relations Council of India Bangalore and Hyderabad. Eminent (PRCI) celebrated “World personalities participated. Communicators day” during the last
  13. 13. 13 PR – e -News - Asia Pacific PR Directory - 2006 Media will be publishing CONTACT - designed to allow Asia' leading The Asia- marketers to effectively find a PR Pacific PR partner of choice from the only Directory directory for the PR industry across the 2006 in region. We have several option to August 2006 chose, again. This will be the For more details contact Karen.Wong definitive Karen.Wong@media.com.hk on or listing of all before June 23, 2006. Website: PR consultancies, suppliers, and http://www.media.com.hk/ associations from across Asia-Pacific, PR – e -News - PRCI institutes PR Awards 4) COMMUNICATION SCHOOL OF THE YEAR 5) N.G.O OF THE YEAR SPECIAL AWARD--- 6) EMERGING YOUNG VISIONARY (Age Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) Under 18 ONLY) has announced 10 Awards and one Special Award under the following (Each Category will have only one categories. award ) 1) COMMUNICATOR OF THE YEAR The last date for filing nominations is 2) PR AGENCY OF THE YEAR 31st July 2006. For more details and 3) CORPORATE CITIZEN OF THE YEAR for filing nominations contact Mr M B a) CORPORATE LEADERSHIP Jayaram at b) SOCIAL LEADERSHIP cccm@karnatakapower.com d) INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR or Ms Gita Shankar at e) EXCELLENCY IN NEWS DELIVERY gitashankar_2006@yahoo.com d) RURAL ENTREPRENEUR Have you joined the PR discussion groups? Image Management Group – Second largest yahoo group on PR with 1200 plus global members. Click here http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Image_Management/ PRpoint Group - the largest Indian group for PR/Corpcom/academic professionals with 530 plus members. Click here http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/prpoint/
  14. 14. 14 PR eTTY - Relax – Do you need ‘email’ for success? A Jobless man applied for the position He repeated the operation three times, of quot;office boyquot; at a leading software and returned home with $60. The man company. realized that he can survive by this The HR way, and started to go everyday manager earlier, and return late. Thus, his interviewed money doubled or tripled every day. him then Shortly, he bought a cart, then a watched truck, and then he had his own fleet of him delivery vehicles. cleaning the floor as a test. quot;You are employedquot; he Five years later, the man is one of the said. biggest food retailers in the US. He started to plan his family's future, and quot;Give me your e-mail address and I'll decided to have a life insurance. He send you the application to fill in, as called an insurance broker, and chose well as date when you may start. The a protection plan. man replied quot;But I don't have a computer, neither an emailquot;. quot;I'm When the conversation was concluded sorryquot;, said the HR manager. the broker asked him his email. The man replied, quot;I don't have an email.quot; If you don't have an email, that means The broker answered curiously, quot;You you do not exist. And who doesn't don't have an email, and yet exist, cannot have the job.quot; have succeeded to build an empire. Can you imagine what you could have been if you had an e mail?!! The man left with no hope at all. He didn't know what to do, with only $10 in his pocket. He then decided to go to quot;The man thought for a while and the supermarket and buy a 10Kg replied, quot;Yes, I'd be an office boy at a tomato crate. He then sold the software company!quot; tomatoes in a door to door round. In less than two hours, he succeeded to (Source : Unknown) double his capital. PResentors of PReSENSE Editorial Advisors Chief Editor and Publisher: T N Ashok (Alstom) K. Srinivasan (Prime Point) Michael Driehorst, (The Lauerer Markin Editor: Group Inc. USA) P.A. Narrendiran (Blue Lotus PR) Arun Arora (Maruti Udyog) Editorial Board: Uma Bhushan (SIMSR) ) Sakthi Prasanna (Brodeur India) Feedback and contributions to: R. Meera (Aspire Systems) ezinepresense@gmail.com N. Satish (Anna University) www.primepointfoundation.org