Cyber challenges by prime point srinivasan


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Cyber challenges by prime point srinivasan

  1. 1. Cyber Challenges K. Srinivasan 14 October 20122nd TAN-ISHA CON Puducherry
  2. 2. What we will discuss• Global internet scenario• Websites and social media networking sites• Challenges before the users• Information Technology Act 2000• Protecting from cyber challenges
  3. 3. Global Internet scenario• Out of 7 billion population, 33% use internet globally• 10% internet penetration in India and I billion mobile phones
  4. 4. Websites and social media• 1.4 bn Top Level domains (TLDS) com, org, net, info, biz, us• Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Orkut• Facebook has 1 bn users
  5. 5. Social Media• 500 million status updates / day• 300 milion emails per day (80% spam)• 250 millions photo uploads / day
  6. 6. Internet is adouble edged weapon
  7. 7. Challenges before the users• Information hacking. Eg: id and password theft. The id is being used for illegal purposes;• Cyber stalking – Cyber harassment through mail, mobile sms, phone call etc.
  8. 8. Cyber Challenges• Morphing / spoofing of IP address and email address. Sending mails as if it emanates from your IP address or email.• Cyber squatting – Getting the domain name of the branded person or organization and selling to the company at huge price.
  9. 9. Cyber Challenges• Defamation / character assassination of persons or organizations through internet and social media.• Spamming – sending unwanted and irrelevant junk mails.
  10. 10. Cyber Challenges• Cyber Terrorism• Eg: Spreading rumours to create clash, enmity, etc., Intruding on the computer system
  11. 11. Information Technology Act• IT Act 2000 effective from 17th October 2000• Amendment of 2008 effective from 27th October 2009• Using of computer for committing crime is an offense – computer is defined in the Act
  12. 12. Which are the devices ?• PCs, Laptops, Iphones, Ipads, Tablets, mobiles with internet, etc.• Mobile phones without internet• Even washing machines and electric ovens with memory chip
  13. 13. Cyber offenses punishable• Sections 43, 43A, 65, 66 and 67A of the IT Act define some of the offenses and the corresponding punishments.
  14. 14. How to protect ourselves• Use BOSS operating system• Ignore all spam mails, lottery or prize mails, or mails asking for passwords and private data• Keep complicated password – do not share with others
  15. 15. How to protect ourselves• Use licensed software – avoid pirated software. Use licensed anti virus software• Avoid sharing personal information in social media. Ladies may avoid uploading photos
  16. 16. How to protect ourselves• Avoid forwarding controversial mails or messages through internet and mobile• Victims of cyber offense should file a police complaint• Ensure safe journey in Cyber Space
  17. 17. Avoid addiction to internet-treat social media like shoes –use only when you need
  18. 18. Thank you K. SrinivasanPrime Point Foundation and Cyber Society of India 91766 50273