September 2007 - Time Management


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Sep 2007 issue of Corporate ezine PR-e-Sense focusses on 'Time Management'. This issue also gives practical tips to manage the time with specific case studies

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September 2007 - Time Management

  1. 1. India’s first corporate PR ezine - Issue No 19 - VOL 2 Issue 7 – Sep 07 Published by Prime Point Foundation (Supported by Chennai PR Club) PR-e-FACE: From the desk of Chief Editor “A busy man always finds time, a lazy man finds excuses“ During early 1990s, I credibility and reputation. “Too busy” sought an appointment has become the ‘fancy buzz word’ with Mr Sam Pitroda, amongst many executives, even to then Chairman of attend the most priority items. Telecom Commission, for an interview to one of Even in many of the Conferences, we the House Magazines. see speakers not adhering to their On the same day, I got ten minutes time limit, causing dislocations. A appointment for the interview. After good planning is needed for proper reaching his office, I realized that he ‘Time Management’. was leaving with the Prime Minister that night on a delegation to United During crisis situation, ‘every minute’ States and he would return only after is highly valuable. 15 days. In spite of all his pressure, I was wondering, as to how he gave me Some of the most successful and busy ten minutes time. After completing people never pretend as if they are my interview within that allotted time, busy. They plan their time to spend I could not resist asking him as to how enough time for entertainment, sports, he was able to manage to grant me temples, family and friends. They also time, under this situation. He told me, know how to delegate their authority “Busy man always finds time, and lazy and get the works done with more man always finds excuses”. efficiency. The success of a person depends on how well he utilizes the “Time Management” has become a big available time. challenge today amongst the individuals and organizations. Excess K. Srinivasan commitment and not maintaining committed delivery schedules have become common, leading to loss of PR-e-CISE – Inside this ezine • An exclusive interview with Mr S • Narendra, Former Information Time Management Chart • Advisor to Indian Prime MInister Why Procrastination? • • Expert views by Ms Nipa Shah, Ms PR events Geetha Shankar, Mr Gopikrishna Warrier and Mr Akhil Sutaria
  2. 2. 2 PR-eXCLUSIVE “Stress and Time Management go together” Mr S Narendra, formerly Chief for certain rigorous values and Spokesman of discipline to be built into our lives. It is Government of aptly said that while Time India and Management has evolved into a Information science, its practice as an art is a Advisor to difficult individual experience. While it Prime Minister is necessary to study and benefit from is known for the body of scientific knowledge on the his ‘Time subject, the art of Time Management Management’ cannot do without a large dose of self during his -help. ‘busy days’. He used to Time Management books generally manage his tend to advise us to set goals and time for every activity, based on the tasks, prioritize them according to priority, in spite of the pressure of their necessity and urgency, and being the Government’s spokesman. evolve a system to manage them. In this exclusive article, he explains how Time Management leads to stress Focus on achievement management. Please read : The focus should be on achieving Self Help needed results while managing time. The adoption of the Pareto principle is also “I bow to thee, Father Time” (Kalaya advocated. According to this, 80% of Tasmai Namahah) says a Sanskrit un-focused efforts (being busy) couplet acknowledging the tyranny of produces 20% results. By reversing Time and its inexorable forward flow. this ratio, it is possible to maximize In Indian mythology, achievers the outcome. They key advise is to be undertook rigorous penance to focused without wasting time in conquer Time. In our times, a plethora frenetic activity of books on Time Management aided by computers have emerged as tools Delegation of authority offering ways to exercise control over time. In the vast literature on this Gen. Eisenhower, who became the subject, most associate Time president of USA divided tasks into Management with management of urgent, important, not urgent and not stress as well, thus identifying the important. He personally attended to pressure of work and daily chores to the first two and delegated the rest. At be fitted into available time as one of the high school, a teacher taught us the primary causes of stress suffered the application of PERT chart to our by large number of people. One cannot daily lives, without ever using the 4 be managed without managing the letters which rule engineering projects. other. Such tools are valuable but need to be shorn of their jargon and introduced at In actual fact, Time can neither be school and college levels so that the controlled nor frozen. Only our human IST ( individual indefinite standard activities can be ordered and time) culture is changed at a very controlled for achieving efficient use of young age. time for work, chores and pleasure. It is penance of a different kind calling
  3. 3. 3 Value your own and other’s time Beware of gadgets It is critical that the Time Management A variety of modern gadgets such as consciousness, especially as a finite the computer, Mobile phones, PDA are resource in a competitive world, must touted as tools for ‘making time’. pervade the organizations in India. While improving productivity, they The decision makers at the top should have erased the distinction between learn to value their own and others office and personal time and make one time. One of the Prime Ministers I work more than before. The recent TV served always insisted on using the commercial of Blackberry goes to telephone for any consultations and establish this fact by making a child did not want senior officials to say that Pappa need not go to office personally make a presence unless because of Blackberry. But will Pappa required. Such care for the value of spend un-interrupted time with the time of others is very rare in both the child? My young daughter once sent an government and the private sector, SMS to her hubby’s mobile phone, causing huge opportunity costs. It is even while he was in the same room good to remember that one’s own time at home. expands in proportion to the time of others saved. This was because he was in the habit of being engaged all the time on his In the media profession in which we mobile. Beware of such “making time” are, the tyranny of time is gadgetry and their propensity to omnipresent. Often people outside of enslave and rob us of our precious it, to their great loss, miss this point. time. That is because people generally are lax in valuing others’ time. Mr Narendra can be reached at PR – e- Groups – Have you joined discussion groups? Image Management Group – Second largest yahoo group on PR with 1500 plus global members. Click here PRpoint Group - The largest Indian group for PR/CorpComm /academic professionals with 750 plus members. Click here New Media Forum Group – A group for Indian journalists with around 350 members. Click here India Vision Group – A group for Indian youth on India Vision 2020 with around 1500 members. Click here Subscribe to this ezine PR-e-Sense – Click here You can download the earlier ezines from
  4. 4. 4 PR –e- STIGE – Expert views Ms Nipa Shah, President, Jenesys Group, LLC, Michigan “Create task list, assign priorities and manage your time” Time Management essentially means lists, assigning priorities to those managing your activity within a time tasks, and allocating approximate time period to get work done in an efficient frames to accomplish those tasks. If manner. Regardless of whether you we don’t do that, a business owner are a student, someone holding down could end up spending all day on a few a 9 to 5 job, tasks that were not really important a house wife and be unable to fulfill the real (or house important tasks in a timely manner. husband for that matter), In my business, Time Management is or a business essential because I work with clients person, Time and team members located on two Management different continents while I manage is essential my family obligations. to success. In business, effective Time Until I started creating my daily task Management means the difference list, I used to find myself postponing between success and failure of the critical business development activities business. Because although in each day. There still is never enough business, we have the flexibility of time in the day to accomplish doing what we want to do, not being everything I wish to accomplish but able to complete our tasks in a timely now I at least know that the tasks manner can lead to the shutting down that get pushed off to the next day are of a business. tasks that can wait. And as a business owner I also know that not only is it important to manage activities, it is essential to create task PR –eVENTS – PRCI Meeting at Bangalore Public Relations Council of India, jointly with ABCI and Indian Banks’ Association organized a seminar on “PR and Communication for Banks and Financial Institutions” at Bangalore on 21st Sep 2007. L to R: M.B .Jayaram, (Chairman Governing Council PRCI) S.D.Reuben (President PRCI), Mr. Prakash Malya (CMD Vijaya Bank) Mr. Krihna M. (Chairman Bangalore PRCI), Mr. Unni Krishnan (V.P. IBA) & Mr. Yogesh Joshi of ABCI..
  5. 5. 5 PR –e- STIGE – Expert views Ms Geetha Shankar, President, Centre for Communication Excellence “Time for yourself is an absolute necessity” Going to work 30 minutes earlier early morning walks, entertainment before others sessions also require your time. Time arrive is going to for your-self is an absolute necessity. be of great help. It is your special time to assimilate Delegation and work through your sub conscious becomes fully or the Paramatma within you. effective only when the tasks Physical time or my biological time is a undertaken at time when I enjoy my food , eat at all levels are regular intervals, do not have negative properly emotions during my food time , have integrated with one another. adequate and restful sleep and regular Delegation most of the time fails for exercise to keep my mind and body one of the four reasons-The right healthy. person is not selected, right system is not in place, right training not given As a woman, I believe even before we and the person receiving the reach our fullest potential we are responsibility is not briefed properly. quitting because we juggle time and Pending work has to be phased out. do not manage. Women at all ages Mental fatigue can be reduced by enter or leave jobs to suit their family trying another work which can preferences, change careers , raise exhilarate our energy. Dr M. children, go for higher education ,run Visveswaraya calls it as work cure their own business etc. A word of instead of Rest cure. caution to my gender colleagues - Commitment is an absolute necessity; Social time is the time for your-self, but do away the guilt trap. your family and friends. Regular reading of Newspapers, professional magazines and books of your choice can enhance our knowledge. Partying, Value of Time To realize the value of one minute: To realize the value Ask the person who has missed the of one year: Ask train, bus or plane. a student who has failed a final exam. To realize the value of one second: Ask a person who has survived an To realize the value accident. of one month: Ask a mother who has To realize the value of one given birth to a millisecond: Ask the person who has premature baby. won a silver medal in the Olympics. To realize the value of one week: Ask Time waits for no one. Treasure every an editor of a weekly newspaper. moment you have. To realize the value of one hour: Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
  6. 6. 6 PR –e- STIGE – Expert views Mr Gopi Krishna Warrier, Lead Media Officer, (ICRISAT) Patancheru - 502 324 , A.P “Keep Day Zero free for the event – Cost of 5 minutes is different on different days” In corporate communication, especially Time Management is easier said than event management, the opportunity done for cost of a five-minute slot is communicators. exponentially different on the day of This is true both the event and two days before it. In for journalists other words, let us say a small activity and corporate that takes approximately five minutes communicators; – say getting the name tags and not because they media kits delivered to the venue – if are poor done a day earlier can be done managers but leisurely rather than on the day of the because more event. The cost of the five minutes often than not they are following needed for this activity is different on events over which they have very little different days. control. Thus comes the importance of forward When journalists are chasing a news planning for any such event. Once a development they have to follow it as corporate communicator has gone the events unravel. Corporate through handling such events a few communicators are very often directed times, he or she has to develop a to organize media and public events at protocol on what are the activities rather short notices, and then they required for handling such an event. A have to make the best of the available checklist. Many of the activities can be time. done two to three days in advance – sending invitations, following up on them, developing press releases, However, when it comes to managing getting the media kits ready, getting time corporate communicators have a the name tags ready. wee bit advantage over journalists; that is when the event is decided reasonably in advance. They can plan, Remember, there could be many which the journalists cannot do, unless things going wrong on Day Zero. If of course you are an editorial or you have your hands free, you are that feature writer and you are not much stronger to deal with them. following developing news. Next issue – October 2007 Theme : Marketing Communication Guest Editor : Ms Subha Ganesh, Search Marketing Consultant and Analyst, London Await exclusive interviews with Global Marketing experts of International Companies
  7. 7. 7 PR – e- Views – How to prioritise your tasks? king of Kishkinda. Rama tells Sugriva to come back after the rainy season is over and help him in searching for Sita. Rama stays in a cave outside kishkinda during that period. Sugriva who became a king after a long time, indulged too long in sensual pleasures that he forgot to report to Rama in time. Rama got angry and told Lakshmana to go to Kishkinda and threaten Sugriva for life. When Lakshmana did the same, Sugriva In Time Management, there is a apologized and came and fell at the popular quadrant to define priority of feet of to Rama. Luckily for him Rama tasks to arrange them appropriately in was kind and Hanuman and Nila, the a planner. commander in chief had gathered the huge monkey army which also Box 1 Important and urgent - crisis reported at site. Sugriva gave them activities orders and they went forward in Box 2 Important but not urgent - search of Sita. planned activities Box 3 Not important and not urgent - Sugriva did not realize the priority diversion activities shift i.e. the planned activity of Box 4 Not Important but urgent - searching for Sita after rainy season, surprise activities postponed, became a crisis which almost cost him his life. One more thing to watch is what is called priority shift. A task's priority In fact a good time manager can move moving from one box to another. The items from box 1 (crisis) to box 2 most common being quot;planned (Box 2) (planned) by analysing the root cause to crisis (Box 1)quot;. The common reason of a crisis and making a process for this shift is ‘procrastination’. correction for the next time. Meaning, defining the quot;when what who and howquot; Time Management case study in so that it is not handled as a crisis Ramayana next time. In Kishkinda kanda of Ramayana, Source : unknown Rama kills Vali and makes Sugriva the Five reasons for Procrastination (putting off the work) 1. Lack of commitment 2. Afraid of doing the job 3. Not giving due priority 4. Not having the sufficient knowledge to do the job 5. You simply don’t want to do the job How to overcome? Only you have to strategise, if you want to be successful. Nobody can help.
  8. 8. 8 PR –e- STIGE – Expert views Mr Akhil Sutaria, Trainer & Life Coach, Valsad, Gujarat “Managing our own behaviour is the Time Management” The key to Time Management is busy you don't even have time to write knowing ourselves, as we can't down all the things you do! Typically actually seen - Hiding in rest room. quot;managequot; 3. The Aquarian - There is such as time; all we thing as being too quot;laid-backquot;- can manage is especially when it starts interfering our own with your ability to finish tasks or behavior. bother to return phone calls. Getting For many of us to things when you get to them isn't this is more Time Management; it's simple task than enough of avoidance. Typically seen - Hanging a challenge. While we claim that out with feet on desk. effective Time Management is a top 4. The Chatty Kathy - Born to priority and that we just have to get socialize, you have astounding oral more organized, our actions don't communication skills and can't resist match our stated desires. exercising them at every opportunity. I've observed many Time Management Every interaction becomes a long personality quot;typesquot; to describe drawn out conversation - especially if patterns of behavior that sabotage there's an unpleasant task dawning many people's attempts at Time that you'd like to put off. Typically Management. seen - Talking on cell phone. I am mentioning five of them here. 5. The Perfectionist - You have a Which of the following Time compulsion to cross all the quot;t'squot; and Management quot;typesquot; are you? While dot all the quot;i'squot;, preferably with intended as fun, this Time elaborate whorls and curlicues. Management exercise may provide you Exactitude is your watchword, and you with some clues for more effective feel that no rushed job can be a good Time Management. job. Finishing tasks to your satisfaction is such a problem you need more time 1. The Fireman - For you, every zones, not just more time. Typically event is a crisis. You're so busy putting seen - Hunched over latest project. out fires that you have no time to deal with anything else - especially the Hopefully none of these Time boring, mundane things such as Time Management personality profiles is a Management. Tasks pile up around photograph of you! But perhaps these you while you rush from fire to fire all descriptions will provoke some thought day. Typically seen - Running to car. about the different ways we manage or mismanage time, and some clues 2. The Over-Committer - Your about how we might change our problem is you can't say 'No'. All behaviors to make our Time anyone has to do is ask, and you'll Management efforts more successful. chair another committee, take on another project, or organize yet another community event. You're so
  9. 9. 9 PR eTTY - Relax – Time Management and Productivity for some time after which the PM went off to find out more. He was back after 2 hours. And what did he bring after being gone for 2 hours? Here was the PM’s report: “The tents at the banks of the river belong to a caravan of traders from Persia. There are 675 men, 210 women and 85 children. The leader of the group is ………………..….” The PM also said “they have 200 horses which they want to sell and I A KING, his attendant and the have negotiated the price at…… I need Prime Minister your consent on this”. The PM also explained on what all benefits the One day, the King looking out from his kingdom can accrue from the visit of Palace window saw some settlements these traders etc etc. forming at the banks of the river. He said to the attendant “Find out what it Do You realise what the PM has is” The attendant ran and reported achieved and how ? back after few minutes- “Your Highness, they are tents”. The King And what is the moral of the story? asked again “Where are they from”?. The attendant ran again and reported It does not matter how hard You back after some time – “From Persia” work or how much Time You spend working, but what matters The King asked again “How many is HOW much You achieve in a people are there?” The attendant once given period of time. again ran to find out and reported back “675 men”. “No women?” asked The PM had a meeting with the King to the King and off went the attendant know what all he wanted to know and again. Relentless questions and in addition to that put his own corresponding trips by the attendant thoughts and plan together to get followed! some additional benefits for the Kingdom. Attendant was already getting irritated and started wondering why the King So the PM made the king explain what cannot think cohesively and ask more all he wanted in one go, did proper questions in one go rather than asking planning, prioritized the job, did some one question at a time. value add of his own and above all Does the KING sound like Your PUT THE AVAILABLE TIME TO BEST BOSS ? USE. The King was already asking his nth Now how do we achieve this in day to question to the attendant when the PM day working life in the midst of all appeared. pressures and pulls from several bosses and colleagues? Hearing the King, the PM intervened and said “Let us discuss what all we That is TIME MANAGEMENT and it is all should know about that gathering near about PRODUCTIVITY the river”. They went into a meeting Source : unknown
  10. 10. 1 PResenters of PReSENSE Editor Associate Editor and Senior Web consultant PodJockey P A Narrendiran, PodJockey M M Sevakumar Shvetha Sridhar Blue Lotus PR Veena Vinod PR Executive Good Relations PR Rediffusion DYR Publisher and Chief Editor K. Srinivasan (Prime Point Foundation) Feedback and contributions to: All the earlier issues may be downloaded from Listen to India’s first pod-magazine one stop shop for podcasts on all subjects Do you want to subscribe to this ezine. Please click