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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. What is anonymous proxy server?What is anonymous proxy server?Anonymous proxy servers do not transfer the information about your real IPaddress. That means you are like a ghost in the Internet. Nobody has even aclue about your real location and thus they cannot establish illegalconnections to your PC for information stealing purposes.The only POSSIBLE disadvantage could be the fact that web site you arebrowsing could know that you used proxy server for connection (you mayhiding your IP address). From the other hand, if user uses proxy server thatdoes not always mean he is trying to hide his real IP address. In some cases,like when you are using mobile WAP Internet, all users are forced to useproxy server for their connections
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  3. 3. What is elite proxy server?What is elite proxy server?Elite proxy servers are the most secure ones, they haveall advantages of anonymous proxy server in thesubject of privacy plus they are TRYING to hide thefact of using proxy servers for connection. In otherwords, they behave in the way like you are not usingproxy server at all and the IP address you areproviding, is your real IP address. The main thingyou should know about elite proxy server is thatthey are more secure then anonymous ones butexactly this makes them very popular among surfersthat at the end causes their slow speed.
  4. 4. Why An Elite ProxyWhy An Elite ProxyA proxy acts as a middle man while you are web surfing and transfer infoback to your computer. The proxy server is the machine that does the websurfing. This means that the IP you use while online isnt your homecomputers IP, it is the IP of the proxy. Even if someone takes a look at yourIP while you are online, the IP they see isnt yours but is the proxies and withan elite proxy they cant even tell you have changed your IP.When it comes to proxies, elite proxies are the best because they arecompletely anonymous and secure. This is possible because not only are you100% anonymous, but if anyone looks at or examines an IP on an elite proxythey can detect nothing unusual about it. No-one can detect you havechanged your IP. There is no use in changing your IP if someone can tell youhave done it.
  5. 5. Elite Proxy List - Save Time WithElite Proxy List - Save Time WithProxy ListsProxy ListsHigh anonymous proxy server lists can be found for free but you need tospend a fair bit of time searching. Make sure you always check the timestamp on any proxy server list to see when it was posted. When were theproxies posted? What you will find is that many elite proxy lists were postedseveral days or even weeks ago. Youll waste most of your time with listslike this.The next method of getting yourself elite proxy lists is to simply pay. Useyour time more effectively by paying others to build proxy lists and youfocus on business matters that actually make a difference.Building your own list of working proxies can prove to be a frustrating task.If you cant afford to pay for your proxy lists, then I would stronglyrecommend you use the advice above and dont use any lists that are olderthan one day.
  6. 6. AdvantagesAdvantagesAn elite proxy server is the absolute best way that anyone can be anonymouson the internet. No other kind of proxy can offer the same level ofanonymity and security as they can. There are actually many differentflavours of proxies around, but the truth is that they all suffer from either alack of anonymity or they perform very poorly.Proxy servers offer varying degrees of anonymity. The most basic level ofanonymity is actually that of not being anonymous. The next kind is that ofbeing anonymous but it is easy to detect that you are trying to change youridentity. The third level is that of complete anonymity. Using an elite proxyis that only way to be complete anonymous on the internet. The majority ofproxies out there today give you the second level of anonymity, where youare anonymous but everyone can see that you are trying to hide.
  7. 7. IPs from elite proxy servers are the only kind which are comletelyundetectable. This means websites have no way of knowing that you areusing a proxy server. Other proxies give you IPs which can be detected ascoming from a proxy server. This is why they can’t make you completelyanonymous.The biggest issue with these free proxies is that they don’t work or are justterribly slow making them near impossible to use. The root of this is becausethey are free to use by everyone. The result is that everyone tries to use themat the same time which causes them to crash and not work properly.If you setup your own elite proxy then you can password protect it and thisprevents anyone else from using it. Share it with your friends or family orjust keep it to yourself. Only by setting up your own proxy server can you besure that you really are 100% anonymous on the internet.
  8. 8. Internet anonymity is easy with your own elite proxy server. Getting andsetting up one yourself is simple. This is the best way to make sure you are100% anonymous on the internet and no-one will have any idea that you areusing a proxy. Proxy servers that are free sound great but they are just awaste of time.Trying to use free proxies usually ends up wasting more time than you couldever imagine. The best thing to do if you want to be anonymous online is tosetup your own elite proxy server.
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