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Security Value Benefits_8.21.2019


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The Latest Security benefits and value-added protection layers.
CCTV systems and setting up a centralized monitoring command center.
Establish a Security Guard Roving Patrol system using our Guard Management system with QR Code monitoring in the Philippines.
Prepare a 12 Point CCTV maintenance plan so cameras are always on, always recording and always in Top Condition.

Lastly, Install and set up our Emergency Broadcast and 911 Command center station for your business, community, tower, building here in the Philippines is vital.

Just like in the USA with Emergency 911 dispatch.

Our Guards are Live Feed Monitoring with our own Privately owned Software Solution a system to protect the lives of our clients and their families, employees with our Emergency Online App.

Guards can detect and employ security measures Instantly if an issue should arise.

Taking it to the next level, our clients can have all of their employees download our Capable Quick Response App on their Smart Phone and in case of Fire, Earthquake, Threats of any type, Guards can be deployed Instantly and know exactly where you are.

These are changing the Philippines into the 21st Century technology systems being used in other countries. Now for the first time a company that thinks outside of the box and brings our countrymen more added security and life saving technologies.

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Security Value Benefits_8.21.2019

  1. 1. Value-Benefits QR TOURING SYSTEM Centralized Command CCTV PMS Emergency Response
  2. 2. Security Overview • Centralize all CCTV viewing into one large command center for multiple layers of added eyes of protection and viewing Set up Mobile Viewing of certain site assets to mobile phone / laptop of the company head coordinators. • Establish QR Patrol Codes and Online Paperless Reporting in each location for better management and system control • CCTV Preventative Maintenance should be checked every 6 months to ensure the - Cameras are functioning Properly (Clear Image, Non-Blurred) - Cameras are not hindered by viewing angles, dirt, corrosion, blockage - DVR / NVR is recording properly the designated length of time 30 days as specified in the ISO9000/1 requirement - New areas that are not covered by CCTV should be reported and recommended • Emergency 911 System will be set for client
  4. 4. QR Patrol Code Monitoring Station Site Locations MAIN OFFICE Emergency 911 Alert Station
  5. 5. COMMAND CENTER 24 Hour Duty Guard SIC Monitor OIC
  6. 6. SECURITY MANAGEMENT NEW SECURITY PROTOCOLS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Develop a New Security Operating Plan and follow protocols regulary QR Code – Security Guard Monitoring of each station Random Audits and Investigations of each facility to keep all personnel on guard at all times Instant Investigations of reported issues
  7. 7. QR CODE TOURING SYSTEM Watch Concept Video
  8. 8. Client Logs In to - Enter Secure Credentials View Guard Touring – Print out reports – Monitor Electronic Visitor Log QR CODE TOURING SYSTEM
  11. 11. CCTV is a vital component to any business Capable – Provizion’s unique sales proposition is to offer a Free CCTV PMS maintenance at least twice per year with Instant 24 Hour Response to emergency situations where cameras are down or malfunctioning. Our Guards on duty are trained to manage the situation on-site instantly or notify our technician for immediate repair or temporary replacement. CCTV PMS Service
  12. 12. EMERGENCY RESPONSE SYSTEM CAPABLE QUICK RESPONSE - CQR How it works: Each guard post shown below will have its own Emergency Tablet Communication System. Residents can simply click on the Emergency Response from the Smart Phone App easily accessible on any Android Device, Tablet or computer Laptop. Guards will be Notified / Buzzed of any situation. Guards will be deployed immediately to the location and if necessary will notify the Police, Barangay Fire Department or call Ambulance. Guards can deploy quickly and accurately knowing exactly where is the problem and what is needed to bring to the scene. Time is always of the essence in critical situations. Fire Equipment, First Aid, Mobilize the Ambulance, Intruder Alert, Police Notified etc. Fast Acting Security for distress or emergency response Easy Communication system for Administration Personnel
  14. 14. EMERGENCY BROADCAST MESSAGE ADMIN or SECURITY can send Alert Messages to Employees or Residents who will receive messages in Real-Time and can react Quickly
  15. 15. THANK YOU