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Social media for social change

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Social media for social change

  1. 1. Social media for change
  2. 2. What social media?• Twitter• Facebook• LinkedIn• Google+• Local social media sites (orkut, draugiem, odnoklasniki, etc.)• Pinterest• Slideshare• Flickr• YouTube• .............. But we do NOT have all the time in the world?!?!
  3. 3. A little bit about us• Under Think Tank Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS live 3 brands:• Think tank PROVIDUS is a research and consultations NGO which works in fields of criminal justice, european policy and energy policy, good governance (anti-corruption, political party financing, active citizenship, eDemocracy, etc.) and education and tolerance• Public policy website is 10 years old website, where you can find research, articles, discussions and interviews about politics in Latvia and worldwide• Website for direct communication with parlamentarians, europarlamentarians and ministers
  4. 4. PROVIDUS in social media• SlideShare• Twitter (provide a hashtag for every event!)• Facebook
  5. 5. in social media• Big stress on Twitter• Asking questions• Making a hashtag that we own• Providing live streaming on website and via live tweets from various events• Answering ALL negative comments through tweets or DM• Communicating with readers more than being a radio
  6. 6. on Facebook• Ask yourself- what your readers wants to read about?• What he wants to know?• Photos and videos are better than text• Ask questions and for advice• Give them some fun• Like other pages and make friends by sharing their news
  7. 7. on Pinterest
  8. 8. on YouTube• Videos from our events• Interviews with researchers• Interviews with politicians• Make it short, optimal 2 minutes• Collaboration with
  9. 9. Blogs are an important media• PROVIDUS researchers use an opportunity to blog on portal• Blogging tells a story about your organization• Blogging humanizes your organization• Blogging lets you put a issue on agenda, if you use social media smart• Reblog blogs on other platforms, make sure creative commons is turned on
  10. 10. How to start using social media?• You WILL be lonely at first• Find your friends and ask for support, do not be afraid• Find politicians, talk to them• Find other NGOs, talk to them, spread the word about their activities, make new friends• Find journalists and other opinion leaders, talk to them and interact. Give them questions to ask politicians
  11. 11. Tools to use• You should have a smartphone or tablet• Tweetdeck• Seesmic• Hootsuite• Evernote•• Google
  12. 12. Other suggestions:• Make sure you put your mission and logos EVERYWHERE• Use Wikipedia to spread the word• Put all social media accounts in your email signature• Just being on social media is not enough, BUT..... use
  13. 13. Personal brand• We not only have organizations social accounts on Twitter, but also work on reasearchers and activists social media branding on Twitter.• Your personal account is a part of organizations brand
  14. 14. Contact me & Find us• Linda Curika• @curiha• @providus @GudrasGalvas @politikalv