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Konsultatīvie mehānismi - Somijas piemērs

Prezentācijas sagatavota projekta „Imigrantu intereses pārstāvošo NVO kapacitātes stiprināšana” ietvaros. Projektu finansē Eiropas Trešo valstu valstspiederīgo integrācijas fonds. Projekta finansēšanas avoti - Fonds 75% un valsts budžeta līdzekļi 25%.

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Konsultatīvie mehānismi - Somijas piemērs

  1. 1. Advisory board for ethnicrelations ETNOPeter KariukiSecretary-General The conference takes place in the framework of the Project „Capacity building of NGOs representing third country nationals” that is financed by the European Fund for Third Country nationals (with 75% of funding coming from the Fund, and 25% from Latvian state budget).
  2. 2. Mandate• to promote good ethnic relations and equality, as well as mutual interaction and cooperation in all areas of immigration and integration policy• to provide expert assistance to the ministries in the development of immigration policy• to help promote organizational activities among immigrants• to disseminate information on immigration policy, ethnic diversity and increase awareness on these issues
  3. 3. In retrospect• First advisory board established in 1970.• Establishment of the advisory board for refugee affairs in 1981.• Establishment of PAKSI in 1992 saw the beginning of the third stage of consultative work.• Formation of ETNO in its current form in 1998. – Self-representation of immigrant, ethnic and religious communities, both old and new – 2011 saw the expansion of ETNO through the increase of regional boards
  4. 4. Organisation• The 33 member board is comprised of:• 5 key ministries; – Ministry of the Interior – Ministry of education and Culture – Foreign Ministry – Ministry of Health of Social Affairs – Ministry of Labour and the Economy• 8 political parties currently in parliament,• 1 Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities• 1 Employer and employee unions (3 unions)• 7 regional boards• 10 representatives of registered ethnic, migrant or religious associations or societies.
  5. 5. Advisory board for ethnic relations ETNO Chairs of the board SECRETARIAT Southern Finland advisory board ETNO WORKING DIVISIONR Eastern FinlandE advisory boardGI Central Finland andO Pirkanmaa regionN Workgroup for religious and Communications advisory boardA cultural dialogue workgroup Western FinlandL advisory board Lappland region Secretariat and regional co-B ordinators meetings advisory boardOA Northern FinlandR advisory board Goodwill ambassadorsDS Ostrobothnia region advisory board
  6. 6. • Federation of multicultural associations in Joensuu JOMONI• Our Finland is international association• The umbrella organisation for multicultural womens’ associations• Federation of multicultural associations in the capital region MONIHELI• Finnish Afghan association• Finnish Islamic council SINE• Federation of multicultural associations in western Finland SONDIP• Finnish multicultural sports federation FIMU• Somali federation• Federation of Russian speaking associations FARO
  7. 7. Permanent and invited expertmembers• Finnish Islamic congregation (Tatar community)• Helsinki Jewish congregation• Ombudsman for minorities _________________________________• Finnish ecumenical council SEN• The Finnish league for Human rights
  8. 8. Examples of issues…• Government’s Integration programme 2012-2015 – Consultation during preparatory process – Consultation of regional advisory boards – Agreement on consultation during implementation• Finland’s human rights action programme – Consultation during preparatory process – ETNO’s recommendations on measurement mechanism• ETNO’s initiative to the government on the issue of burial grounds for people of Islamic faith