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Single and French Entry Door Configurations


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A lot of decisions go into choosing a custom entry door, like the color, number of panels and hardware style. But one of the most creative choices you have is the type of configuration. Beyond deciding whether to have a single or French door, there are other configuration decisions you can make that will turn your ordinary front door into an elegant entrance to your home. Learn more about incorporating sidelites and transoms into entry door design for single and French doors.

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Single and French Entry Door Configurations

  2. 2. CREATING YOUR CUSTOM ENTRY DOOR Choosing a custom front door includes a whole range of smaller choices, such as: • Color • Window style and size • Number of panels • Hardware style Legacy Steel Door
  3. 3. YOU HAVE OPTIONS Whether you settle on a set of French doors or a single front door, there are six main configurations available for each type. Key to these configurations are: • Sidelites: Windows that flank a door • Transoms: Windows above a door Legacy Steel Door
  4. 4. The most basic entry door configuration is a single, stand-alone door (below left). Pairing the door with a single sidelite – on the left or right side – adds an extra visual element, as well as an additional light source (below right). Signet Fiberglass Door Heritage Fiberglass Door CONFIGURATION STYLES
  5. 5. CONFIGURATION STYLES Other entry door configurations include a sidelite on both sides of the door (below left), as well as a French doors with a transom (below right). Legacy Steel Door p. 24, Lookbook
  6. 6. CONFIGURATION STYLES Transoms can be paired with a door and one sidelite, but they’re most often found over a door with two sidelites. Legacy Steel Door Signet Fir Fiberglass Door
  7. 7. SIDELITE STYLES The availability of sidelite styles varies depending on the door type. ProVia offers three lines of fiberglass exterior doors (Embarq, Signet and Heritage) and one line of steel exterior doors (Legacy). Each line offers a range of sidelite styles, such as full-length glass or a glass and panel combination.
  8. 8. SIDELITE STYLES On the fence regarding door type? Read our fiberglass vs. steel door article to learn the differences between the two.
  9. 9. WINDOW OPTIONS Fiberglass and steel doors are available with window options ranging from no window to full glass, with everything in between combined with panels that vary in size, shape and number. Entry Door with Inspirations Art Glass in Vintage, with Two Rectangular Panels Below
  10. 10. WHEN PRIVACY MATTERS The no-window option, whether for single or French doors, is popular with homeowners who place a premium on privacy. In these cases, the sidelites and a transom outfitted with decorative glass can provide much needed interior light without compromising the homeowner’s concerns. Heritage Fiberglass Door
  11. 11. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS Aside from privacy, another factor to consider during the selection of a custom front door is beauty, which itself comprises a whole range of decisions, such as: Signet Fiberglass Door • Color of the paint or finish • Decorative vs. clear glass • Wood-textured vs. smooth surfaces
  12. 12. PROVIA PERKS Factors that homeowners don’t have to worry about with ProVia exterior doors are durability and energy efficiency. Almost every combination of ProVia door, glass, sidelite and transom are built to last a lifetime, and are ENERGY STAR® Certified.
  13. 13. NEED HELP DECIDING? ProVia and its network of dealers can help you with: • Technical decisions like energy efficiency • Making sure all of the components of your front door are compatible and visually pleasing Legacy Door
  14. 14. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Combined with appropriate glass, window style and hardware choices, any configuration of ProVia entry door, sidelites and transoms can be customized to create the right front door for your home. Want a peek at the possibilities? Use ProVia's Visualizer to create the ideal custom entry door for your home.