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How to Know it's Time to Replace Your Home Windows


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Buying home replacement windows is a major purchase that one doesn't do very often. That's why it's important to know when it's the right time to purchase new home windows and what to look for to ensure a decision with which you're satisfied for many years to come.

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How to Know it's Time to Replace Your Home Windows

  1. 1. How to Know it’s Time to Replace Your Home Windows Taking the Uncertainty out of Your Replacement Window Project
  2. 2. When is the Right Time? • Replacing the windows in your home is a big decision, and not just because of the cost involved. • Windows also represent a major lifestyle investment, affecting the amount of light that enters your home and the overall look and feel of your house.
  3. 3. A Lot to Think About • And windows have a direct effect on the cost of running your home. • According to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for 48% of the average home’s energy usage, and replacing old windows can help you manage that cost. • Deciding what type of replacement windows to buy or when to buy them can seem overwhelming, thanks to the initial installation investment, the lifestyle impact and potential heating and cooling savings.
  4. 4. Start Simple • It doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some simple, common sense questions to help you decide when it’s time to replace your windows: – Are your heating and cooling bills higher for no discernable reason? – Do you feel a draft from your windows? – Does condensation or frost build up on the inside of your windows? – Have the window frames begun to sag or deteriorate? – “Yes” answers to any of these questions are a good indication that it’s time for replacement windows.
  5. 5. Take a Good Look • Also, give your windows a quick inspection: • If the glass is hot to the touch in the summer or cold to the touch in winter, that’s another sign your windows are inefficient and should be replaced. • Windows that don’t open or close properly are also good candidates for replacement, as are windows where the sashes don’t seal tightly at the bottom.
  6. 6. Consider the Whole Picture • Another reason to replace windows is a little less practical but no less important: It’s OK to decide on replacing your windows because they’re old, out of date, and mismatched with your home’s exterior and interior design. • A home makeover is an excellent time to buy new windows with updated styles and decorative glass to freshen your home’s curb appeal. • As a bonus, new windows also provide a great return on investment, with upscale vinyl windows recouping 73.9% of their cost.
  7. 7. Your Time is Now • If all indications suggest it’s time to replace your windows, the next question – especially with cold weather upon us – is obvious: is winter a good time to buy new windows? • The answer is yes, if you find a qualified installer with the expertise and integrity needed for the job. An experienced window installer will: – Replace each window quickly – Keep the cold air from reaching other areas of your home as much as possible – Use the appropriate caulk for the weather conditions
  8. 8. But Why Winter? • Reasons that winter can be the right time for replacing your home windows include: • Fewer scheduling difficulties – Cold weather usually means less work for home renovators, and less work can put your project at the front of the line, even when it involves custom replacement windows. • Lower heating bills – With most of winter still ahead of us, replacing your windows now means you can cut your heating costs immediately, especially if you purchase certified Energy Star windows. Waiting for warmer weather means you’ll be paying unnecessarily high heating bills for months.
  9. 9. ProVia & ENERGY STAR • ProVia is no stranger to the Energy Star program. In fact, our top window brands have been recognized as Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR 2017. • Our window lines are also among the best in the market for air infiltration and condensation resistance. ®
  10. 10. ProVia & ENERGY STAR • Besides lower energy bills, the benefits of energy-efficient windows include: – Reduced use of the earth’s precious energy resources – Less UV sun damage to floors, carpets and furniture – Greater comfort ®
  11. 11. Trust the Process • Let your windows be your guide when it comes to buying replacements. • If they’re drafty, inefficient or just plain wrong for your home, any time can be the right time for replacing windows.
  12. 12. Begin Your Project • Read our 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Replacement Windows. • Check out ProVia’s energy- efficient and beautiful window lines: – Aeris (wood+vinyl) windows – Endure (vinyl, multiple colors) – Aspect (vinyl, 3 colors) – ecoLite (white vinyl)