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Proventeq Content Migration For Oracle UCM (Stellent)


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When it comes to migration to Oracle UCM (Stellent), including the latest 11g release, we have the optimum solution. We’re a trusted Oracle Gold Partner, with a deep knowledge and understanding of this leading ECM technology.

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Proventeq Content Migration For Oracle UCM (Stellent)

  1. 1. Migration AcceleratorContent Migration – with us it’s an opportunity – not a challenge.Proventeq Migration Accelerator is an end-to-end solution that can migrate your webcontent, documents and other digital assets from a wide range of sources (structuredor otherwise) to the Oracle UCM (Stellent) and a variety of other target systems.Unlike manual or off-the-shelf solutions, our team of experienced specialists ensure asuccessful migration – with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency – every time. A rules-driven approach that puts you in control Extraction Rules – control what fields are extracted from source content Source Content Connectors Metadata Rules – control the metadata that is automatically applied to content These plug-ins enable it to Links Migration Rules – control how links referenced by source content are handled read content from a source Document & Digital Asset Rules – control how documents, images and other system of your choice, including: downloads are migrated Legacy websites File shares and FTP sites Features that translate into benefits Lotus Notes & Quickr Feature Benefit Content databases (Oracle Content DB, Detailed Graphical Reports Provide easier analysis of source content DB2 Content Manager) Unique Regression Testing Enables iterative rule development Portal servers (WebSphere for built-in Quality Assurance Portal, Oracle Portal, Page-by-page or Bulk Migration Ensure suitability for any size of migration Plumtree Portal) Standalone Staging Repository Allows migration rule development to progress Relational databases while Oracle UCM is still being configured ECM/CMS systems Rules-driven cleansing Delivers enhanced content quality (Stellent, MediaSurface, Standards Compliance Helps make content compliant ObTree, SharePoint) with W3C and other industry standards Oracle Collaboration Suite Automatic taxonomy and Plumtree Publisher metadata Improved content classification Our interactive UI verifies and enhances the quality of your content at each stage of the migration process The BIG benefits Cut your costs – It can 10 10 save you up to 90% over 01 0 0 0 1 0 001 1 0 typical manual migration (depending on size) 0 1 0 01 0 00 01 01 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Save your time – with 1000s 0 0 0 0 of content items migrated daily, 0 0 0 0 it is significantly quicker than 0 00 0 0 manual alternatives Reduce your risk – with built- Oracle UCM in reviews at each stage, it greatly reduces the possibility of wrong content being loaded into target system
  2. 2. Step-by-step a better content migration serviceThe migration process follows the Data Migration ETL (Extract Transform & Load) principles for separation of extraction andtransformation from the load into Oracle UCM. This separation of stages means that the migration can progress in aniterative manner even though your Oracle UCM system may still be under development or configuration. Sources Analyze Capture & Extract Transform Load Enhance Publish Conform Existing Identify Read source Apply Convert Invoke Enhance Publish to Content scope ECM extraction to target target CMS content in content Repositories rules format API target CMS managed website Migration Configuration About ProventeqAt Proventeq, we are a young and dynamic software technology companyspecialising in content migration. We’re also an Oracle Gold partner with proven Contact Detailsskills in delivering successful content migration to the Oracle UCM platform.More than that, unlike most of our competitors, we look beyond the traditional challenges Proventeq Limited 400 Thames Valley Park Drivecontent migration presents. We see migration as a real opportunity to enhance the Thames Valley Parkquality of your content – even to improve the efficiency of the processes that surround it. Reading, BerkshireThat’s because our team of experts can also offer consultancy in a wide variety of RG6 1PTcomplementary disciplines, all delivered under a proven methodology. United Kingdom T +44 (0)118 965 3870The result? Migration ceases to be an expense and instead becomes an investment F +44 (0)118 965 3872– in a flexible solution that can help take your business forward by making it moreresponsive to change. General Enquiries: Copyright © 2010 Proventeq Ltd.