Beyond Agile


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This talk presents some innovative concepts on deep people dynamics that influence the responsiveness to change of your Agile/Lean process, the efficiency of your team and ultimately your project’s success.

Who’s already using Agile/Lean will get new insights on what makes an efficient team; who’s evaluating that transition will better understand its cultural implications.

Main topics: principles of Organizational Systemic (not to be confused with systems theory); relational nature of popular Agile/Lean methods; leadership levels.

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Beyond Agile

  1. 1. BEYOND AGILE Andrea Provaglio Twitter: @andreaprovaglio Copyright © Andrea Provaglio
  2. 2. What I Do After 20 years in IT, with clients in three continents and a U.S. visa for “extraordinary abilities in Sciences”, I now help IT organizations to explore new ways to develop better software. I also support teams and individuals who want to improve technically and relationally. Full bio at: http://
  3. 3. What We’ll Be Talking About
  4. 4. We Built SW Like Everything Else...
  5. 5. But That’s Inefficient
  6. 6. So We Go Agile
  7. 7. Well, Why Do We Still Manage To Fail?
  8. 8. Software Is Intangible...
  9. 9. And Collaborative
  10. 10. How Long Can We Afford To Ignore This? Software is an intangible product of the human intellect, created over time by the collaborative effort of an ever- changing group of people.
  11. 11. Organizational Systemic May Help
  12. 12. Everyone Has Equal Right To Belong
  13. 13. Systemic Precedence Goes To... Tho se who came first Those who take on more responsibilities Those who have more competence
  14. 14. Give And Take Must Be Balanced
  15. 15. An Example
  16. 16. Give Strength To Your Team, Include
  17. 17. Guidance (Dilts) Leader Leadership Leading (the Role) (the Skills) (the Act)
  18. 18. Guidance (Dilts) Micro-leading (style, environment) Macro-leading (strategy, culture) Meta-leading (vision)
  19. 19. If Official Guidance Is Weakened...
  20. 20. The System Finds a Guide Anyway
  21. 21. Self-Organization we really wa nt is a kind What f-organizatio n that helps of sel siness goals us reach our bu That’s supported by prac tices, but it’s enabled only if th e team is relationally healthy
  22. 22. Align Your Method With Your System Scrum Systemic- aware Your Agile method of choice works best when it matches your System ! XP Systemic- unaware Kanban Process-oriented People-oriented
  23. 23. In Brief •Fightbad turnover •Enable self- effects by giving organization, keep roots to your team your System healthy •Align organizational •Tune your Agile leading positions method to your with systemic System (opposite leading positions (if is also possible possible) but harder)
  24. 24. Andrea Provaglio http: // me! act ont ?C info ore .: M P.S