How to print a game day roster


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How to print a game day roster

  1. 1. Coaches/Team Admins -The following is important information on Game Day Rosters with instructions on How To Print Them:Each team will be required to print off 2 Game Day Rosters to bring to the game to turn in to the refereeand to the opposing coach. A roster from both teams will be turned in to the referee so he/she canexamine them for continuity and player verification. If a team does not bring both Game Day Rosters tothe game they will be given an automatic forfeit. Game Day Rosters will be available to print off 24hours before each game (meaning the button to print off the roster will appear 24 hours before the gameis scheduled to start).Game Day Roster Print Instructions:A coach or another team admin will have to log in to their account through Fromtheir main account page they will scroll down to the Tournament Applications/Game ScoringSection. They will choose the team whose game day roster they need to print and click onSchedules/Game Scoring next to that team (see below). Once team admins click on Schedules/Game Scoring their schedule page will load (see below).Their bracket and standings will appear at the top with the schedule below. To print off the GameDay Roster the admin will need to scroll down to the game they are playing. On the left side of the gameunderneath the Game Number they will find the Print Roster button (Remember, this button will onlyappear 24 hours before game time). They simply need to click that button and print off the roster.The best way to print off the roster is to export the document to a PDF and then print it off. When theroster populates you will see an export drop down box at the top right side of the page. Click on the dropdown box and choose PDF and then click export. The roster will reload as a pdf that you can thenprint. DO NOT EXPORT THE DOCUMENT TO EXCEL!!! PDFs will maintain the roster format and notgive you any headaches. It does not need to be printed in color, however, it is up to you to ensure thatthe printed roster is clear and visible. The referees will not allow players to play with smeared, distorted,or otherwise unrecognizable pictures. The Game Day Roster has a time stamp on it, indicating the exact
  2. 2. time the roster was printed off. If for instance, one coach prints off the roster 24 hours before gametime, and the opposing coach adds a developmental player just hours before the game and then prints offthe roster....... the rosters wont match. The time stamp will allow referees and coaches to see exactlywhen the two rosters were printed off and to determine if any differences are suspicious and need furtherinquiry.Most of you will already be very familiar with logging in and going to your schedule page. The onlydifference is now you will print your game day roster right from this page. You will be required to print offa Game Day Roster for each game this fall season and turn it in to the referee before game time. Pleaseverify that all of your players pictures are uploaded and in the correct format. IF A PLAYER DOES NOTHAVE A PICTURE UPLOADED IN THE SYSTEM THEY WILL NOT HAVE A PICTURE ON THE GAMEDAY ROSTER. IF THE PLAYER DOES NOT HAVE A PICTURE ON THE ROSTER THEY WILL NOTBE ALLOWED TO PLAY. NO EXCEPTIONS.Keep these instructions for future reference. Spring play starts soon! Have a great season!Thank you.Utah Youth Soccer Association