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2013 AGM letter from competition committee


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2013 AGM letter from competition committee

  1. 1. 2012 Report of the Competition CommitteeThank you for your service to UYSA and your individual Member Organizations. Your dedication to the sport of soccer inour state is much appreciated. This letter, on behalf of your Competition Committee, is an attempt to keep you informedand a part of the process.There have been substantial bylaw & policy re-writes over the past two years. This has created opportunities to focus ournon-alignment efforts on clarifying and correcting policy to reflect how we actually do business on the field. Includedduring this time were additions and changes based on your feedback and the feedback of individual coaches.Dissemination of information is always the tricky part. Posting to the state website home page & policy section, sendingout individual emails to your Affinity coaching profile addresses, and reports sent from your Region Representatives and/or Region Chairs are ways we have attempted to consciously reach you over the past 12 months. Below is an itemizationof what has transpired in 2012. We encourage you to contact us if you need more details.Here are some basic operating procedures that govern what we do and the timing of policy implementation.- We do not like to make policy changes mid year. A playing season runs from June 1 - May 31st.- A policy change will be considered mid-year if it clarifies something that is causing problems.- A 3-6 month lead time from policy change to implementation is preferred so that members can be made aware of a policy change and have time to make appropriate plans within their organization.- Exceptions to this happen if US Youth Soccer or our governing Federation makes a policy change that requires us to comply in a shorter time frame. Examples - Use of Club Pass in State Cup and the current changes to Coaching Education Licenses.- Policy changes come out of the competition committee and must be referred to the UYSA Board of Directors for approval. While in committee, representatives will discuss policy ideas with region members to get their feedback. If you have a certain area of expertise or would like to be consulted during policy writing, please contact your Region Representative directly. You can find our contact information at competition.aspx- The UYSA BOD will review the policy change and stated justification at one meeting and then vote on it the subsequent meeting. If they feel like they have been appropriately briefed prior to the meeting, a vote can take place at the same meeting.- The competition committee is responsible for overseeing the SCL (State Competition League U11- U18), the IRL (Inter Regional League, currently U11 only) and the RAL/XL (X-League U9 - U10.) This includes facilitating the operations of the gaming leagues with the state office, alignment and policy recommendations.- We strive to eliminate the perception that it’s who you know, not what the policy states. Consistent policy and clarification of wording has been a major focus. The policy as a evolving document that becomes better with use, feedback from members and clarification.- You should see clearly delineated alignment rules and a specific sequence for their application. You deserve the right to know how decisions are made and for them to be made predictably. There are times when a subjective evaluation must be made between competing teams. This is ruled on by the whole committee so that proper respect can be given to each team.- Complete honesty & disclosure during the alignment process is expected from all representatives. Each representative is responsible for checking roster continuity and noting any teams in violation. Failure to do so jeopardizes the entire process and is not tolerated. Competition Work 2013January- 2012 Competition Calendar posted to the state website. Go to Click on Programs &! Competition. Important dates are also included on the UYSA Upcoming Events Calendar on the home page.- New Competition FAQ section on state website.- Current Issues - Red cards not being properly recorded in Affinity - Arrange for representatives to conference into meetings to increase participationFebruary- Spring 2013 alignmentPage 1 of 5 January 2013
  2. 2. 2012 Report of the Competition CommitteeMarch- Bylaw change to allow 2 competition committee representatives to be elected per Region.April-Approved switch from Developmental Pass (D-Pass) to Club Pass (C-Pass) for use in state gaming league. Thiswas prompted by the push from US Youth. Our task was to try to figure out the best way to modify it so that it would workfor the state gaming league. In our opinion, there were some benefits to the switch and some things that were differentbut not really an improvement. We came to a consensus,with the intent to make changes prior to the spring season ifnecessary. Currently, there is huge pressure nationwide to protect against the overplaying of youth players. With seriousconsideration to this objective, we agreed to the limitation of allowing a player to only play once on Saturday with theidea that we would evaluate how many players used the C-Pass and how they used it during the Fall. The greatestamount of feedback came with respect to a player not being able to play two games on Saturday. Anotherconsideration was Multi Rosters. MRs can play two games on a Saturday. So after the Fall gaming league results wereevaluated. We found no evidence of abuse when the policy was adhered. In December 2012, the BOD approved withthe competition committee’s recommendation, that a player can play twice in a day. This will be effective for Spring2013. Written policy is currently being constructed. This will continue to be specifically evaluated at the end of eachseason. If warranted to protect our youth athletes, future modifications to this policy will be made .May- Clarification: Is P1/P2 one division or two - with implications for alignment with lack of roster continuity? Decision: P1/P2 were duly named so that teams could say they are Premier teams from Utah for placement in out of state tournaments. For the purpose of Alignment and the C-Pass, P1 & P2 will be considered 2 different divisions. As a result, P1 can C-Pass to P2 and P2 can C-Pass to P1. If a P1 team does not retain the required roster continuity (of 7 returning players for U9-U11 or 9 returning players for U12+), they will automatically be dropped down to P2. Based on the current alignment algorithms, a P1 team that finished in last place would be relegated to P2. If this same team does NOT have roster continuity, they would also be relegated from P2 to D1. The up/down rule and the continuity rule are two separate rules that have their own consequence and will be applied as such.- Clarification on requiring jersey #s on game day rosters. Decision: The Committee decided that the jersey #s on the game day rosters will be requested but will not be a policy requirement. This is partly due to the inability to enforce any kind of penalty for non-compliance. We feel like it is more important to focus on getting the game day roster policy implemented correctly, as that is more important to the overall functioning of the league. Currently, referees are having difficulty being aware of, enforcing and documenting any failure to following the game day roster policy. Until referees master the game day roster policy requirements, we feel like any additional requirements would only complicate the goal of playing league games without controversy.- Policy Change ~ 6314 Game Day Rosters: • Referees are reporting that a lack of a properly registered and appropriately licensed coach is much more likely scenario than the lack of required players to start the game. • Since we deal with minors, we can not advocate a game taking place without a coach (legal UYSA representative) present for the duration of the game. Please take extra care to make sure that the roster reflects those allowed & licensed to be present and conduct a game. • Coaches are wanting a set parameter with which to deem a game a forfeit for lack of roster or coach being present. This seems only reasonable since there are variations statewide based on the personal leniency of referees in different areas. • Fifteen minutes rather than 5 minutes seems a more reasonable amount of time, especially when accounting for traffic in some areas.July- Fall 2013 Alignment- Implementation of new SCL U11 Premier D1 and Geographic Playing Zones for D2 & below. This will be phased one year at a time. Fall 2013 will include U11 and U12.- Implementation of P1 & P2 format down to U13.Page 2 of 5 January 2013
  3. 3. 2012 Report of the Competition CommitteeSeptember- Policy Change ~ 6314.11 Match Discipline Policy: Somehow in the transition between old policy and the new policy rewrites, the section concerning player, spectator, team official discipline was eliminated. This entire section was added to document how discipline at the field is expected to be handled on the field, in reporting and suspensions. Particular attention was given to documenting how a red card suspension is enforced with regards to the C-Pass.- Policy 6325 Alignment Policy: The alignment policy has been documented for several years, but was not included in the official policy because it wasn’t formatted to match the rests of Section 6. This was finally overcome and the policy was approved and posted online.October- New Alignment form for Spring 2013 released- Policy Change ~ 7324 Registration: New registration deadline dates Feb 1st and July 7th. Effective immediately. The reason for the changes is to allow the scheduling process to be completed and schedules released at least two weeks prior to the first games. This will help teams, coaches and families prepare for the season start and not be so reactive. The competition committee is testing new ways to review teams and record name changes, alignment requests and roster continuity checks to speed up our timeline, which would allow more time to schedule the games, deconflict fields, and release the schedules to the public.- Policy Change ~ 14:01:04 Team Officiating and 6313 Canceling/Rescheduling Matches: • Section 6 and Section 14 have differing amounts noted for payment if a game is forfeited. We believe that the new Section 6 wording is more appropriate, easier to understand, easier to enforce and compatible with Section 14. • In former policy, an allowable reason to reschedule a game was a UYSA sanctioned tournament. While there are not that many tournaments that overlap our regular season, we feel that it is important to support the financial viability of our sanctioned tournaments by allowing teams that wish to participate in both this option, without jeopardizing their state gaming league record or their tournament participation. This has been added. • There was conflicting information between Section 14 and Section 6 with regards to team officiating. Section 14 was amended to match the wording of Section 6. It eliminates the possibility of an uncertified person being allowed to officiate in the absence of a match official. Neutral/Club linesmen can still assist, but no longer can two coaches agree to have an uncertified, unassigned individual officiate a match.- Policy Change ~ 6347 Modified Rules of Play RAL/XL and 6327 Modified Rules of Play SCL: • We currently have U9 & U10 RAL/XL teams trying to utilize the same field for U9-U11 games. In the interest of allowing for limited field space, we are modifying the goal requirements to a min and max allowable that will accommodate U9s and U10s to play on the same field configuration. • Instead of the goal sizes just being stated, we have changed them to be a requirement. Leaving it open- ended, was allowing for some small sided games to be played with full size goals and with no policy statement to prevent that from happening or to be enforced.November- Clarifications to Club Pass. Now added to Club Pass document. • Scenario #1: An age appropriate Premier Player can play down in same age group to D1. They can play up in age according to UYSA play up policy. This means they can play up a year in age to any division. Example: A true U13 player rostered to a U13P1 team can play up U14 or U15 to any division.  • Scenario #2: A Premier Player is rostered to a team a year older. They can play down to D1 in the rostered age division. They can also play down to their age appropriate level in Premier or  D1.  Example:  A true U13 player is rostered to a U14P1 team as their primary team.  They may C-Pass to a U14P2 or U14D1 team.  They may also C-Pass to a U13P1, P2 or D1 teamPage 3 of 5 January 2013
  4. 4. 2012 Report of the Competition CommitteeDecember- New Policy ~ 6315 Tryouts: • The CS feels that tryouts held in March & April interfere with players’ abilities to concentrate on the current season. It disrupts the dynamics of the current team and distracts from the execution of the state gaming league currently in progress. • We clearly define a player’s commitment to a team in the middle and end of the playing year with the transfer policy and with the release of players as of May 31st. We do not clearly delineate when a player is committed to a team. As a result there are various interpretations & enforcements across the state which need to be unified. • Team’s should have a clear understanding when they can count on a player’s commitment towards maintaining roster continuity. Players should have the opportunity to evaluate & tryout for different teams. A tryout policy should balance the needs of both entities to provide a consistent, fair and equitable system. • This policy would apply to SCL and IRL teams/players. • Parameters for what is allowable for fee waivers needs to be delineated. Our concern is for the protection of a player’s eligibility for college. In addition, players need to know that if a MO waives fees that the player is accountable for their commitment to that team as a result. This accountability needs to be specified. • The intent of policy is not to complicate or over regulate our state gaming league. It is intended to provide an outline of how we generally do business so that everyone knows what is expected. Not everyone has been in the program for years. As our program grows and more people are added, they are entitled to know how we operate without having the benefit of being local. • Attention was given to other state policies and procedures to learn from their example, such as but not limited to North Texas Soccer, South Texas Youth Soccer, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Nebraska, Georgia. • We have long had the need to define what is allowable with respect to “scholarships.” In addition, because this affects a players ability to transfer, it is important that the terms be put in writing and signed by the parent before registration. • The term Scholarship is not advised to be used in conjunction with non-profit organizations. The CS recommends changing this to Fee Waiver. • Timeline/Dates considered: - State Cup ends May 28, 2013. We recommend that State Cup end the Saturday before Memorial Day every year. - Boys HS finals end the Thursday before Memorial weekend. - State P & D1 gaming league games completed by May 4th - Allowing for 3 games in a 2 week period, all other SCL & IRL regular season games will be scheduled prior to May 22nd. - Final day for all games to be played and recorded in the gaming league is May 31st.- Policy Change ~ 6324.3 Club Pass (C-Pass): Player can play in up to two games in one day. Regular team game and one Club Pass game. Applies only to SCL & IRL. Effective 11.16.2012 and applicable to Spring 2013 play. Policy has not been updated online yet. We are coordinating with Affinity to make sure the wording that is posted accurately reflects how the computer is programed. Upcoming Competition Events/Topics for 2013February- Feb 1st; deadline to register teams, activate them and assign them to the state gaming league- Feb 2nd; deadline to have alignment forms to reps- Feb 8th; Spring 2013 Alignment, 7:00pm TOSH auditorium, south entrance. starting with boysMarch- Working on 7326 Release Policy. Currently there are no provisions to release a player in the following circumstances. What if a player leaves the country or moves out of state? What if a player doesn’t want to play soccer any more? What if a player sustains a long term injury? With the current C-pass, roster spaces are incredibly important and there isn’t policy that gives registrars permission to “Release” a player even with the player’s consent.- Mar 16th - AGM, elections for one representative from each regionPage 4 of 5 January 2013
  5. 5. 2012 Report of the Competition CommitteeApril- Elect new committee chair- Make outline of future topics with new committee members- Current areas of unresolved concern: •Referee Relations between UYSA and Utah State Soccer Referee Committee has room for improvement. Frustrations with education and implementation of UYSA policy at games, lack of referee compliance in using the Affinity system, referees not showing up for games, inconsistency with the reporting/documentation of red cards and a lack of recourse for addressing these concerns compromises the integrity of the programs UYSA offers. The Committee has ask the BOD to address the issue of improving relations between the two entities as a significant focus in 2013. Modifications are already being made. •Improved responsiveness for protest, appeals & disciplinary actions to uphold UYSA policy. •Investigate using Affinity Game Rescheduling feature. •Evaluate RAL/XL gaming league and look for ways to improve.Each representative has an annotated Section 6 with all policy changes highlighted for easy reference. If you would like acopy, please contact us. In the descriptions above, we have included the justifications as to why policy changes wererecommended. We hope this provides some insight into the inputs and decision making that went into these policychanges.If you have areas of concern or policy changes to recommend, please send your written ideas to your competitionrepresentative. They will be duly considered as we set our objectives for the next 12 months in April 2013.Thank you for your feedback and your concern for player development in Utah.Respectfully,Your 2012-2013 Competition CommitteeRegion 1 - Jeff Ginn & Nate BywaterRegion 2 - Tracy Proulx & David NewmanRegion 3 - Chris Madsen & Patrick RennieRegion 4 - Joe Baca & Mike AndolsekRegion 5 - Daren Woolstenhulme & Jeff LewisRegion 6 - Travis Wilkinson & Danny OrtizPage 5 of 5 January 2013