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TVC and IMC of Fair & Lovely


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Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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TVC and IMC of Fair & Lovely

  1. 1. Product name Company
  2. 2. Big idea • Resonate with customer. • Turns category conventions. • Have buzz and talk value • Stretch brand- Increases coverage of customers. • Breaks cultural and geographic boundaries. • We utilize consumer throughout. • We maintain media neutrality. • We are flexible on “how” and consistent on “what”
  3. 3. • We are leveraging company identity and brand resonance. So we will be putting more focus on that and try to cover lack of information about the product by that.
  4. 4. • Our positioning has to be something that has an association with the age group and demographic that we are maintaining. • The intended word that we are trying to achieve is “Cool and sustainable.”