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A marketing MIX evaluation of LAKME ELLE 18 Brand.

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Lakme elle 18

  2. 2. OBEJCTIVE OF THE STUDY  Understanding the marketing Mix with practical implications and turnovers.  Understanding the marketing strategies.  Defining differences between an ideal situation and practical situation.  Finding if there is any room for improvement.  Providing guidelines for future operations /Recommendations.
  3. 3. METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY Open ended question-answers with some of the students from East West University. Do you know about the Brand Elle 18 of Lakme? Brand recall Yes No Not sure 20% 20% 60% Chart 1: Brand Recall
  4. 4. METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY  Do you use the products of Elle 18? Usage of Elle 18 Yes 50% No 50% Chart 2: Usage of the product
  5. 5. METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY  Why do you use the products of Elle 18? Why use the product of Elle 18 Fragrance Quality Durability I don't use the product 15% 50% 20% 15% Chart 3: Cause of using this product
  6. 6. METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY  Does price consideration have anything to do with your choice? Effect of price consideration Yes No 35% 65% Chart 4: Price Consideration
  7. 7. METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY If another firm launches any other product of the same quality and less pricing, what are the chances of changing your choice of products? Switching Brands High possibility Maybe No possibility I don’t use Elle 18 10% 25% 50% 15% Chart 5: Brand switching possibility (Loyalty test)
  8. 8. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS OF THE ORGANIZATION  Strengths        Recognized as a global company. Strong brand portfolio. Integrated supply chain and well spread manufacturing units. Economies of scale Ability to deliver cost savings.. Strong and convincing CSR.         Weakness Dual leadership. Price positioning in some categories allows for low price competition. Varying quality range in products. Not connecting with customers. Inefficient management of brands. Reduced spending for R & D. Inability to maximize acquisitions. Decrease in revenue.  
  9. 9. SWOT ANALYSIS OF THE ELLE 18’S PRODUCT -(LAKME) Strengths  Manpower  Equity of Lakme, Unilever.  Vast range of products. (Nailpolish, Lipsticks etc.)  Strong Distribution channel.  Technology capability  Local brand.  Strong R&D.  Integrated supply chain  Sharing of best practices.
  10. 10. SWOT ANALYSIS OF THE ELLE 18’S PRODUCT -(LAKME)  Weakness Price positioning in some categories allows for low price competition.  High service costs.  Use of hard Chemicals.  Varying quality range in its products.  Falling Quality of Lame salons.
  11. 11. SWOT ANALYSIS OF THE ELLE 18’S PRODUCT -(LAKME) Opportunities: Brand growth through increased consumption depth.    Beauty salons. Lakme beauty training.  High frequency of usage.   Building brand image by collaborating with top designers in Lakme fashion week. Threats: Aggressive price competition from local and multinational players.    Availability of cheap beauty products.  Reports regarding presence of Lead in Lipsticks.  Spurious/counterfeit products in rural area and small towns.
  12. 12. SEGMENTING AND TARGETING MARKET Demographic Segmentation Geographical Segmentation Town Age Occupation Metropolitan cities Education Sex Social Class
  13. 13. SEGMENTING AND TARGETING MARKET Segmentation based on behavioral approach Going out regularly. Regular Usage. Benefits Necessary part of everyday accessories.
  14. 14. POSITIONING MARKET  Brand Mantra “Unusual and cool.”  “Break the rule.”  Less price with high quality  Priced1/4th of usual Lakme products.  Electric Brilliance.  Source of Radiant Beauty
  15. 15. MARKETING MIX OF LAKME ELLE 18 Product Price Place Promotion
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATION  Promotions beyond fashion week and also beyond country’s borders.  The brand should not lose its focus away from nail polishes and lipsticks. It can prove to very detrimental.  Elle 18 should do more publicity regarding their products. On fashion Weeks, mainly the Lakme products on other categories are promoted. Elle 18 needs more space on that time.  The general perception is that company-owned salons are expensive. Though Lakme beauty salons are reasonably priced, it has not been communicated well enough.  It would be wise for the company to target young people in the above category and grow along with them as they and the nation prospers.  Elle 18 is discovering new ways to the pricing strategies. But they should keep the pricing purpose in mind so that the brand doesn’t come to be lowend product.  Increase in Channels of distribution is needed. As Ell18 is not a luxury product, it needs to be available in every cosmetic store.
  17. 17. THANK YOU