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Nursing jobs Chicago

Our company is here to assist you in Nursing jobs Chicago. Our team focuses on assisting the customer desired requirements. The firm is here to help you in giving Permanent nursing jobs, to the focused individuals.

Address: 801 E. Plano Pkwy, Suite 140,
Plano TX 75074

Toll Free 1.855.293.6957

Telephone: 972.713.1700

Fax: 888.777.9185


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Nursing jobs Chicago

  1. 1. Offer excellent service to your patients with the help of Protouch Staffing Summary: - The written press release, brief about a leading health care staffing agency, who committed to offering highly experience medical professionals. You can’t take too lightly the importance of dealing with staffing companies. In these days, staffing agencies play an important role in various sectors in order to provide the talent pool of employees as well as excellent jobs for seekers. Employers and employees can take the benefits that staffing agency is offering. They are committed to offering the right employees and the right companies together. This is the hassle-free & convenient way to advance your job search, whether you are looking for permanent, part-time, short-time and contract. Regardless of the sector and convenient location in which you want to work, the agency will help you. They help millions of people to offer million of desired job in all around the world. They perform selection and recruitment process for various companies that do not have enough time for this. There are various advantages associated with staffing agencies to employers, which include: - cost effective, provide right and highly qualified employees for the job, employee retention & availability of workers. Protouch Staffing is one of the leading and renowned staffing agencies in the US, who has been offering highly qualified medical professionals in the health care industry for many years. They specialized in providing Permanent nursing jobs
  2. 2. as well. Since 1989, we have specialized in facilitating highly-skilled and experienced professionals. Our highly trained professional staff strives to provide the highest quality healthcare professionals along with excellent customer service to the medical industry. We understand that the decision to utilize supplemental staffing is very significant to the medical industry's facility’s ability to meet their patients care needs & standard. Hence, we make the process very simple to avail experienced healthcare professionals and Cath Lab RN Jobs anywhere in the United States. We are dedicated to being a leading provider of staffing services to our more than 1,000 clients. We also strive hard to facilitate great employment opportunities and Nursing jobs Chicago to more than 10,000 nurses per year. Our available jobs are: - Registered Nurse-MED Surg, Medical Lab Technologist – MT/MLT, Director of Pharmacy, RN-Surgical IMC among many others. All our services are really good and cost-effective. Whether you are looking for the excellent job in medical sector or highly experienced health care professionals, you can contact us. Feel free to visit at, to find more information about us Add: 801 E Plano Pkwy, Suite 140, Plano, Texas 75075 Email:
  3. 3. Website: Toll Free number : 8552936957