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Bank Watch App, innovation for the financial service industry

Prototype is introducing the Bank Watch App, a new companion application for your Smart Watch. The application allows users to get instant updates on their spending and savings plans, the watch app also introduces a new way to authorize transactions to become the perfect companion app for any online banking application.
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With the scheduled release of the Apple Watch and the availability of numerous smart watches for Android and Google Wear, the time is right to take banking to wearable devices.
The Bank Watch App aims to extend the usability of a smart watch and bring convenience to the users wrist.
An added benefit, The Bank Watch App also acts as a security gate and removes the need for hardware security tokens. This makes "Bank Watch" unique and convenient for users while bringing your bank brand closer to consumers.

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Bank Watch App, innovation for the financial service industry

  1. 1. The first in line Digital Banking experience on your customers wrist
  2. 2. Branded Application your brand, your colours, your application
  3. 3. Banking options just a tap away on your customers wrist Banking OptionsOpenAccount Borrow GetCreditCard Protection and a lot more… Account Balance Credit Card Balance Payment Notifications Payment Authorization
  4. 4. Now your customers can manage their accounts from the convenience of their wrist. Bank Accounts Transactions AED ALDO Dubai 23 February 26 February 3000 AED Carefour Dubai 530 28 February AED Enoc Fuel Station Dubai 200 26 February AED530 Card Balance DIRHAMS 6052 Transactions ALDO Dubai 23 February 26 February $3000 Carefour Dubai $530 28 February Enoc Fuel Station Dubai $200 26 February $530 Card Balance USD $605
  5. 5. Keep your customers engaged and updated on the go. Payment due daysleft 22 Pay now
  6. 6. Bank Watch enables you to provide a new secure payment authentication flow for your online banking customers. Step 2Authenticate 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 0 6 7
  7. 7. Online and Security right on your consumers wrist simply match the pattern Step 2Authenticate 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 0 6 7
  8. 8. Meet up for details or write us