El wire brightens our world


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El wire brightens our world

  1. 1. http://proto-pic.co.uk
  2. 2.  Electroluminescence has come a long way since its discovery at the start of the20th century. For many years the scientists who pioneered its development struggled to comeup with practical applications for electroluminescent technology – early uses of thediscovery lacked the lifespan to work as practical lamps and light sources, whilst itsunreliability made it difficult to use in displays and interfaces. http://proto-pic.co.uk
  3. 3.  Undeterred by their setbacks, the boffins working on electroluminescencedidn’t give up, and thank goodness, because today electroluminescent light hasevolved into a technology that has myriad applications all over the planet.One of the applications of electroluminescence that holds the most potential isits use in electroluminescent wires (or EL Wires for short). http://proto-pic.co.uk
  4. 4.  EL Wire is essentially a standard copper wire that is coated in phosphor and then wrapped in aPVC sheath.When an AC current is applied to the wire it begins to glow, and yet as it glows it gives off noheat. The lack of heat emission makes EL Wires are totally different from other lightingtechnologies, and its three hundred and sixty degree light output opens up a whole field of usesthat are unavailable or impractical using other lighting means. http://proto-pic.co.uk
  5. 5.  EL Wires have been used to light everything from Christmas Trees to entirebuildings, and their flexibility and ability to keep their shape has led to somestartling lighting designs being produced. You may think you’ve never actually seen an EL wire in use, but if you’vewalked past an illuminated building (or seen the movie Tron) then you have. http://proto-pic.co.uk
  6. 6.  One of the most exciting applications of EL Wire technology takes place in theclothing industry. Fashion designers and costume makers are taking advantage of thebrightness EL Wire can bring to make their designs illuminating in more ways thanone, while it’s applications are, protective clothing are revolutionising the safetyindustry. But the area where EL Wire is in most demand is the field of amateur electronics. http://proto-pic.co.uk
  7. 7.  Hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts have been buying up hundreds of metres ofthe stuff to use for their projects. Whether it’s to give their designs a more high tech feel and more futuristicappearance, or to create stunning electronic pieces in their house or home, EL wirehas been a godsend to creative amateurs for whom this advanced technology wouldhave been unaffordable a few short years ago. http://proto-pic.co.uk
  8. 8.  El Wire is available in countless different colours and lengths, and (thanks to theinternet) it is now easy to source. If you’re an electronics enthusiast, or indeed anyone looking to work with light in acreative way, then I’d highly recommend visiting the website of a company calledProto-PIC (http://proto-pic.co.uk/categories/Electroluminescent-Materials/). http://proto-pic.co.uk
  9. 9.  Founded by electronics enthusiasts for electronic enthusiasts, Proto-PIC’s site has a mind-boggling variety of electronic devices available tobuy at incredibly good rates. http://proto-pic.co.uk