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Corporate Wellness Solutions To Augment Productivity At The Workplace


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Presentation given at the Sunway Putra Hotel for the Total Rewards Management Forum in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 17-Sep-2015 by Mahesh Pamnani, Chief Happiness Officer of Inspire2Aspire Consulting Hong Kong.

It contains an overview of the wellness tools and techniques that can be incorporated in corporate wellness solutions to improve health, happiness, to boost positive emotions and maximize productivity and performance at the workplace.

It uses evidence-based positive psychology tools and the SPIRE model developed by the Wholebeing Institute USA.

Thank you ASLI Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute for this wonderful opportunity.

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Corporate Wellness Solutions To Augment Productivity At The Workplace

  1. 1. Corporate Wellness Programs To Augment Productivity At the Workplace TOTAL REWARDS MANAGEMENT FORUM 17-August-2015 TOTAL REWARDS MANAGEMENT FORUM
  2. 2. Healt h, Happ iness Laughter Yoga & Dance Yoga Dance Mindfulness Breathing Positive Emotions, Thoughts & Actions Positive Portfolio & Rituals Positive Intelligence Flourishing Positive Coaching/ Choices
  3. 3. 1) To be happy & healthy 2) To inspire others to be happier & healthier and to aspire for higher goals.
  4. 4. Elements of an Effective & Successful Corporate Wellness Program
  5. 5. - Science of Happiness (Not just Positive Thinking) - For Everyone (Corporate or Individual) - Growth-oriented, Solution-Focused - Evidence-Based, Scientific approach & Fun - Copy successful people - Create new habits & behaviors & lifestyle - Proven techniques with measurable growth - Language of Possibilities (No Dead-Line / Life-Line) - Strengths, Flow, Flourish, Recovery - Positive Emotions & their Impact on Wellness - Appreciative Inquiry (What’s right / Not wrong) - Mind-Body Connection
  6. 6. Whole Person Well-Being Model Healthy, Happy, Motivated people who love their work & team-mates, have hobbies and love to take on challenges. They want to make a difference in a meaningful way. And go back home to their families. FLOW-based
  7. 7. What does your wellness wheel look like ?
  8. 8. Spiritual well-being: What gives you purpose & meaning? What values drive your actions? Physical well-being: How do you cultivate positive regard for the body, treating it well and being aware of the innate ability of the body to affect the mind? Intellectual well-being: What are the ways you stretch, grow, and challenge the mind by cultivating creativity and fostering the love of learning? Relational well-being: How do you contribute to and benefit from the people around you? No less important, what are the ways you foster a healthy relationship with yourself? Emotional well-being: How can you increase pleasurable emotions and cultivate resilience to deal with painful emotions?
  9. 9. Freshman survey data (9 million students questioned) Spiritual well-being
  10. 10. 1966-1978 Baby boomers 1979-1999 Generation X 2000-2011 Millenials 73% 50% 45% Develop A Meaningful Life !
  11. 11. 1966-1978 Baby boomers 1979-1999 Generation X 2000-2011 Millenials 45% 70% 75% Make More Money !
  12. 12. Create Purpose-driven Employees ! Spiritual well-being My Life Purpose Is. ... to teach children the keys to success & how to become successful entrepreneurs by igniting their ambition. I choose to heal ... my fellow human beings of all their physical, emotional, mental ailments. I will be the best healer. I was Born to .. ... grow nutritious, organic food that helps people grow and thrive and have vibrant health. My Life Purpose ... ... to capture the special events of weddings, anniversaries, parties and turn them into memories with photographs & videos. My Purpose in Life Is... ... to learn how to use humor and kindness to help people adjust to the inevitable changes that come with aging and ill health. I See Myself ... ... working to reduce teen suicides caused by bullying & a lack of self worth. I want to help teenagers discover that being different is OK & create hope.
  13. 13. Physical well-being Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance
  14. 14. Physical well-being
  15. 15. Walking, running, swimming, cycling, and dancing are all enjoyable ways to maintain a well-oxygenated brain Physical well-being
  16. 16. Physical well-being
  17. 17. Physical well-being
  18. 18. Every cell in your body needs water from head to toe. Drink WATER ! The brain, consists of 75% water. If you do not supply enough water to your body, your brain cannot function well, and you will get headaches. Not great for business….. Physical well-being
  19. 19. Intellectual Well-Being
  20. 20. Intellectual Well-Being
  21. 21. Intellectual Well-Being X
  22. 22. Intellectual Well-Being
  23. 23. Texting Is up ! Relationship Well-Being Well Being Is Down! More Depression ! More Anxiety ! More Breakdowns & Mental Problems Study Done & Impact on IQ /Email vs Drugs
  24. 24. Connect with people Not just on social media
  25. 25. Relationship Well-Being
  26. 26. Emotional Well-Being
  27. 27. Emotional Well-Being
  28. 28. Emotional Well-Being (Business Application)
  29. 29. How to implement the SPIRE model in organizations ?
  30. 30. Happy Staff Workshop
  31. 31. Boosting Vitality Lunch-n-learn
  32. 32. Passive Active Mice Experiment
  33. 33. Practice for 2-3 minutes
  34. 34. Ultimate Peak Performance Tool Meditation
  35. 35. Walking Meetings + Office Yoga (Encourage Physical Activity in workplace)
  36. 36. They were retested after the oxygen exposure, and their scores improved significantly. People in their 70s were given a series of short-term memory tests, after which they spent 15 minutes in an oxygen tent. What were the results ? Oxygen Study
  37. 37. Someone who is breathing at the rate of 22 breaths per minute with an average heart beat above 100 and a 90% low brain coherence. This person is like an emotional volcano, ready to burst at his sub-ordinates with a slightest disruption of emotions. Many of his sub-ordinates are actually scared to approach him for any issues or help. He is an unfriendly autocratic leader who is completely unaware that this physiology has a greater impact on his psychology, emotions & actions.
  38. 38. Heart Rate – Free App to measure your heart rate
  39. 39. The same subject whose heart was beating at 100+, was instantly brought down to 75 just by altering the way of breathing. We can learn to instantly reset / re-boot ourselves by altering our way of breathing. Every breath we inhale impacts the heart beat. The heart in turn impacts the brain. As mentioned by all the great yogis, the way you breath determines which part of your brain will function and hence determines your peak performance & capabilities.
  40. 40. Positive Emotions Training
  41. 41. Generate Positive Emotions!
  42. 42. Laughter Yoga – Survey Results
  43. 43. Laughter Yoga – Survey Results
  44. 44. Scientific Studies on Laughter Yoga
  45. 45. Contribution of Happy, Optimistic People to Success
  46. 46. At Wachiova Bank, employees that participated in the Energy Renewal Program outperformed a control group of employees, demonstrating significantly greater improvements in year-over-year performance during 1st quarter of 2006
  47. 47. Contribution of Happy, Optimistic People to Success
  48. 48. 7 interventions that businesses implement (Corporate Wellness Programs) - Worksite physical activity programs - Coaching and mentoring programs - Mental health first aid and education - Resilience training - CBT based return-to-work programs - Health Screenings - Health Expos
  49. 49. Have a Healthy, Happy, Positive Emotions filled Day & Week Share it with your friends & family