Vano Santrosovich Margaryan


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Vano Santrosovich Margaryan

  1. 1. Vano Santrosovich Margaryan
  2. 2. I would like to tell you about Vano Santrosovich Margaryan. He lives in my native town Dzerzhinskiy.He was born 06.07.1944 in Idjevan the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. During the school years beginning in 1952, began freestyle wrestling. During the service three times won the title of champion of the Armed Forces of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact in freestyle wrestling at lightweight (up to 58kg ) . On return from the army he worked on a carpet mill in Igevan and continued his studies in freestyle wrestling.
  3. 3. In 1967, the championship won by the Armenian wrestling with the rank of Master of Sports of the USSR. In April 1970 he moved to Dzerzhinskiy, where at the moment. Combining work and study in 1973. Graduated from high school coaches Małakhovski Regional Institute of Physical Education and Sports. Simultaneously, organizes and directs the wrestling section . During his coaching has grown and trained more than a dozen athletes " freestyle ", the speakers at the championships in the Moscow region, Moscow and the Soviet Union tournament in wrestling.
  4. 4. Vano Margaryan , 20 -times European champion in wrestling among veterans has become a real sensei for Dzerzhinskiy youth. Almost 40 years Vano Santrosovich teaches lessons of wrestling for everyone young men and women , adult men and women completely free of charge at the Palace of Culture " Energetic" .
  5. 5. Due to the master, the guys from the Dzerzhinskiy began to take prizes in sports.Among the students of Master of Sports Vanik residents Dzerzhinsky Sergei Aksenov, Alexander Zhdanov , brothers Japaridze Anatoly Shelkovnikov , Alex Prosvetov Vitaly Samsonov , Vitaly Felsherov , Vladimir Nikolayev , Herman Sidorov, and a lot of guys who have become adults. Now I Vanik Margaryan about fifty students. Children and adolescents with great interest go to classes in freestyle wrestling. Guys listen to every word the teacher , heed his advice to everyone , respectfully calling his mentor - Sensei. But not everyone is worthy of the struggle to understand the science .
  6. 6. Hopes Vano Santrosovich entrusts his pupil Andrei Sementsova. In 2008, Andrew won the European championship in wrestling in the weight category up to 66 kg. The guy is very capable, hard-working and active. The pupil Vano Santrosovicha Margaryan Master of Sports Sementsov Andrew in 2008. won the European championship in wrestling in the weight category up to 66kg. Sam Vanik Santrosovich multiple participant and winner of the World Championships of Freestyle Wrestling Championships. He is the winner of 18 international and Russian championships. In 2006. wins the World Cup and the winner of the South African Olympic sports among veterans. For contributions to the development of sport and education of young people awarded with a title of "Man of the Year 2008" in the category "Physical Culture and Sport".
  7. 7. We are proud of you! Thank you!