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Valeri Kharlamov – the greatest Russian ice hokey player


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Valeri Kharlamov – the greatest Russian ice hokey player

  1. 1. Valeri Kharlamov – the greatest Russian ice hokey player Gluhova Anna School № 2036 Form 8
  2. 2. preamble  There are a lot of great sportsmen in the world. Everyone has a lot of goals and all of them are great. If you saw competition of one of them and you understand something in sports you will be amazed.  Some months ago I sаw a film about one hokey player. I thought that it’s а primitive film about sports, but I enjoyed that film. I can’t believe that someone can be so strong to fight for his country with bad injury. This great man inspired many people including me.
  3. 3. biography  Valeri Borisovich Kharlamov was a star ice hockey player from the USSR and one of the greatest players in the world.  He was born in 14th January 1948 in Moscow region and died in 27th August in Moscow.  His father – Boris Sergeevich Harlamov – was russian locksmith and worked on the plane. Mother - Carmen Orive Abad – was one of refugees from civil war-torn Spain
  4. 4. childhood  In childhood Valery was fond of football and hokey. When he was 7 years old he started skating. His father played hockey for the amateur team and sometimes took his son with him. Later, when he was 14, Boris Sergeevich brought him to the ice hokey club. Since then his brilliant career started.
  5. 5. CSKA A young talented boy was recommended to the Moscow’s CSKA, but the main coach of the club didn’t see something outstanding in him and said that his main shortcoming was his short high – only 168sm.  But Kharlamov flashed in the final competition of the USSR Junior championship in the spring of 1967 in Minsk.  Later he joined the CSK. 
  6. 6. accident  Some years later in 26th May 1976 ayoung and ambitious Valery Kharlamov with his family had a car accident. Valery was driving. Valery suffered greatly, he had a broken leg and two ribs. Some doctors have advised him to finish the career, but he decided to continue playing after recovery.  In fall he started training with children. Gradually taking shape, he began to train with CSKA again.
  7. 7. the return of a legend     When Valery was ready for competition his team decided to play with “Wings of the Soviets” where a lot of former players of CSKA were. They desided not to use force tricks against Kharlamov. November 16, 1976 Kharlamov out for the match against the "Wings of the Soviets”. Teammates tried to do everything possible to Kharlamov scored a goal. When he did it, the audience, the teammates and “Wings’” players applauded him. It was the return of a legend. Unfortunately he could play only for 5 years. In 1981 he died in a car accident. Valery Kharlamov is an impersonation of willpower and hard work. He is an example for a lot of people.