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  1. 1. Trampoline (and individual and synchronous) is a sport created for the elite.It is a sport that gives the freedom of flight and space. Numerous and complex jumps and elements made approximately on the height of 8 meters, require technical skill, nice control over the body and harmony of movements. For all types of education, containing acrobatic elements, trampoline be used as a primary tool in each of gymnastic disciplines. In essence, trampolining is an exciting sport that embodies courage, elegance, courage and youth. (from the history of development of jumping on a trampoline)
  2. 2. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 2010: the winner of team championship of Russia (trampoline), silver medalist of Cup of Russia (double mini tramp), silver medallist of team championship of Europe (double mini tramp), bronze medalist of European championship (double mini tramp), participant of the championship of Europe (synchronous trampolining), bronze medalist of the world Cup (double mini tramp), bronze medallist of the championship of Russia (synchronous trampolining), participant of the world championship (double mini tramp) 2011: bronze medallist of team championship of Russia (double mini tramp) 2012: bronze medallist of team championship of Russia (trampoline), silver medallist of team championship of Russia (double mini tramp), winner of the Cup of Russia (trampoline), silver medallist of the Russian championship (synchronous trampolining) 2013: bronze medallist of team championship of Russia (double mini tramp), silver medalist of Cup of Russia (double mini tramp), bronze medallist of the championship of Russia (double
  3. 3. * THE RESULT OF PEDAGOGICAL ACTIVITY * From the time of Foundation and till the present time (2010) members of national teams of Russia jump on the trampoline, acrobatic track and double munitramp was included 26 persons, among them: Sergey Kovalev, Oleg Sudakov, Evgeny Tschernoivanov, AlexanderShavranistov, Ekaterina Zhigalov, Ivan Ladygin and Ksenia Naumenko. Prepared by the winners of the all-Russian and international competitions: - 4 champion of Europe (А.Velichko of the 2004 and 2006, Mr Voronin -2006 and 2008,Е.Tschernoivanov -2008. and A.pogorelsky-2008) - 4 winners of the Championship of Europe (А.Savchenko D.Fidiev, A.pogorelsky, Mr Voronin-all 2004), - - World Cup winner (Sergei Kovalev 2007), - 3 winner of the World Cup (Mr Voronin 2003, 2005 and 2008, A.pogorelsky 2005, А.Velichko 2003, 2007 and 2008) Prepared athletes: - 50 candidates in Master of sports, 19 Masters of sports, - 8 masters of sports of the international class: this is Anastasia Velichko, Anna Savchenko, Victoria Voronin, Sergey Kovalev, Dmitry Fidiev ,Faith Karpenko, Evgeny Tschernoivanov , Valery Anisimov. * * * * * * * * *
  4. 4. * THE RESULT OF PEDAGOGICAL ACTIVITY: * prepared winners of city, regional and all-Russian competitions of 7 people. * The pictures of my sister – Kolmacova Anastasia. She is trained by Sergey Kovalev and dreams of becoming an Olympic champion (engaged in 3 months, and fulfilled the standard of the III and II youthful category)
  5. 5. * 23 to 27 June 2013 Ministry for physical culture and sports of the Rostov region and the regional Federation of jumping on a trampoline was organized conduct of the championship of Rostov region and XI of youth Sports Games don on trampoline jumping, acrobatic track and doubleminitramp on the program of VI Summer games of pupils of Russia 2013. * Judge Kovalev Sergey Vasilyevich
  6. 6. last summer days, the team of Rostov region took part in the championship of Russia on jumping on the trampoline in Orenburg, which was the final selection of the start of the world championship 2013. *Jumping on a double minitramp bronze medal of the championship of Russia received by Sergey Kovalev,
  7. 7. Thank you for attention!
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